Male prey looking for a female pred rp partner!

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Male prey looking for a female pred rp partner!

Postby lolwin2 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:02 am

I am new here. I am a nice fun loving guy looking for a long lasting rp. I am slightly nervous posting here but i love role play! And i do have a few rp partners, just looking to add a few more! My friend recommended me this place to find a RP partner. Now, as the title suggested. I am looking for Female preds for rp and to become a rp partner for me. And maybe even become a friend? ^_^
Oh, and you don't need to be a female IRL, Just your character needs to be female.

Now with introductions out of the way. I should explain what my likes and dislikes are. but first I should say that I prefer being Male and the prey. I've tried being a female predator and I suck at it! Like i'm terrible! So as to not bore you i am better as a Male prey! also I am almost fine with anything so dont be afraid to ask but I will say what i don't like in my dislikes!

Vore (Duh)
Multiple characters: By this, I mean Multiple characters on the stage, interacting with each other.
Story and world building: what I mean by this is I like to build words with my partners to rp in. Make up worlds, and just have fun in it!
Romance: Ok this may seem weird...but...I like it. I am a sucker for it and it's a great rp in my opinion!
Now before you read further, your probably wondering about the two i just listed. so i shall explain that. In my history with role play. I have encountered people who like to add Sexual rp. Male and female alike. so i should let you know that I am ok with it if you want it. if you have more questions about it such as Certain types of Sexual RP Let me know!
Unbirth (really like this one)
Weight gain
Weird: hey! Being weird is awesome!
Fantasy races: Elves, Orcs, Naga's etc...
OOC talk: what I mean by this is...its nice to get to know what your fellow Role player thinks and feels and what they like and don't like!
Same size
Noisy bellies ('im starting tooo reaaallly looove that!))
Being a belly pet/slave

Now that I got my likes out of the way, I should say what I am ok with!
Ok with it:
Breast vore
Anal vore
Sex: I am fine with most things related to sex. But let me know if you have anything in mind. Ask me it and I shall let you know if it's in one of my dislikes regarding sex lol. But it's most likely not...i...have some pretty weird likes too lol.
Furries: But only Anthro. not full animal. I have friends who are furries by the way so this doesn't bother me..only when its full animal.
Now as I listed, I am ok with this stuff so if you want to add them in, go ahead! don't be shy because in the end role play is for fun and if thats fun for you, then go ahead and add them! if you want to add anything I haven't listed above in the likes and oks. let me know! Just not if they are in the dislikes lol

Male vore
Male preg
Cock vore
Full animal
Animal vore: this does not include Anthro. if your anthro and want to do vore. go ahead. just no full animal vore.
MaleXMale: Sorry, I just can't find enjoyment from this. it's not anything against anyone. It's just I don't find fun from it :C
Well that's about it for likes, ok's and dislikes!
Now, these are my favorite settings but let me know if you have an idea for a setting!
Medieval fantasy

Future setting
Modern setting

I don't think I have a disliked setting?

Story idea's: Now as you have read. I loooove Story driven rp and if you do too! Awesome. Here is some idea's I have come across in the past that I have liked, either for reasons or just because they were fun! if your interested in any of them, let me know and we can use them.

Mistress and slave: In this story, a woman (I find that the age of being mature as in 30-40 has been used alot) has enslaved a male( any age. Last time this setting was used. I was a 19 male ) and has made him her womb/belly slave. Sometimes my rp partners got kinky and she got pregnant. And it also has become a romantic thing somehow XD this one has been my favorite

Family: this one has been a weird one but liked. it involves a sister or mother eating her brother or son.

Friends: In this rp, a friend either dares her friend to do stuff. it usually ends up with her eating him. and sometimes it ends up into a romantic rp.

Deities: This Rp is one I have been wanting to do for a very long time now! This scenario involves ruling over a world as well as creating our realms. This also involves a story as well as free play.

Orc woman: Recently, I've been craving this a lot. An Orc woman, tall and strong, be it a barbarian sort, Shaman Etc, to kidnap my character and use him as a belly pet and to knock her up.

Now, if you have some idea's for a story rp. let me know, I loooovvveee other peoples ideas! hell, all of these have been my past partners ideas. juuuuuust don't add any of my dislikes into the RP.

Oh, so this is gonna be a nerdy request. But! if you play the mmo "The Elder Scrolls Online". Go ahead and ask if you want to rp on the game, be regular or have a vorish element to it! Send me a request in Pm's for that. Also, if you do want to have a vorish element to it. Gotta have a female character lol. Sorry but as I stated before...i do not like male vore :/

Anycase, that's it for this Post save for my preferred platforms for RP
And Kik
If its ok, I prefer to use these. Just really shy about using new things! but let me know if you have an ideal one and I'll check it out and see if i can use it!
And if you want to add a friend, Let me know. I am open to that as well.

Alright, thats about it for this post.
Hope you are ok with what is listed above and if you have questions about these let me know!
And if you are interested, Send me a Private Message here! I'll check it out!

OH! forgot about my time.
I live in goooood ollll california! so that means I am in the Pacific time standard. I am Mostly available through 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. I am busy during the mornings as I like to get my job and everything done during that time!

As said before, if you are interested send me a Private message for my skype or discord. and if you have questions Private message it to me. Have a good day and if you do want to become my rp partner, Hurray! if not. Oh well, no harm done! :)

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