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A slithering new year..!~

PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2024 8:00 pm
by Sylv
Ah, well hello!

I'm a lover of all things with safe, non-fatal Vore myself! I adore being an active belly-pet, being an overly willing prey, or even unwillingly being trapped in a gut against my own will! There's a lot to love for me when it comes to being stuffed into a tummy, even if it is a permanent stay inside!~ I have a few more niche interests that may catch some eyes, ones that I am editing into my post here as a small revamp.

I myself have ideas always cooked up for most things people may come to me with when they have a few of my interests, but definitely always send your ideas my way! I'll be sure to reply in kind, letting you know if we click or not. I am a talkative person, so if you're just as talkative there is a lot of bonus points for that! Here is a list of a lot of my kinks, but there are probably a few more I'm forgetting.

Here's a list of a few starter ideas all packed into a single sentence, just containing a few interests I've been wanting to play out:
Myself as a lamia prey, slurped up like a noodle in a meal!~
A tummy-ache, accidental Vore scenes after a party or an unintentional swallow!
A predator possessing over me, acting out their claim over me in front of friends or innocent bystanders!~ (Have to show them who owns me~)
A long-winded couple story where they grow closer through playful intimacy, a growing connection!

They're a little vague because that is what they're meant to be, a blossoming for an idea!~

What I love:

Endosoma/Non-fatal/Soft Vore
F/M or F/F scenarios
Oral Vore
Size difference (The prey being a considerably smaller size.)
I prefer playing as a willing prey, but will be unwilling on occasion. Sometimes, there are fun unwilling to willing scenarios!
Human or mostly human characters! (Though, lately could be feeling like a lamia prey as of late.
Teases, taunts, and talking between our characters as we indulge in our vorish activities!~
Mouth-play and throat-play.
Gaseous, noisy bellies and burping!
Squirmy, bulging bellies~
Soft, gentle predators!
Opportunities to add in an extra bit of wholesome cuteness through even some of the most indulgent of our sessions, sometimes it's a nice little reprieve for us both!
Relationships between our characters developing through the roleplay!
Indigestion/upset tummies~
Belly play, soft cooing, and cuddles!~

What I can enjoy:
Unbirth (On occasion!)
Same-size Vore
Dominant predators
Food play
Messy/stuffed bellies
Breast Vore (On occasion)

Male predators
Illiterate people!
Hard/fatal vore

There we go! That's most of the preferences I can think of off the top of my head, but if you've got questions be sure to hit me up in private messages! I'm generally really friendly and open to most conversations, so don't be afraid. My preferred place of roleplay is discord, I'd be much too slow for my own enjoyment here on Eka's I feel. My discord is tye2002 if you want to go ahead and add me yourself, if our interests align!