Seeking RP partner/Fetish friends (I prefer to be prey)

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Seeking RP partner/Fetish friends (I prefer to be prey)

Postby Sitharc » Thu Jun 01, 2023 1:04 pm

Hello there! I'm mainly looking for a female pred, but your gender(s) behind the screen doesn't matter.

Let me start off by humbly requesting you read it ALL if possible if you really want to play with me. Skimming through it will likely mean you might miss important tidbits. Rather not waste my time (and yours) coming to me saying you've read it when it's quickly clear to me that you likely haven't.

I'm FINALLY updating my RP seeking ad! So if you haven't seen this new version of it.

As much as I like same size stuff, I want to do giantess (preferably by shrinking me) content as well sometimes if you are able to provide it.

On top of an RP partner, I'm also just looking for more fetish friends and friendship in general, but keep in mind that doesn't mean I want to talk vore or whatever other kink 24/7. Especially if someone has the same level of passion for it and storytelling that I do

I'm not asking for perfect grammar or anything, but please at least show that making an effort and trying, least during for actual RP. At the same time, please don't be an uber grammar nazi about things.

My kink list and limits have changed over the years since I originally typed my ad all those years ago, so again, please read before PM'ing. I don't want to take 1-3 additional PMs just to feel like it wasn't read based on what the other person is suggesting to me. For example, if it's pretty clear I prefer to be the prey, then maybe don't come to me trying so hard getting me to pred. While I can be a pred when in the rare mood for it, that doesn't mean push me to be one when will never pred for me in turn. NOTE: If I am ever a pred, I'm likely a female one and when I play the pred, I'm more likely to play a meaner one.

I'm looking for someone who can give some level of actual effort in turn. Please know what pacing is, address my concerns and questions when I have any, please remember details from just 1-3 posts prior. Matching post length is not required at all, but please give some effort, at the same time, free to go more than me if you prefer. I've encountered a few bad preds in my time.

I'm also looking for sessions when possible (short ones or longer ones if we can plan for them and manage it), or at least a very low maintenance partner, don't harass me every hour or every day for a reply. I'm looking for someone who actually wants to DISCUSS things beforehand or even during when need be. At the same time someone who keeps OOC chatter during session/play to a low. If it's to make a suggestion, that's one thing, but if need to keep asking stuff, then maybe that's something should've thought of and asked before we started that session.

I'm also looking for someone who can do both random/new OC's as well as do various canon/fandom play as well. Depending on the characters involved, I might want to be the pred sometimes, or I might want to be the observer, aware or not to whom in your gut. Also, someone who appreciates an actual ending of some kind so can start another at some point instead of just one idea or world forever.

One thing, however, not every RP has to have vore in it at all, or certain other kinks either if need be.


My ideal world (for vore and/or others kinks, not required, but highly prefer this.)

Posts being in the third person.

It's NOT fetish casual world or super duper commonplace

With things like vore, even more so, having to keep one's actions hidden from society & the law. However, unless pred makes it ultra obvious, most people if anyone still won't put two and two together if someone is in there as to their mind just reminds them that it can't be... it's impossible right... right?!

There will be issues/difficulty swallowing prey normally too big to swallow and there will be mobility issues alongside awkwardness once someone is trapped inside of the pred's gut.

Darker elements may happen, but again, to be discussed first if need be. Exploring when possible just how fucked up vore would be if people could do it... within reason of course, as even I have some limits here... no group of people bred for the sole purpose of being eaten and discarded. Give us victims who WILL be missed. Also, please avoid scenarios where a mom eats her kids JUST to go back to being a bar going dick sucking slut. Unless you are okay with having her caught/found out, arrested and given the jail cell she deserves for the rest of her life... or she just gets shot.

A pred that gets caught will face legal issues and/or other karma for their crimes.

Weight gain and possible health issues from it and other things resulting from it, like the possibility of slob on some level.

Preds have no problem eating children and/or animals, let alone committing kidnapping when needed.

Victims will be MISSED by their friends and family.

Stepping stones when possible (starting with objects/small animals and working way up to people, child as another stepping stone if intended main/final target is someone their own size.)

Other risks are still there when it's giantess, even if she's nice/gentle. The chance or even just the risk of being eaten or crushed or whatever is still there. Love exploring the various risks and reactions to them.

Other aspects to be discussed or asked bout if curious, but there's some of it!

Aside from impossible elements like swallowing whole, size change, etc... the world is grounded in realism. That includes prey turning into poop. Some wiggle room can be discussed.

