Experienced Writer (M) Seeking Female Pred!

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Experienced Writer (M) Seeking Female Pred!

Postby Newcomer » Thu May 25, 2023 9:11 pm

It's been a while since I've posted an RP ad, but after having a pretty rough time of it I feel like a change of pace might be interesting. I've also been dipping my toes back into writing vore stuff recently and thought that doing an RP might help me with getting back into the groove of writing long-term stories. That said, I've been roleplaying on and off of the website for years and have been writing for even longer than that, so if you're looking for someone who can put a few paragraphs together per post then I'm your man! You can also check out my gallery here on Eka's to see some examples of my writing, if you'd like to know how I write outside of RP advertisements. Here's the link to my gallery: https://aryion.com/g4/gallery/Newcomer

When it comes to role-playing I prefer to write in first-person (though I'm fine with my partner choosing to write in third or even second person!) and I typically write several paragraphs per post. I prefer to RP on Discord, although I'd be happy to discuss things here in PMs here before moving the RP over there.

I don't want to take up too much time by talking about my kinks or preferences, so if you're interested in that sort of thing you can find information like that in the spoiler below:

Spoiler: show
Oral Vore- Oral vore is obviously one of the best, and simplest types of vore to have in an RP! I like both digestion, endosoma, and full-tours so we can really go nuts with this.
Anal Vore- ...and entering your body through the other end is just as neat! There's something really hot about getting shoved up a woman's ass at any size...
Unbirth- For something a bit more intimate unbirth can be fun as well! Being crammed inside of a womb is a great way to spend time, don't you think?
Same-Size- Same-Size interactions are definitely a lot of fun
Macro/Micro- ...but as someone with a giantess/shrinking fetish, macro/micro is very fun as well! Plus it lets us do other size-shenanigans as well!
Size-Difference (Mini-Giantess, Amazon, Shortstack, etc.)- But truth be told, I find size-play of all sorts to be great. It doesn't matter if you tower over me, are big enough to shove me in your breasts, or are even smaller than I am; just get me inside of you however you can and I'll be happy!
Endosoma/Non-Fatal Vore/Full Tour- This is probably my preferred 'outcome' for vore, especially because it lets us try out multiple types in the same story.
Digestion- I usually prefer 'painless', melty digestion rather than 'realistic' digestion, but I'm a bit flexible on that so long as there isn't too much pain involved.
Food in Stomach- I like the rest of the digestive tract to be 'clean' in the case of full tours, but a messy stomach filled with food can be fun to write about experiencing.
Sex/Masturbation/Arousal During Vore- Vore for me is sexual, so arousal is something I'll probably mention/want to happen at a bare minimum. Non-Sexual RP doesn't really do anything for me.
Mouthplay/Being Licked/Vorish Teasing- Foreplay is always nice, and vore is no exception.

Romance/Affection- I'm a sucker for romance, or even just friendly relationships between predator and prey. Vanilla sex is also fun to incorporate, too.
Gentle-ish Femdom- I'm pretty submissive at heart, so a woman that likes to take charge is a definite plus for me.
Interracial- I like girls with all sorts of different skin-tones, but even interracial relationships in fantasy settings can be interesting. Elf/Human, Centaur/Elf, Dragon/Halfling, etc.
Age-Gaps- So long as everyone is +18, it can be fun to do age-gap scenarios. I love MILFs, but even a difference of just a few years might be interesting.
Butt-Play- Face-sitting, rimming, fisting, etc.
Monster GIRLS- Cat-Girls, Dog-Girls, Centaurs, Lamia, Mermaids, Dragon-Girls, Oni, etc. I'm a big fan of the classics! This isn't an exhaustive list by any means, of course. I should also note that I really like to play Monster BOYS as well!
MONSTER Girls- ...of course, some non-standard choices are also fun. Female Deathclaws, Xenomorphs, and Wendigos are just some of the things I'm interested in.
Monsters- ...and finally, just plain ol' monsters can be pretty fun to mess around with too. Dragons, T-Rexes, giant wolves, etc.

Hyper Muscle/Fat/etc.- I like women who are a bit chubby, and I like women who could beat me up; but I'm not into taking either of those things to extremes.
Chastity, Orgasm Denial, etc.
Scat/Watersports/Diapers- I don't mind allusions to disposal ("The only way you're leaving here is through my toilet!") but I don't want to dwell on the idea or have it be depicted at all.
Bad Smells
Hard Vore
Sexual Blood/Gore
Heavy Pain

I have a ton of different ideas for RPs that we can do, but I'd rather talk with my partner about their own kinks, desires, etc. before going into stuff like that in detail. That being said, I DO have a few different ideas I've been craving recently which I'll list down below. If any of them stand out to you, feel free to mention it in your message!

