Pred lean seeking prey~

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Pred lean seeking prey~

Postby EateMi » Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:00 pm

I've been doing RPs for a good few years so I have experience with plots and a wide variety of settings and the like. I'm up for a lot of RPs because I can do a lot in terms of vore and such, if something isn't listed then ask me about it and I may do it.

Some ideas:
Spoiler: show
Babysitter vore: a predator is unknowingly (or knowingly) hired by parents to watch their kid. Of course the predator gets annoyed by the behavior and puts the kid in their place. Of course the kid can use this against the predator to have them come back again and again to "entertain" friends~

Teacher vores their students during detention if they don't listen ;9

A short one which is a wolf or anthro sneaking into someone's bedroom and swallowing them, possibly along with the blanket as well and some personal items so it looks less like the person was eaten.

Another short one, a stranger finds a horse in the middle of nowhere, the horse is odd but before they catch onto what's wrong they're rightfully swallowed up by the animal.

I'd love to hear any ideas you have for an RP as well so tell me about them! I'm currently seeking a babysitter scenario, me as the pred/prey and you as my prey/pred~

Likes/Will do:
-OV, CV, UB, AV (clean), FT, TV
-non-fatal (fatal is ok with NPCs)
-being prey
-being pred
-Same size
-size difference (2-4 feet for human, 3-6 for monster)
-Monsters (i.e. Nagas, mer-people, dragons, etc.)
-object vore (apparently I like that sort of thing)

Maybe (Talk to me.):
-Soul Vore
-Gore (not on me, I'd help you tear someone apart though and would describe it well)
-female pred/prey (when I play a female as well)

Won't do:
-Hard vore
-Extreme weight gain(getting chubby is fine)
-Web slut stuff
-Extremely cruel preds
-OOC people being rude
-Hyper women
-one liners and no effort into the RP

I only do over PM and Discord, I don't have Kik or Telegram or things like that.


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