Why do I allow children to be eaten? Because these are just scenes, nothing is actually happening for real. There is a huge difference between fantasy and reality. Vore is already cruel, absurd, and fucked up, so it's not that much worse to have kids become food. That, and it's just simply the cruelty of nature itself, as when it comes to predation, nature doesn't give a damn what age or species you are. This also explains why digestion will be the same for them as it would be for anyone else. Besides, a life is a life regardless, it's odd to be so okay with people eating all their friends, loved ones, or even just anyone they can, yet suddenly kids and/or pets are off the menu. Even with adult prey, there's still a mother somewhere that will be worried sick and upset.

Pred species I like:
Human(oids) overall
Anthros (can be picky on species, but love catladies usually. I tend to say no to hooves tho.)
Catwomen anthros
Yugioh Harpie Ladies
If curious about others, ask.

I'm curious bout trying out playing with a drider/spider girl, pred or not, of some kind, at least one that'd use her own silk to knit sweaters and such for me.

My kinks:
Wholesome stuff (either on their own or ideally as a mix alongside the more darker stuff)
F/M (My preferred)
F/F (Again, I prefer F/M, F/F can happen, but iffy towards it due to reasons. Sometimes in the mood for it, other times I want to see/play a mix of male and female prey one at a time)
Motherly preds and motherly types/sorts in general (into some other pred types, just ask)
Cruel Preds
Sadistic Preds
Uncaring preds
Drunk preds
Teacher preds
Nun preds
Adult preds
Teenaged Preds
Child preds (prefer older preds tho, but kid on kid vore sometimes is fun too)
Preds in general that are otherwise seemingly normal to even perfect people to be friends with, trust with your kids, etc. (i.e. the ones you'd least suspect)
Some other types of preds (discuss or ask bout a specific type)
Getting into the psychology of the characters and things.
Sweet talking/being sweet talked
Protective vore (Still fatal vore/brutal digestion if ingested, but more in case of protecting me and eating whoever harms/scares me, ideally I'm oblivious to what's going on with your gut.)
Pet names/nicknames (depends which ones)
Breast smothering
Creepy female preds and female preds overall too
Preds that plan, that hunt/stalk/lure their prey (but don't flat out tell their prey their plan)
Soft Vore (oral)
Anal vore (maybe, depends on how done)
Unbirth (same as anal vore)
Unwilling prey (very iffy/picky with willing, still unwilling once inside or digestion starts)
Big/huge wobbly bellies that make sense for who is all in it, ones that beg to be kneaded into
Painful Digestion (brutal/harsh is ideal, slow too, but doesn't necessarily start painful)
Graphic digestion
Digestion teasing
Disposal (bones, clothing fragments, items, etc too if possible, not just poop... at the same time however, not JUST bones only either)
Affectionate cruelty (i.e. lullabies as prey digests)
Fatal vore
Preds keeping trophies (i.e. skulls, other random bone bits or remnants of clothing, etc)
Petty vore
Vore as punishment for petty crimes like stealing a single puny piece of candy, standing on the grass, etc.
Children as prey (not required, but I'd love it if this is do-able for you)
Feral animals/pets/pokemon as prey (not required, but I'd love it if this is do-able for you)
Weight Gain (Fine with it going to ssbbw at times, and sometimes immobile too)
Health issues from weight gain
Fattening up prey
Slob preds (not required, level of slob discussed beforehand, rather see someone develop into one)
Post vore Disposal (bonus if sometimes do it with soiling and/or if include stuff like bones and other things inside the poop)
Difficulty swallowing/moving around for the pred.
Preds getting indigestion.
Videotaping/photo taking
Livestreaming (has to make sense tho, no pred being stupid trying so on twitch then wonder why she gets banned so fast...)
Vore virginity (a pred's first time)
Gentle Giantess
Giantess growth
Giantess crush (Crush in general too)
Macro/Micro vore
Same Size vore
Full Tour (depends)
Being shrunk
Family Vore/incest (Female relative as pred, ideally older than prey)
Preds in positions of trust/power/etc (teachers, daycare workers, nuns, etc)
Clothed prey and preds
Ripped/ruined clothing from vore
Trying to fit in clothes after weight gain
Breast expansion
Babysitter preds
Incest (As long as it's straight shota and the female is older)
Straight Shota (Female has to be dominant here too)
Mommy domme (mdlb specifically, but ideally the soft kind)
Scat (soiling on purpose)
Watersports (wetting/bedwetting on purpose)
Diaper disposal (still iffy about diapers by themselves/as their own thing kinkwise)

Might try:
Hard vore (curious being chewed by a giantess or put alive into food then consumed, otherwise observer here or pred if stuff like a victim in the oven, or just know once my role is dead... it's all you likely but never know.
Might ponder other examples to try.)

