Experienced Male Prey Looking for Dominant Predators

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Experienced Male Prey Looking for Dominant Predators

Postby savWolf343 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:18 pm


Experienced and detailed prey here, looking for some solid RP partners to... well, eat me.

I've been role-playing for a long time. It has mostly has been as prey, though I have predded from time to time. I'm willing to work predding into my posts, especially if I end up getting eaten after, but I am by no means a 50/50 switch. My main interest is in the act of vore itself, everything from the lead-up to the end-result: The teasing, the belly rubs or smooshes, the flirts, that descending maw (or similar part) followed by squirming, swallowing or gripping, shoving, and finally the squirming bulge being rubbed, sat on, or just ignored almost entirely.

I try to be descriptive in bringing scenarios and characters to life, and depending on the exact situation or context, I post anywhere from one to three paragraphs. If my partner is similarly descriptive, I'll be far more likely to put even more effort in, and my post size will increase. I believe in matching my partner's post length as much as possible, so if you have a penchant for penmanship, hit me up with as large of a response as you think is reasonable! Longer, more developed storylines are nice, though I'm just as fine with a slightly more simple setup - sometimes it's nice to just pick a pred, pick a setting, and go from there.

I have a slight preference for male predators, but female ones are more than welcome as well.

- Feral Preds
- Anthro Preds
- Soft Vore
- Oral Vore
- Digestion
- Gluttony
- Multiple Prey
- Long Scenes/Storylines
- Unwilling Prey
-Semi-willing Prey
- Weight Gain
-Chubby/Fat/BBW preds
- Sex
- Romance

Doesn't Like:
- Macro/Micro
- Scat/Watersports
- Rank/Foul Smells (A light musk is fine)
- Human Preds (they're fine as prey, though!)

Preferred Critters:
- Canines
- Felines (especially Tigers)
- Snakes/Serpents
- Dragons/Drakes
- Gryphons
- Hippos
- Alligators/Crocodiles

My "Doesn't Like" list is non-negotiable. For the sake of simplicity, I have not listed everything I like, or the nuances of each item. If you have a question, please ask! I might be willing to try something you're thinking of, or, who knows, I might already like it!

For an idea of what I like, as well as what I write like, I'll link a roleplay log below.


I'm willing to try out a variety of methods for chatting, whether it be PMs, Telegram, or possibly Discord. Who knows, if we get along well enough, and have similar gaming interests, we could end up playing PC or Xbox games together.
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