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Welcome to The Menu! (F/F or M/F)

Postby SolAStarPlat » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:02 am

Looking for someone to do vore with.
I can interchange between predator and prey.
You have to be somewhat verbose and literate. I'm not asking for paragraphs. Just some detail.
I'm willing to take in some exclusively prey.

Currently craving:
A foot/sock fetish based rp.
As well as a Senran Kagura vore rp. Desperately craving that.
I'm craving some feral predators. A snake, a dog, bear, and worm to be specific. Especially a worm predator or plant pred to swallow me up!
A scenario about kidnapping me or vice versa.
Spoiler: show
Name: Cynthia Highwind.
Gender: Female.
Body: Athletic and fit. Strangely no abs or real muscles that could be seen, but she's monstrously powerful. She's 6'1 with a curvy figure, nice d-cup breasts, thick thighs, a nice plump butt, and size seven feet. Her hairs as a deep red color and the base color of her hair is black, though at her bangs on her forehead, there's a split of where there's more hair on the right side that is dyed white and less hair on the left that is dyed red.
Species: Human.
Age Range: 18 to 24.
Alignment: Complete predator.
Personality: Cynthia is a short tempered delinquent. She's kind of hard to get along with seeing as most are afraid of her, not only because of her temper, but because of her tendency to eat people who enrage her. Impulsive, intelligent, silent, loud, and very bold would be all of the categories Cynthia falls under. She's the kind of girl that if you looked at her wrong or if you even breathed a way she didn't like, she'd have a problem with you. If someone manages to get under that tough persona and rock hard body she has, there's a heart that's willing to love. Once a special someone breaks through her shell, she becomes a complete, flustered, kind mess. She's never really been in a relationship or has never expressed feelings of love other than to the people in her family so it's only natural.
Scenario possibilites: If 18 is the chosen age, the rp could be a high school one with her as a senior and so forth. Any higher than that, go nuts!


Spoiler: show
Name: Sola Rose.
Gender: Female.(/or Male.)
Species: The Devil.
Body: She bears the same body as Angela. The only real change is the hair goes from blue to red/black/white and the eye color becomes a crimson hue. As well as she gains some height, going to 6'1.
Age range: ???
Alignment: Complete predator.
Personality: She is no joke, the Devil. Took the position from Lucifer when he died. The alter ego of Angela, who is the polar opposite. She's a sadist who will dominate and take whoever she pleases down to Hell with her for fun. She's mostly care free as well as insane and joyful. A bit on the short tempered side, but there is literally NOTHINGshe can't handle. Once her affection is gained, she's a total sweetheart who'll do anything to keep her partner happy and pleased.

Spoiler: show
Name: Marianna Roland.
Gender: Female.
Species: Human and witch.
Body: Varies depending on what the user wishes for.
Age range: ???
Allignment: Predator but ends up prey a lot.
Personality: She's shy, silent, quiet, and for the most part, very reversed. When she puts her witch's hat on, she becomes a totally different person. Dominant, aggressive,
powerful, and intelligent.

My ultimate favorites shall now be in bold!

I'll possibly do anything for anybody who'd be willing to rp as one of Reddmann's famous monsters, Chomps and Sloppy Joe for me.

One big rp universe. (Needs to a long explanation.)
Oral vore.
Female prey.
Unwilling prey. (I almost always play as an unwilling prey and prefer unwilling prey when I am predator.)
Anal vore.
Human prey.
Worm vore. (Worms have a really hot way of eating things...~)
Bondage. (I tie you up or you tie me up before I/you play with you/me or down you/me~)
Sleeping vore. (Ex: We are cuddling and as I am asleep, I swallow you whole, then remain asleep through most of the digestion.)
Rape. (I have tons of strap-ons of many different sizes or I could meld my goey body for a thick cock...~)
Being owned/Owning you. ("Is that a collar...?"/"I'm collaring you...~")
Clothed prey. (As it weird as it sounds, I love my prey to be clothed as I eat them or to be clothed as I am eaten.)
Socks. (The tastiest prey wear socks as I devour them~ Any length appreciated!~)
Feral preds. (Has to be strictly complete animal! No half and half like a furry!)

Neutral(Between Like and Love. Could also be considered meh.):
Clothes entrapment.
Gender changing. (If you change to a guy, you have to be willing to be only predator.)
Navel vore. (Never done it before but I could do it if asked.)
Fatality with vore. (I could spit you up for some more fun~)

Multiple prey. (Not at the same time, but can be consecutively thrown at me after I've finished one.)
Willing prey. (On occasion.)
Underage prey. (They don't have to be underage all the time!)
Scenarios. (Scenarios aren't a must have, but they are nice.)
Breasts vore.
Monster predator. (Something completely abnormal like a Malboro from Final Fantasy.)
Plant vore.
Nipple vore.
Hair vore. (My hair finds you very tasty...~)
Absorption. (Slime, Cell style, take your pick!)
Mind control.
Possession/Body snatching.
Playing with OCs.

Disposal. (As in coughing up clothing, maybe laying waste to some bones.)
Sex before vore.
Shapeshifting. (It's kind of really hot, now that I think about it.)
Inanimate object vore. (Eating someone as/being eaten by a bed, book, painting, bed, tv or something like that.)
Cock vore. (It's a maybe because of the execution method to get the penis.)
Feet first.
Pregnancy. (Done it only once. I need someone to reinvent my outlook on it.)
Demis. (Nekos, half dog, half human, and what not.)

Hard vore.
Male prey.

February 3rd, 2018.
Alrighty! Some scenarios! Just some basic ones before I add anything really serious about Monday or Tuesday when I bump it.

A captive alien is sent to Earth from a distant planet to save itself from the horrible torture it's gone through. Once there, it'd be very weak and require food. Lots of food. With one meal at a time, the alien's digested prey would becomes forms for it to use hence they are a shapeshifter. They'd live out their daily life among humans devouring them and using their forms afterward to replace them. (Basically an invasion of the Body Snatchers kind of thing, but with a vorish twist.)

The Devil's Housepet.
You'd be Sola's housepet (That's it, really.). Oh, the things she'd do to you...

An abandoned silence facility that has many creatures still contained. Ranging from aliens to plants and parasites of epic proportions that humans could not even comprehend. You'd walk inside and look around to discover the many types of beings and living organisms living inside. Upon picking one of your choice to study and/or take pictures of for remembrance, it'd escape and be out to swallow you.

A High School Rp!
Seems bland and outplayed but I really want to do a romance rp whereas someone is dating Cynthia Highwind as she's a senior in high school.
She'd have to date a cute underclassmen, maybe a freshman or sophomore who wins her heart over somehow. Then Cynthia goes out of her way to make that person her's. Ranging from eating students, teachers, other faculty members just to impress you or gain your attention so she could confess.

Predator's Delight!
It'd be basically an rp about a vore website whereas you can find any kind of girl that you'd like to eat.
Once you've eaten that person, pull out your phone and go find another to snack on or go back home, then use the more intricate and complex interface on your computer/laptop to find very specific scrumptious humans on your list~

Black-Blooded Vampire#3947
That's my Discord! Add me UNLESS there is something you'd like to walk through and clarify in PMs on here.

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