Switch Seeking Switch! Endo, Parasites, and More!

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Switch Seeking Switch! Endo, Parasites, and More!

Postby Squirms » Wed May 29, 2019 7:36 pm


While I'm usually a dominant pred, lately I've also been interested in playing a dominant, invasive, borderline parasitic prey that forces its way into an unwilling host. Maybe they’re looking for a new home, or someone to impregnate with eggs, or they just want to torture the poor sap. It's kind of an unusual request, I know. It's just something I don't see often and would really like to try.

Oral and anal are preferred; cock vore for special occasions, and maybe unbirth if you can convince me. I'd like the parasite to be around 1-3 feet in height/length, so that they still make a nice bulge in their host. Or, they could be swallowed at a small size, but quickly grow large enough to swell up the host's belly. Bigger parasitic creatures are fine for bigger hosts.

The parasite would be free to enter and leave the body as they please, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes their host. They also may explore other areas of the body besides the stomach, and rearrange the host's organs to better suit their interior decorating style. For example: repurposing the appendix into an egg sac for their offspring. If this ventures into too much body horror for you, then just forget the last part.

For the host, species doesn’t matter. I’d prefer males or intersex over females. They can be anything from a cute, subby twink to a big dominant guy. Human, monster, whatever. I’d enjoy invading and breaking them either way. Also, I enjoy being pred just as much, so I’m not opposed to playing one as a secondary character.

The gender of my prey character doesn’t really matter either, as you wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at it anyway. Male, female, herm, genderless; makes no difference to me. But they will always be a sentient, non-humanoid monster based on one of the following creatures, in descending order of favorites:
Spoiler: show
Mantis shrimp

Feel free to suggest something else if none of these work for you. But please understand I have no interest in playing a conventionally attractive character. I've been asked many times to make my prey a feminine anthro. I understand why, but its just not something I'm into. I would rather play an actual, scary monster than a sexy, humanoid monster with tits.

Dominant Prey
Submissive Pred
Forced vore
Forced Breeding
Male pregnancy
Monsters/aliens/insectoids, etc
Giving the host indigestion/stomachache
OV, AV and CV
Cboy Unbirth
Clean full tour
Sexual Torture
Cum inflation
Forced/controlled orgasms
Non-Con or Dub-Con

Eventual friendship/symbiosis
Naval vore
Hypnosis/mind control
Slime inflation

Illiteracy/bad spelling
Anthro prey
Hard Vore


I do not have kik or skype, and I only give my Discord to those I've known for a while. If this is your first time RPing with me, I'd prefer to keep everything within this site. If you would like to roleplay, please give me an idea of what you're looking for as well as your likes/dislikes.

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