Monster Pred hungry for Cute, Squirmy Prey!

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Monster Pred hungry for Cute, Squirmy Prey!

Postby monstergut » Mon May 27, 2019 12:27 am

Helloooo! I'm looking for cute prey who wouldn't mind squirming in a monster's belly for a while!

Soft, oral
(Implied digestion is fine for quick oneshots or side characters)
Male Preds only
M/M preferably
M/F is also fine

Vore Faves!
Endo ****
Tasting **
Domination **
Unwilling to Willing ***
Unique Monsters ****
Insectoid preds
Slight size difference
Permanent Endo/imprisonment *
Unwilling preds ***
Prey impregnated by Pred **
Forced safe vore
Possessive/Overprotective pred ***
Friendly, platonic vore
Punishment vore

Non-Vore Faves!
Mpreg ****
Rapid pregnancy ***
Oviposition **
Cumflation ****
Tentacles **
Pre/Post Vore sex ****
Rough Sex (noncon/dubcon) ****
Romance *
Master & slave/pet dynamics

Cuddling/physical affection
Consensual sex
Tongue play
Multiple prey
Multiple preds
Belly play

Clean Digestion
Micro/Macro (Non-humanoid monster pred only!)

Hard Vore
Face sitting
Graphic digestion
Foot/paw play
Female Preds
Human Preds

Usually I prefer to be a dominant character. But I’m not necessarily looking for a submissive partner. That can be fun, but I do enjoy a character that will fight back and make a pred work for their meal. I especially love monster on monster, whether its vore or good old fashioned smut. I usually prefer to play as a male or herm non-humanoid creature. Non-humanoid, non-furry prey would be awesome, but I know that's kind of hard to come by. So human/fantasy race/anthro as prey is okay too. While a lot of my kinks are domination-related, I still love some good cuddly safe vore when I have the right partner! Romance or friendship between pred and prey is always fun, especially if the relationship starts off rocky.

With the right pred, I'm totally down for switching and playing prey. It's something I very rarely do because I'm very particular about it. I still don't like being totally submissive, but I do enjoy being grumpily acceptant of safe vore inside a bigger monster, or being super unwilling and embarrassed to have been eaten. I adore "there's always a bigger fish" scenarios. If you wanna play pred with me, I only accept male preds, and no humans. I'm really only looking for monsters, scalies, etc. Ferals like gators and sharks are also fine in this scenario.

As for RP style, I like it very literate, with decent plot, and at least a paragraph each time. No one liners please!
If you think we have lots in common, PM me with an idea/scenario of what you'd like to RP. If you could link me to your "seeking partner" post, F-List, a sample of your roleplaying or just give me a list of likes/dislikes, that'd be great too! Please keep in mind that if you just send me "wanna rp," I'm not going to respond. I need to know what you can bring to the table. Also, I usually prefer to RP over PMs, and I don't have skype, kik, etc. Discord is a possibility, but I'd have to know you for a bit first.

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