Male prey looking for a nice cuddly, warm belly!

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Male prey looking for a nice cuddly, warm belly!

Postby Tylerst7 » Wed May 02, 2018 1:00 am

hey there!

I've been role playing myself for a fair while, but I'm a good bit new to vore role playing. I'd be helpful to find an experienced predator to help me get all the important details of being a prey in there. I love making friends too! Not a big fan of a one time thing, love making friends with my partners. If you have any questions after reading my post here, I'd be happy to answer any questions for you! Although, I'm a bit shy.

I'd very much prefer an alternative site for role playing, such as discord. My replies may be a bit slow on here, as I'm not used to the format as much. Pm me for my discord details!

I'm more of start from scratch kind of role player, but I have been thinking about making a neko prey character soon. You'll be able to see my loves, likes, and dislikes below!

What I love:
Playing a prey, as I don't connect with predators nearly as well.
Soft, safe vore. (Any kind of innocent vore with a nice relationship between the predator and prey tickles my fancy.)
Gas, specifically burping and slight indigestion.
Oral Vore
Giantess/Tiny (I need to be a good size to make a bulge though for me to enjoy it, I'm open to talking about it though. )
Being a squirmy, cute snack
I prefer human/humanoid predators and prey, not really a fan of anything more monster than human. (Examples of things I'm okay with would be nekos and lamias )
Beign willing prey
Unwilling prey that becomes willing down the line.
Predators who tease me

F/F (I'd be interesting to try my stuff at being a female prey, all up for new experiences.)
Playing a predator (On some very rare occasions and if you're nice enough, I may just have to gobble you up~)
Unwilling prey
Digestion is fine, even if it isn't my preference.
Same size vore

I don't mind:
Weight gain
Hamster space

I'm not a fan of scat or anything myself, but if you're nice enough I may do it just for you.
People who give me short sentence responses, two-three sentences at least would be nice. Even more on occasion would be preferred.
Hard Vore
Cock Vore

There you go, there's some of what I like! If you have any questions, you can pm me for details here. I look forward to being in your warm, cuddly belly~

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