Gobble me up and sh*t me out!

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Gobble me up and sh*t me out!

Postby voresercher » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:57 pm

Hello everybody, first off I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my post.

My name is Cody and I generally like to RP in situations as myself (can do first or third person). Though I am more than fine stepping into a different name/role as well with little to no problem, along with roleplaying in pretty much any setting be it a version of our real world, or a more fantasy-based one. I can usually about a paragraph of text; sometimes more some times less depending on the scene; will usually try to match the length of the post that I receive. English is my native language, but that said some punctuation errors may pop up every now and then.

Willing to play female prey if preferred over male!

Now I think that covers most of the basic information now onto the kinks, some of these fluctuate around (some days might be higher than others) but I tried to place them where they generally fall.

Pred younger than Prey
Pred Smaller than Prey
Female Pred
Oral Vore
Digestion (Short or Long, Noisy or Quiet, Painless or Painful. Love it all)
Post-Vore Scat Disposal (The messier the better)
Same Size Vore

Underaged Pred
Anal Vore

Scat Play (Very iffy on this one)
Breast & Cleavage Vore (Only a little experience with these, would like more)
Torture (as long as it's not going too far)
Male Pred (Recently opening up to these, maybe a bit reluctant on accepting plays with these)

Hard Vore

I think that covers everything, if I missed anything please feel free to ask :)
PM me here or on Discord: PlayerCody #1781 and I'll get back to you when I can!

Edit 4/16/18:
Changed Title and added some forgotten prefs

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