Male prey looking for female pred

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Male prey looking for female pred

Postby Jace0727 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:08 am

Hi everyone I’ve been on this site for a decent amount of time and I’m pretty good at rp. When I do an rp, if I start I’ll go big but if you do a sentence or two then I’m gonna do the same because it’s not fair for anyone if that happens. I typically like to use discord but I’m willing to use other apps/sites if it’s easier on others. I’ll cut to the chase that I’m looking to rp with a female pred of some sort. I like a lot of things but some scenarios that I have in mind lately are babysitter x child/high school that recently shrunk because of an illness, teacher x student related stuff, me going over to my girlfriend’s house after shrinking down and her mother finds me, and any knew ideas that someone would love to introduce to me or try out with me. I play as a male prey as it says in the ad and I as a “tiny/smaller person” like be somewhere from 6 inches to 2 feet tall and as a normal sized I’m 5’8 (I think I did that right but oh well) My discord is IDKxIDC #7421 if you’re interested in rping there. I’m just gonna jot down the majority of my likes and dislikes down below so that maybe you’ll see some interests that we might share.

Likes: (these don’t all have to be in the rp just things I like)
Oral vore
Dominant female pred
Size difference
Mini giantess
Anal vore
Full tour
Belly bulges
Throat bulges
Incest (some scenarios can be pretty hot with this)
Under age pred/prey (I haven’t really done much with this but I’m open to it)
Human pred
Furry pred (it depends but not a full on furry, something like a Neko in anime is fine)
I haven’t done any but we can be characters from anime for different scenarios as well
(If there’s something that you might want to ask about then feel free, I’m positive that I’ve forgotten to put more up but there’s so many)

Water sports
Cock vore
Feral preds

If you’ve read everything then thank you and if you have any questions/want to rp then just message me here or on discord. I’ll definitely be able to give a faster response on discord. I look forward to role playing soon

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