Prey leaning Switch seeking RP (pokemon preferred)

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Prey leaning Switch seeking RP (pokemon preferred)

Postby Jayezox » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:41 am

Welcome readers of this thread. I'm looking for someone who wants to play a female predator or someone who's willing to take turns playing predator. The setting can be a canon world with OC's or something totally original. I'm up for just about anything as l always up for pokemon and know that series very well. I enjoy soft romantic themes where both predator and prey are enjoying themselves in the act. Adventure is always a plus to give the characters something to strive and work for.

That said, I prefer long drawn out RP's where both writers take their time. It's rare that I RP live and I don't expect you to be live either. I like waiting for a well thought posts instead of reading a rushed post that's sub-par. I'll typically post once per day. Sometimes it could be more sometimes it could be less depending on how real life goes and if I get inspired or writer's block.

Here's a list of what I like. Not all these things have to be in place, but I am more likely to want to RP:

Sapient feral characters
Female predator focus
Clean Full tour
Story driven

Here's a list of what I absolutely won't do. If want something not on this list, look at my more extensive lists or just ask. I don't mind being asked so there's no harm in it:
Underage characters involved in sexual situations (This is the one thing I'll ghost on you for. You have been warned)
Scat (clean disposal is fine though)
M/M focused
Gore unless it's meant to be sad and drive the story

If you want an extensive list here's my f-list. Just a fair warning; it's very long. If you want a short and sweet list that highlights vore take a look at my vore code in my signature.

Also, I have Skype and Discord, but vastly prefer Skype. I'm not very good with Discord's interface for some reason. If you use Discord, you'll have to be the one to send me the link as I can't figure out how to contact someone outside of a friend or group list for the life of me.

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