Anything Switch seeking to eat and be eaten!

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Anything Switch seeking to eat and be eaten!

Postby EateMi » Sun May 31, 2020 6:32 pm

Read through to the bottom please.

I'm both predator and prey right now, female/male predator and female/male prey! Please read to the very bottom of the post so you know what to do.

I'm back from my break! It's been a while since I've updated my seeking thread, I know it seems short but I've been roleplaying for about five or six years now and can give anywhere from a decent paragraph to multiple paragraphs and am able to play many side characters and background fillers as is needed and love to plot. I'd prefer if you can write one to several paragraphs, I don't like three or four lines because it makes me feel like I'm not satisfying my partner or that my efforts are being wasted. Also never use abbreviations like 'tbh', 'wyd', or just 'u' in the roleplay unless it's for a text, I'm fine if you use it between us but if you just abbreviate the descriptions and text it just looks lazy and makes the flow halt so hard I'll just leave.

Soft vore of all kinds (unbirth included)
Slow digestion
"Soft digestion" (as in cartoon melt)
Large guts
Disposal (only reference ok, no playing or descriptive)
Monster/Alien/Human/Feral Pred
Monster/Alien/Human/Feral Prey
Same size
Size difference (2-8 ft dif)
Romantic stuff is a plus
Cock transformation (the one time I'll be pred as if you include this, I play this a little weird but you still end up a nice fat cock)

Don't like:
Playing my character for me (please don't ever do this, it's a massive peeve that will instantly make me ghost you because it pisses me off that much)
Hard vore
Scat/watersports (fetish stuff)
Slime/sweat/body muck/grease (this does not include actual slimes but I prefer them to smell nice)
Diapers and trash eating

That's about it right now. The main predators I'll go for are monsters most definitely and aliens a close second.

Assuming you've read through remember when you contact me to state your own interests (not just that we share interests, state them please), what specific scenario(s) you want to try. I prefer to I things out on here first then we can move to discord if we still click, if not then have a good morning, evening, nignt, thank you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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