Hungry Serpent Searching For A Meal

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Hungry Serpent Searching For A Meal

Postby SkeletonGoat » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:52 pm


*EDIT* I'm pretty full on RP requests right now. If you contact me it wont be an auto no but I pry wont respond to notes that do not have at least some idea of what they want. So if you send me a PM with like a single word or make me play 20 questions to get to the heart of what you are looking for from me, I'm most likely gonna decline.

I'm a big hungry snake looking for tasty meals to fill my belly with (I play as a feral snake, sentient or animalistic. Reticulated Pythons and Anacondas being a fav. I can play a snake barely big enough to swallow you to something in the 20/25ft range). All types of prey types are welcome to be my meal (humans, monsters, anthros, ferals. Any gender as well), just make sure you read over my preferences before messaging me.


- Oral Vore
- Soft Vore
- Unwilling prey
- Same/Similar size prey
- Oversized prey
- Pred species turned prey (dragons are a fav here)
- One Shot Rps
- Literate Rpers (at least a paragraph per post and decent spelling. I just need to be able to understand your writing)
- Fatal
- Implied digestion
- Multiple Prey
- Struggling active prey items


- Unwilling turned reluctantly willing (acceptance as a meal)
- Graphic digestion
- Goopy digestion
- Non-Fatal (I'm pretty meh on this with snakes, it would need the right scenario)
- Breath play
- More realistic constriction (pain/broken bones etc)


- Fully willing prey
- Underage Prey
- Disposal/ Gas
- Sex
- Huge size difference or Micro/Macro
- Lifeless inactive prey

Scenario Ideas:

- Sacrificed to a Snake God
- Eaten by your own Pet
- Jungle expedition gone wrong
- Zookeeper makes a mistake and becomes a meal
- Rich man/woman feeds you to their pet
- Kidnapped and made a meal that is streamed to a live audience
- Escaped pet finds its way into your bedroom/shower/basement

So hit me up if you are interested in any of the above, at the moment only doing rps in PMs or private rp threads.

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