Switch looking for male switch!

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Switch looking for male switch!

Postby EateMi » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:09 pm

I'm willing to play a predator now, don't assume I will instantly play one though, I have to have the mood, ok? Don't plan this whole thing and expect me to be the predator instantly, ask me first, alright? Also, I cuss like a sailor and have my opinions, ok?

I've been doing RPs for a good few years so I have experience with plots and a wide variety of settings and the like. I'm up for a lot of RPs because I can do a lot in terms of vore and such, if something isn't listed then ask me about it and I may do it. I'm on a lot, pretty much everyday, so I'll reply often and as best I can but give me something to work with.

I also have a love story side! Or maybe you're into adventure? I'd love that! Currently I'm looking for:
Spoiler: show
I'm looking for the vore worlds!
Such as humanity was overthrown, now they serve their masters in a world based on feeding off humans and lesser beings. Take this for example: in the pyramid of feeding, the top is demons, angels and a few gods who have many servants on hand to feed off of. Below them are all types of predators, and at the bottom? Humans. They're pets and slaves, kept by all as food, entertainment, slaves, playthings even. Some are safe, only the wealthiest though, living in districts with high walls and security. Some live in the forests of this massive world, out of the hands of predators but many not for long. Now, there are rare times when a Prey can be taken by a Predator and made a higher status: marriage, mates or, the rarest cases, the prey buys their way out of enslavement. More often then not they can't so the first two are best guess but anything can happen.

Like I really would like to see plot and character with this one.

(If I like it, I will absolutely do it)
Likes/Will do:
-Soft vore
-Oral vore
-Tail vore
-Tentacles (please be gentle, sheesh)
-Endo (love this one)
-being prey
-Cock vore
-Same size or slightly smaller
-Collars and gentle enslavement
-Monsters (i.e. Nagas, mer-people, dragons, etc.)
-Fluff and cuddling (Loving preds are the best for me)
-M/M romance and sex
-M/F romance and sex
-Having a tender, loving pred
-Sex(M/M, M/F, M/H, H/H, only F/F doesn't do much for me)
-Double stuffed prey
-Underage prey
-Absorption and fusion
-Size difference!
-Observer in digestion/feeder
-Hyper men
-surprisingly ok with average female predators (no giant boobs/perfect body/shit like that, just average women, NO GIANTESSES)

Maybe (Talk to me.):
-Being predator (need the mood)
-Soul Vore
-Gore (not on me, I'd help you tear Someone apart though and would describe it well)

Won't do:
-Giantesses (so fucking overrated, sorry)
-Futa/dick girls (please god no)
-Permanent fatal (main character)
-Hard vore (never, don't ask me to)
-Watersports (just....nah)
-Scat (you can imply it though, just...no detail)
-Pain (not a fan of it, and won't do it)
-Torture (see above)
-Cooking(slightly ok with this?)
-Extreme weight gain(getting chubby is fine, but getting huge is a big turn off)
-Web slut/ cameras (no, please stop asking, I'm not like that)
-Extremely cruel or asshole preds (see torture and pain)
-OOC people being rude (please don't, I'm a nice person but I'd like some respect at least)
-Hyper women (again...overrated)

Ok, so recently I've figured out that people really enjoy eating females, so I'm droping the no female rule, but all I ask is that if you're a female pred don't go all out on the sex ok?

And I'm alright with the words but I'm not too good with punctuation yet so just a warning.

I would like if you at least tell me if you won't be on for a bit, I understand completely or if you just lose interest, I prefer a plot structure and a long RP but I can do a quickie, but won't do often, if you can keep the reply over 2 sentences that would be great, good grammar and punctuation is appreciated because I want to be able to read your reply and give you one in return.

This is important for some:
I love to do roleplays with a plot. This is very big for me being that I just love having more then vore in a roleplay, and even having a second relationship with someone else and a predator is perfectly fine with me. I must also warn you: I am in no way professional with this at all. I have a lax style when it comes to OOC and IC but my posts are still comprehencable to my partner. I have a life outside of this site and online in general so if I disappear unexpectedly I apologize, but you have to understand that stuff happens suddenly. Also I cuss more then a woman should but don't get offended if I start cussing, if you do then we won't get along at all. And if you're running out of muse just fucking tell me! Don't engage in a role play with me then just start going one-liner on me, that is very annoying to everyone on this site, if you don't want it happening to you dont do it to me.

AND PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CONTRIBUTE TO THE PLOT AND RP. If you have an idea, spit it out! I don't want to be the one to come up with everything and have it be awkward! Come to me with a solid idea and I will put my thoughts in and we can do something that both of us will like, alright?

I only do over PM and Discord, I don't have Kik or Telegram or things like that so here or Discord, ok?


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