Looking for some Casual Friendly Noms!

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Looking for some Casual Friendly Noms!

Postby SwallowedWhole » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:57 am

I’m just a pred looking for some nice, classic endo to take the edge off.

• Soft, oral vore
• Same Size or 3-6ft size difference
• Lots of internal movement from the prey
• Tum Cuddles
• Teasing, nibbling, etc
• Long, sensual tasting and swallowing
• Endosoma
• Semi-permanent Endo
• Unwilling prey, who may become willing later on.
• Protective safe vore against the prey's will
• Comfort vore
• Possessive preds
• Gruff, mean preds that later become affectionate
• Some kidnapping, light bondage, etc.
• Male preds only, preferably monsters, paranormal creatures, etc.
• Male or female prey, as long as the females aren't super busty/over sexualized.
• Possibly some nice smut? Not mandatory, though. If you want my smutty RP preferences you'll have to ask.

My F-LIST: https://www.f-list.net/c/swallowedwhole

• Underage
• Hard Vore/Excessive Gore
• Graphic Digestion
• Disposal/Scat/Watersports
• Gross body functions
• Female preds
• Real People or Celebrities

• Respect and Communication are key.
• Literate Roleplayers only, please.
• Spelling errors and run-on sentences are my number one pet peeves.
• Plot is appreciated, but not always necessary.
• At least 1 or 2 short paragraphs per response.
• As of now I do not RP on outside platforms. PM if interested!

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