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F switch LF kinky M or F switches

Postby EateMi » Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:08 pm

Hello! I'm Eate, and hopefully I'm your dinner tonight! Or you may be mine!

A few things I'd like to try or scenarios we can use!
Spoiler: show

-A boy feeds his gf a special drink and watches as she swells up, maybe with more milk or could be anything in there!

-Being a sentient feral dog who's sitter for the night won't give them attention so they decide to have a bit of fun!

-Being prey to a sentient feral pred like a dog, a cow, horse, deer, snake, that sorta thing.

-Prey turning pred, like a girl who's babysitter is mean to her decides enough is enough.

-Shy, first time preds having to deal with heavy, loud guts that won't stop churning and making them burp.

-Boyfriend enjoys feeding his gf his preys belongings as he's digesting the prey.

-Babysitter sitting a misbehaving teenager and has to put them in their place for some naughty behavior~

-Long term endo/entrapment, a babysitter who can keep kids for months, or maybe even someone testing out being a pred with a friend or animal now has them stuck inside them.

-Accidental Pred with same size, a girl goes to sit down and accidently sits on her friend or friends, she's got a pair or two of legs hanging out and a beautiful bulge to show for her meal.

-A guy turning his gf into an anthro/feral on accident, like he feeds her something and watches as she turns into an animal or anthro and they explore and discover new things about her body as they try to fix it.

-A farm full of pred animals for all kinds of digestive fun!

-A girl getting curious about her hyper boyfriend's cock, so she spends the day impaled on him and swallowed up by his foreskin to keep him warm as he works.

-A special dildo that causes whoever has it in to slowly inflate with cum, imaging having that in school or at work and having to explain away your slowly inflating belly/balls/breasts as they gurgle at all the cum filling them~

-A girl getting swallowed by her new plush stuffed animal and getting transformed into a plush through full tour or simply is stuck in there until she turns into stuffing or manages to get out.

-A girl takes care of an exotic garden where she takes the eggs of her plants via tentacles they have before she's swallowed up to be protected and her neighbor loves to watch

-A girl builds a robot for a project at school or for work, it ends up being sentient and alive and wants to protect its creator and make the competition into biofuel.

I'll add more later!

I'm back from my break! It's been a while since I've updated my seeking thread, I know it seems short but I've been roleplaying for about five or six years now and can give anywhere from a decent paragraph to multiple paragraphs and am able to play many side characters and background fillers as is needed and love to plot. I will play a predator for you as well, I just want you to ask first! I like to play a monster or human pred depending, but things are delicious either way!

I'm currently looking for a snake for a multiprey scene, it's a slumber party late at night when the animal escapes from its enclosure or ends up getting inside, despite the danger the prey are willing and eager to go down its slimy throat, and by morning their either still in their or beginning to digest and are found out by the last one in the house or a visiting friend who may or may have not have let the snake in for a bit of feeding.

Multiple prey
Soft vore of all kinds (unbirth included)
Slow digestion
"Soft digestion" (as in cartoon melt)
Large guts
Monster/Alien/Human/Feral Pred
Monster/Alien/Human/Feral Prey
Same size
Size difference (2-4 ft dif)
Romantic stuff is a plus
Cock stuff of all kinds
Object swallowing
Active guts/balls/womb
Long term endo
Unwilling to willing pred
Unwilling to willing prey
Bulging stomachs
Pregnant prey
Casual vore world
Hyper/instant pregnancy
Pregnant pred
Gullet view
Transformation of various types
Testacle pregnancy
Breast pregnancy
Sheath cocoon
Loving digestion
Digesting objects
Digesting people
Multiple prey
Cumflation/breast inflation/ball inflation

Don't like:
Hard digestion
Playing my character for me
Hard vore
Slime/sweat/body muck/grease
Diapers and trash eating

Hope to hear from you soon!

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