Age regression

Preg stuff (Impregnating a woman, pregnant prey, etc. Iffy bout pregnant preds tho, IMO less a tiny prey, that'd crush the one in the womb. Maybe feed her the baby after it's born, or just end there.)

Futa preds with male or female prey (ideally male prey), iffy towards this, don't make your futa or your focus be all about her dick.

Rping in a sense where my partner is a DM/GM of sorts, giving me options at the end of their post with also giving me the freedom to respond with my own idea if I can think of a better one. Doesn't have to be super complex or anything. Depending on how it goes and if feel like trying, maybe could do the same in turn.

Other things.

My limits:
Male preds (less I'm in the rare mood to not just pred, but be a male one of my choice. Prefer to be a female one too)
Male giants
Preds who risk choking even more by wasting time fondling the prey with their throat clogged by said prey.
Overly willing prey (especially to the extent where sexual about it)
Improperly sized guts (Don't tell me a whole person is in there and barely look pregnant)
Fetish casual worlds or aspects those have (no vore high school for example)
Diapers (less in rare mood or specific idea where to use it for soiling in, otherwise no)
Cock vore
Cock worship/muscle worship
Big dicks/sizequeening (at least the requiring of a big dick is the limit, I might surprise you in the future with a larger one.)
Weight loss with zero effort (Put the work in if you want a pred to lose weight)
Public humiliation
Lazy preds who never do the work of getting the prey themselves
Too much farting/burping (I'm iffy to these kinks for a reason, I'm okay with these to an extent, but there's a thing as too much or too often.)
Belching out panties and whatnot, let alone wearing them instantly without washing them.
Vomit (as a kink anyway, randomly otherwise if it makes sense for it to occur, then can do it, discuss)
Too much slob/certain aspects (stuff like unflushed toilets, shitting everywhere/anywhere, etc discuss what's ok or not)
Mary Sue preds/untouchable GTSs. (Have a weakness, allow your character to be hurt or something.)
Revival/Reforming ( very iffy bout including it, not into it when it's constantly done and just reckless vore)
Safe vore/painless digestion
Belly entrapment (give me something to actually do or make it worthwhile, otherwise just small talk and nothing to do but squirm or sleep)
Forced gender transformation. (If my character is a dude, he's staying a dude, no spell or whatever you have will turn him into a girl. Respect OOC consent)
Forced/sudden sexual encounters (as well as requiring sex every time, regardless of F/M or F/F)
Controlling my character for me without my consent to for that moment.
Deciding for me what my endowment is or trying to grow it if it's not big enough for you.
(Don't see me doing this to your breasts)
GTS too big to interact with, especially those big enough to crush a city in one step or be planet sized.
Grab and gulps
Cell tail vore
Kaa vore
Gender transformation (especially if you think it's cool to force it upon me or suddenly surprise me with your ploy to turn my male character into a female)
'Daddy' as a sex/kink term, yes, I know, the irony being into momdom, but hearing/seeing daddy in kink context just kills it for me.
Safe/painless vore (if it wasn't clear by the rest of my ad, I'm not really into vore scenarios where there's simply no pain or discomfort whatsoever once inside the stomach. If safe is really what you want, you need to do it in a way I somehow like and have it believable using special suit, magic, etc... even then, not something I'd often go to. Maybe with the right person I'd do something like this once in a blue moon while able to do plenty of more usual expected things with them before or if know ya enough.)

Think that's mostly it for limits, will edit/add more when/if need be. PLEASE respect these, the only thing that matters in RP is OOC Consent, as once you have that for something, then free to do so.

Aside from the ones listed above, there are other pred types I'm into, just ask and give examples if possible.
I prefer human(oid) characters when possible, especially for preds. Humans overall, but some furry anthro stuff I am into. Depends on the species and the animal to human ratio your OC has.

I love DB/Z/GT/S, Yugioh (DM mainly, saw about half of GX and some of 5Ds), Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Totally Spies, Mario Bros., Star Wars, among other series for vore among other kinky fun or even just wholesome side stuff. Nothing wrong with some wholesome slice of life platonic stuff. Maybe I want to do a scene as Kid Gohan adorably meeting his Saiyan grandmother? With pokemon, I'd be picky about what species in terms of what female anthros I'd fuck with or what species, anthro or feral, I'd consider for vore fun. Regardless if both of us are canons, doing a crossover, or if one of us is playing an OC of some kind. Keep in mind not familiar with a lot of the newer shows, and even some older ones don't know them as much as might think or as much as I would like... I might be a bit picky on how a scene and overall scenario in a given universe might be handled for example... eating a force user probably not a smooth idea, especially not with their lightsaber, lol.

