Experienced Male Prey Seeking Male Pred (Willing to play F)

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Experienced Male Prey Seeking Male Pred (Willing to play F)

Postby AjaxJarvis » Thu Nov 24, 2022 9:05 am

Good day,

Thank you for clicking on my post.

I am an experienced Male prey looking for a partner who can play the role of a Male Pred. This can be for long term role plays or short one session affairs. My preference is to play prey who is at least somewhat willing; even if this changes during the session; and I also prefer to discuss at least a rudimentary plot before hand. As the title suggests; if you are comfortable with the fact that I am Male irl, then I am also happy to play a female prey character.

Oral vore
Male Pred
Prey at least somewhat willing (even if only to begin with)
Decent grasp of English

Desired - but not a deal breaker

Likes - but can do without
Underage characters
Uniforms ;)
Food Transformation

Hard Limits - these are no go areas for me
Female Pred
Cock vore (This is negotiable)
Anal vore
Obese preds (Sorry, just not my thing!)

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, I have Skype and Discord and will share those accounts through PM with interested parties. I like to think I’m not too bad at constructing posts; but as long as your post is at least a few sentences long and has understandable spelling and grammar; I’m not too fussed about post length.

I’d anything you have read is of any interest to you; please PM me in the first instance.

I’m also super happy to do audio exchanges!! In fact it’s something I’d love to experiment with!!

Kind Regards,

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