Detailed Vore Play (F Pred/Prey X Any)

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Detailed Vore Play (F Pred/Prey X Any)

Postby TooFoolish » Sun May 17, 2020 1:44 pm

Greetings everyone and welcome to my own little thread.

What is it going to be about?
Well, a lot of things, but primarily VORE of course!

You can call me Foolish, Fool or simply that girl with too much time on her hands!
I love exploring a variety of different themes in my writing and vore has grown to be a big interest of mine, always trying to find new and fun ways to weave stories and scenarios around that rather taboo topic!

So what can you expect from writing with me?
Well, first of all; Detail!
That's right, I tend to write anything from one to SIX chunky paragraphs when it comes to replying to my roleplays.
This includes describing the juicy little quirks that make writing come to life and give it a special charm!

I am not deadset on specific pairings, roles or settings and love to explore a variety of different approaches to Vore!

Fun and Easy plotting!
We all just want to have fun, don't we?
I am not looking for drama and will gladly be friends with y'all if you respect my personal boundaries!


So what IS on the menu?

I'm going to keep this rather brief since I love coming up with the specifics when actually having a partner invested in those plot bunnies I'll present shortly.

But bottom line: I love being both predator or prey and enjoy writing a variety of characters that fall into either category!
Be it ferals, furries, humans or any other kinds of personalities, I love experiementing and coming up with interesting scenarios!

So without further ado, here are some little things to pick stuff from!

Anything marked with an <3! is what I'm currently craving!

Characters I'd love to play AS or AGAINST!:

-Snails <3!
-Carnivorous plants
-Orca Whales <3!
-Dinosaurs (Plesiosaurs especially!<3)

-Dragonnesses (8 feet+!! <3)

Monsters/Fairy tales
-Fairies! <3
-Big bad Wolf! <3

Regarding sexual content:
I LOVE some sexual content in my rps from time to time but I'm somewhat picky!
I do only really go for MxF, FxF and FutaxF with strong prererence for either a futa or female role for myself!

No gos!:
-Hard vore
-Excessive Gore


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