Academy of Predation: So, this is a little bit inspired by St. Miluina's Vore Academy. My main idea for this involves myself, a 'prey', being accepted into an academy that's chock full of predators, and subsequently having to navigate the tangled relationships and social intricacies of both a college setting and the food chain. Having to figure out which students are safe enough to make friends with and who's just looking for their next meal, trying to do well during classes so the teachers don't have an excuse to gobble me up, and maybe even trying to find romance with someone who's willing to spit me up after they swallow me down. I could be a human in a college full of monsters, a mouse-person in an academy for predatory kemonomimi, or we could even just copy St. Milunia's outright and have it be a college of predatory humans with a single outsider.

Fantasy Made Reality: What if this impossible fetish was made into a reality? What if it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill it... with someone you know? With this idea, some sort of plot-based contrivance (like a shrinking-virus, a misaimed magical spell, or something like that) will result in me- someone you know- getting shrunken down. Luckily, I have you close at hand to help take care of only... only, you have a secret vore fetish, and now you've got a real-life bite-sized little person in the palm of your hand. Will our relationship win out over your desire to fulfill your fantasy? Will you attempt to seduce me into being your willing prey? Or will you simply take your chances and devour me despite the trust placed in you? I think we both know what will happen in the end- but it seems like an interesting dynamic to play out! You could play a friend, coworker, boss, or some other close relation with this one.

Adventure!: A classic fantasy scenario; adventurers travelling the land, delving into dungeons, and righting wrongs... only, you're a big hungry predator and your partner is bite-sized. It could be an orc fighter and the halfling cleric that likes to ride around in their friend's stomach while dispensing healing magic, or it could be a dragon rider and their mount- only, the dragon has some kooky ideas about where their master should ride. I could even be a fairy, sent to the aid the chosen one in their time of need... only to find that means serving as your living sex-toy and occasional belly-pet. As a bonus, we could also see how this predator deals with bandits and other monsters they can fit down their gullet!

Sci-Fi: Space... the final frontier. Mankind has often wondered what lies beyond the stars, and perhaps what I'll discover is you... and the inside of your stomach. Or maybe the aliens have come to Earth, bringing humanity into a vast galactic federation whose depths they may be unprepared to explore... or maybe the aliens bring not peace, but war- and a swift exodus of humanity down their gullets. Or, maybe this world is inspired by the likes of Cyberpunk, with neon lights and cybernetic augmentations that allow people to fulfill their wildest dreams?

Monster Girl Western: I've been thinking about a Monster Girl inspired Western story for a while now, but I've never gotten the chance to put it to pen and paper... or, keyboard and writing document. Anyways, if that sounds interesting to you I'd love to set something up! We could be bounty hunters hunting down predatory monster girls, wandering deputies helping the townsfolk fight off bandit gangs, or even outlaws ourselves looking for the next big score... and your next big meal.

Erotic Horror: I love the horror genre, and adding a bit of vore and general eroticism to that mix feels like a great idea to me. Vampires that don't just suck the blood of their victim, but swallow them whole and alive; Wendigos that prowl the woods in search of prey they can fuck and devour to stay warm during the winter; hungry ghosts or demons that consign their victims to an eternity of struggling within the depths of their bowels; aliens that take a liking to Earth 'cuisine'... There are so many different ways we can take this! I have tons more ideas, but honestly I would really like to hear from other people who like the same sort of aesthetic/scenario to hear what they might like to do with it!

Isekai: I'm a big fan of Isekai fiction- or at least, the idea of being transported to an entirely different world, with its own rules, different species, or even magic- and would love to play a scenario like that out! Or perhaps we could turn the idea around, and have your character- someone from a fantasy world- get transported to this one, having to rely on the human they met to navigate a world that's entirely unfamiliar... and making sure that you don't go hungry, of course!

Rule 34: Like I said before, I'm also interested in using existing world in RPs. We don't even necessarily need to use existing characters; coming up with ideas for OCs and our own stories within an existing world can be a lot of fun, too! My current interests include: Marvel, DC, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy 7 and 12, Overwatch, Harry Potter, RWBY, Fallout, Fate/GO, Star Wars, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Zelda, and Cyberpunk.

Your Idea: These are just my ideas- and not even all of them at that- but I absolutely love partners who bring their own unique ideas to the table! So if you have a scenario that you've always wanted to try, then please: feel free to run it by me! All I ask is that you remember to keep my Limits in mind.

Anyways- that's about it from me! If you've read this far I hope to hear from you in my PMs. Seeya!

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