F Pred, Wanting to Absorb You.

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F Pred, Wanting to Absorb You.

Postby SolAStarPlat » Mon Jul 26, 2021 2:58 pm

Gonna cut it short and make it simple.

I'm a predator, searching for some prey. That's just about all. I would prefer you to be literate and have decent grammar. This can either be done casually or something much more in-depth, like a long term or story driven roleplay.

We can work out the details in PM. Help a gal obtain perfection?

Bonus points if you don't mind providing some foot, sock, sneaker detail. Big fan of feet stuff and the like. Not required if it isn't your thing..

Would Prefer:
Female prey.
Human prey.
Unwilling prey.

Deep Interests:
DBZ Cell-style Absorption Tail vore.
Unbirth paired with Age Regression.
Teen prey.
Navel Vore. (Like Apathy's "Deeper" series, if you've seen it.)
Modern settings/themes.

Okay With:
Willing prey.
Underage prey.
Doing all types of vore.

The only things I truly dislike that aren't open for discussion are Micro/Macro, Scat, and anything else inherently gross.

Endo is now open for discussion but the instances I enjoy it are the only instances that are up for discussion. If you would like to hear it, let me know.

But I don't mind most things. If you have something you'd like to add, feel free to ask but please do not expect me to be in the mood to service that specifically.
Oh and I do not roleplay on this site or the forum. I only roleplay on Discord. If you don't mind linking up there, send me your Discord tag in your PM.

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I speak Enchantment table. Do you think it is wise to oppose a predator who can speak and read Enchantment table? I think not.
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