Seeking RP partner (I tend to be prey) Prefer Canonplay atm

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Seeking RP partner (I tend to be prey) Prefer Canonplay atm

Postby Sitharc » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:02 am

Im finally getting to updating this damn thing xD...

Anyways, Im looking to see who would be interested to RP with me sometime, but Id like to be friends too if possible, not just to RP with the other person. Im male and will usually if not always play the prey. Sometimes might randomly feel like being bred or if have enough good RPs with someone then I might try a pred role with them. I'll get into my interests shortly, but if have any questions bout them or in general, just shoot me a PM! When I dont have to be at work, Im usually home on my laptop surfing the net/on IMs. Prefer to use them but if have to use emails/PMs then fine, however if go that route, make sure your able to reply to it within a certain time frame, please dont take month(s) to respond.

I dont really have any offical OCs of my own just for the sake of vore, I usually RP myself, play a character from series (ask cause if I don't know/watch the series, then I cant really know their character), make up random OC(s) for a precise RP.

What I like: (don't have to have in it, least not everything on the list)
Motherly/Sisterly Preds (in a tender loving care way, not necessarily related to them)
GTS (Gentle, maybe some crush, where shes macro, where im/others are micro)
Same size vore
Soft Vore (Oral, UB, AV, any of the weirder ones like hair let me know)
Vore within an anime/video game/etc series.
Digestion (if not fan of death, then id either reform in the womb/outside somewhere, get poofed out via magic, or pooped out alive)
Fat Preds ( bbw/ssbbw/immobile doesn't matter, they preds can be skinny or normal sized too)
Multiple preys (I can play each one, but would like to be just one at a time)
Weight Gain (either thru stuffing normaly before hand, or after digesting someone)
Furries/Anthros (Depending on the species, looks, personality, etc.)
Pokemon vore (pokemon eating trainers vice versa, or other pokemon, depends on what species tho, tell me what have in mind and we'll see... Id love to see some with espeon or dragonair as pred)
Animal pred/prey (depends on my mood, the story/rp have in mind, and the species, like you could be a wolf or a housecat )
Scat (mainly just cause its the realistic end to vore and havent had this in an RP yet, the people that have RPd with so far really dont like scat. (Id like to eee something different too instead of just using the toilet or dumping a huge pile in a random location with bones sicking out, Id like to have an RP where the girl poops out my remains/whatever else into her pants/panties)

Some kinds of hard vore/certain scenarios with it are maybes, still iffy on it.

What I DONT like:
Male preds. (Very very very rarely might I play a male one, but please don't ask me to be one at the gate)
Being expected to ONLY ever be female prey, I'd much rather play a male one.
IF/when I do play a female one, don't force her into a sexual relationship.
Cock Vore
Pred getting caught (in most cases, someimes Id like to see pred having remorse/guilt or least remembrance for the digested, or gets eaten theselves)
No constant burping/farting (once and a while maybe okay, just ask)
Always ending the RP in the middle or right before the best part
Freaking out over every lil grammar or spelling error. (this is for FUN, not to feel like I'm back in school during english class!)
Extreme Gore/Cooking (mild stuff like being in a sandwich and what not is ok, but if wanna ask if something is ok or not, then PM me)
Goo/Slime/Jello/etc Girls (this moreso depends on the character, what she looks like and what made out of if Id go with her or not, Id be willing to try i once.)
When a character is prey just because someone envies them for who they get in the show normally, etc (like dont have Tea or Kagome prey just for the sake of killing/torturing her)
Cells variety of tail vore (i hate it, and Im a dbz fan!)
Grab and gulps. ( Vore scene is over before I know it and can truely enjoy the scene. )

Im usually pretty open to ideas and suggestions, just PM me and ask bout it, telling me what you have in mind and we'll see. I don't care if you're a male or a female irl when it comes to whoever is playing a female character.

Scenarios Id like to RP (I like others too, but what Im in the mood for now)
Something with Princess Snake (from DBZ) as pred
Aunt eating her nephew (can discuss story, reason for eating him, or whatever, Id really like rp THIS one)
Teacher eating her teachers pet or the bully to protect the geeky kid
Cousins/Sibling eating each other.
Mom eating her kid(s)
Babysittter eating the kid (could make this into a multiple prey situation by after she eats one kid, she goes to the next job and eats the next kid she babysits,and so on and son on till she ges big)
Both being preds eating whoever or whatever (people, objects, animals, whatever)
etc... (thats all I can think of now)

Series I like for possible vore (but not limited to)
Yugioh (not 5Ds)
Inuyasha (highly doubt kagome as prey)
Sailor Moon
Totally Spies
Persona 4 (Only seen lets play of it and its not finished yet)
Others... (ask, I know some characters in Naruto or Bleach but dont watch the shows)

We can work out the situations/stories (like what type of vore, whether digestion or scat would be included), characters, and stuff in PMs and either do the RP on preferable IMs, and possibly email or PM if somehow only option. Flist works great too. (PM me for them) One on one please, don't want spectators. But remember if digestion takes place, then my role as that character is done/dead, I cant be a living/talking pile of crap.

Hope I covered enough, feel free to PM me if interested. Sorry if I take a while if at all to reply to your PMs, sometimes I dont have the motivation to xD just depressed, or when I first read it, not able to rp right away, etc.


Some new things. I highly prefer to be a male prey as well, it's still possible to be a female one, but I'm more comfortable playing a male one. Also I don't like feeling as if I might be forced into a lesbian setup with the other girl character.

Should fully re edit/redo this whole thing as some things need to add or tweak, like for example. I'm okay with pred getting caught and such now too, but it highly depends on how it's handled and flows.

I have some ideas (some fandom related ones too) that are longer in scope, so if I got to play those out, I'd need someone who can post a decent amount and/or least good details and have as few limits as possible. I'd love more story/plot and such anyway be it a vore rp, a weight gain one, or some other main theme.

I also love diving into the psyche of the pred and/or prey (or a 3rd party observer) and how it might change across the tale.

A character being slobby to an extent is also possible, but I can be kinda picky as to how much of it shows. And again I'd like to see a progression of things too, not starting off with everything nasty.

I HIGHLY prefer an IM setting like skype or discord nowadays, but that doesn't mean pester me bout RP right off the bat. I prefer having actual little sessions or longer in my RPing if that makes any sense as it's easier for me to RP that way over in a format where it's reply to a thread whenever and never know when my post would get replied to. Kinda hard for me to get fully into the mood of things going on if it's just replying to it whenever, so that might make my responses slow or even on existence at times. F-list chat PMs work still too as they are basically the same as talking on like skype and such.

Aside from whatever kinks are used, and the story/plot.... I'd also like a certain level of pacing to the RP that we'd discuss before starting.

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