I'd really love to be Kid Gohan in things where he'd fit, but not required. Anime isn't the only option, western cartoons, and such options too. Like I wouldn't mind seeing Irma from TMNT as pred for example or as a prey crying her eyes out inside April or whoever. Depends on the idea, but I might feel like being the pred sometimes, or the observer, aware or not. Wouldn't mind being the oblivious boyfriend or new person they meet, concerned about their belly. Or get pinned by it as made to have sex with them as they tell me who they ate and why etc. Still prefer to be prey most of the time, but that's due to being burned one too many times by people who wanted me to pred but would never pred me back, so I didn't bother playing a pred for them.

I'd prefer us both being canons depending on the idea or the pred be the canon and prey is whoever one randomly decides to be. I tend to prefer young males as prey, but females now and then work too.

Please refrain from Yamcha weak/dead memes and Goku bad dad/Chichi bad mom jokes with me, especially in any Dragonball setting we do. Also, please know the rules and limits of the dragonballs IF we ever use them in a story (likely won't). Super Shenron is lame for having no limits. Shenron and Porunga are more interesting, also there's other magic in the world too and Bulma has crazy ass tech, for example, so no need to rely on the dragonballs for everything.

I have no set OC's for the record, whenever I use one for these things, tend to make them up on the fly, but maybe with the right partner I could develop an actual OC. I love prey that stays dead, so if I ever play someone again, it's a different instance and story we are telling.

I love getting into the psyche of the characters when possible, showing us how and why they do certain things... or even how they eventually get to the point where they are able to eat so and so or do something else they normally would never do to other characters.

Another idea I have is playing out users as if on a website that encourages real vore or giantess content, etc, but it has to remain hidden from even sites like Ekas if it existed in our RP world. Especially someone's first visit there and their reactions to it... are they horrified, disgusted, turned on, other? Ideally not turned on tho as that's too easy and expected. That posting content of people being eaten/pooped out or even just shrunken and tortured on webcam or selling on a black market? Shady shit like that.

I love school settings among others, but I'd also love to explore scenarios in other time periods, where didn't have internet or smartphones with built in cameras. Imagine recording using a bulky camcorder or getting a Polaroid knowing couldn't get a normal camera to dropping off rolls of fetish film to be developed. Keep in mind ideas I've said have my ideal world stated above in mind, so teachers can't casually eat a kid in front of her class without everyone freaking out, or at least without her getting arrested if not shot later.

Once my role/character is dead, it's all you from there, less there's someone else for me to be, but don't have to require that of me either. Doesn't mean rush the rest of the story to end it either, but at least post death digestion details would be up to you. To me it's just too odd to play/detail myself when I'm... you know... DEAD.

In order to make things easier for us, I tend to just need the main characters involved in a story/setting. Like in family vore, prefer single mothers over ones that are married, or the husband is too busy/gone all the time or dead. (natural causes too if so, not hurr durr he was already eaten by mom.) As an example.

If there's ever an issue or anything, please just be honest with me, it'd be easier for the both of us, as it pisses me off more later on if I find out someone wasn't being honest bout that. At the same time, please be kind and mature about it instead of thinking have an excuse to shout and spew insults.

I highly prefer to RP through Discord or Skype at this time, as forum posts and such take too long and I'm not one for the public viewing stuff. However, if we click enough or are into enough of what I'd like or be willing to do whatever we'd discuss, then I MIGHT consider PMs. I value privacy, so no public posts still, please.

I love short term stuff, but long term is possible too once see that we click well enough and can both ponder and agree on something. Please don't expect a long term romance thing right off the bat.

You've made it to the end of my ad! Just keep in mind a few things... these scenes are just that... scenes, not things happening for real. If I make a mistake or something, please bring it up to work it out like adults, please don't just leave me hanging with the silent treatment. Please don't confuse OOC ramblings or suggestions for forcing your character to do something as suggestions are just that, suggestions, not commands or anything. Again, please I don't control my character and I won't control yours. As in actually controlling them instead of the other, an OOC suggestion or ramble isn't actually taking command or control. Suggestions are there to do just that, suggest, never said you had to listen to them or do everything I rambled. Another reason why to discuss as many details as possible beforehand. So there is as little confusion as possible and no drama.

Be honest and upfront with me, and I will be the same with you.

Think that's all I have to say for now, so I hope to hear from you! Hope you actually bothered to read all this as well! <3 Apologies if I rambled a bit.

Again, please, actually read it in full, and think about what I'm asking for before you PM.

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