Feral Pred Seeking Prey

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Feral Pred Seeking Prey

Postby SkeletonGoat » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:24 am


Though I can play pred or prey, I tend to mostly play pred and thus all preferences here are based on that.

Hello there, I am an rper looking to try and get back into the vore rping scene. I can play both male or female preds and I prefer to play feral or monster preds. I also want to emphasis that I am Asexual and do not like sexual stuff in my rps, just getting that out there early since I know that can be a real deal breaker.

Still with me? Okay so as far as the types of preds I can play, it runs the gamut from snakes, komodo dragons, worms, slugs, plants, dragons, gryphons, goats, deer, horses, ect. I have a special fondness for unexpected preds, like herbivores. Also a preference on quicker one shot rps over long drawn out scenarios.

-Oral Vore
-Soft vore
-Same or similar size (though small pred, big prey works and about half the size of the pred is about as small as I will go for prey size)

-implied digestion
-multiple prey (fun but very optional)

Will also do:
-more graphic digestion/goopy digestion
-non-fatal vore
-tail vore

Wont Do:
-Underage Prey

I have no preferences on prey, you can be human, anthro, feral, male or female. It's all good for me.

If you are up to rp with me just send me a pm. I will rp either here on Eka's or on Discord.
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