Male prey looking for female pred

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Male prey looking for female pred

Postby Jace0727 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:42 pm

Alright so bare with me but I’m not good with posting yet.
Hi my name is jace and I’m a male prey. Even though I haven’t rpd on here, I’ve rpd on discord which is what I prefer to do but I’m willing to try to message on here. I’ve been into vore for a long time but I’ve only been RPing for about 2 months.
I’m looking to RP with a female pred that’s preferablly into macro/micro or I play as a smaller size than the pred.

I’m into:
Size difference
Oral vore
Anal vore
Dominant females (definitely one of my favorite)
Full tour vore
Sex/kinky stuff before hand (I’m always surprised with different things so I’m open to stuff)

Not into:
M/m (I just won’t because I’m a guy and I’m not into other guys)
Cock vore
Water sports
Scat (I might do it if it’s a full tour)
Crush (depends if it’s not completely gory)

For those that have read all of this, thank you. I wasn’t trying to make this long, but I wanted to have details. I look forward to role playing with you. Message me if interested

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