Tasty bird (Female) looking for Gluttonous Predator

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Tasty bird (Female) looking for Gluttonous Predator

Postby ScrabbleTheGoat » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:05 am

Heeey Everyone reading.

I'm starting to settle in on the forums, and have started to adore all you lovely folks' flavors! I mean, personalities! Which of course makes it more fun when I eat ya up.

Anyway, I've seen how many of you look when you're inside me (Shocker, you all looked like my belly with some bulges.) And, I've seen how cute you all look when you're not inside me, but I haven't seen any of you from the inside. It leaves me flowing with curiosity about how slimy and cruel the digestive system can be up close. Consequences? What are those?

Short and simple, I'm looking for partners to roleplay as prey with. I'll take something short, though I prefer Medium(Paragraph size) or long-form roleplay. I like for there to be some fun character interactions or scenarios as well, rather than a dine-and-run. I am very accommodating though. If you approach nicely and with literacy I'd be happy to talk over what you want to do. The only things I am absolutely concrete on are literacy and digestion. I'm not asking anyone to be an amazing author who always follows all the rules of grammar! All I ask is that you use periods/commas and speak in complete sentences. For digestion, I'm adamant that the prey is gurgled in some way. I just don't enjoy vore roleplay without that.

Things I like besides that (Not at all required, but these are the things I like)
+Willing and Unwilling are both great.
+I do OV, AV, and CV.
+Prefer Cute Boys as predators (girls are fine too.)
+Micro/Macro play
+Stomachs already filled with food
+Treating prey like food. AKA cruel predators
+Slobby, fat, or otherwise smelly predators
+Painful digestion
+Temporary Perma-vore or Sentient fat

I have 3 characters I'd like to use as prey. Miss Freesia has the nicest art, so she'll be left up here. If you're interested, I can tell you all about em in private messages.


Overall just don't want anyone to be shy. If you share some of my preferences, feel free to send me a message. I won't be rude to someone saying hi.

Contact me through Eka's, find me on discord (ScrabbleTheGoat#2439), or even use kik if you want. (TheTastiestPred)

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