Male feeder seeking female pred

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Male feeder seeking female pred

Postby TtheKnee » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:56 pm

Felicitations malefactors, I am Tizoc. I have but one character that I do well at the moment. Namely, myself although I have multiple selves that can be discussed if you are curious. I can write in other characters as needed and I am pretty good at writing preds, but I prefer being me.
I’ve had a fair amount of experience in role-playing and my writing abilities are fairly competent. I'm not particular about my partner's writing abilities, just so long as they write in complete sentences.

As for information about myself, I tend to be a male, brown, anthro cat, fairly short at about 5'5''. I enjoy being a feeder or an observer to preds, but I can act as prey as well, though I will be unwilling.

I haven't got a preference for species of a predator, feral is cool too, just so long as they are female.
I would like to try some female monsters as well.

All of the RPs I do have had almost exclusively female prey and I’m ok with continuing that trend

Here’s what I enjoy, but if it’s not on there and you want to do something then we can talk about it. I can’t grow if I don’t try stuff out of my comfort zone.
Breast vore
willing/unwilling prey or preds
Multiple prey
Mass vore
Pregnancy (pred and prey)
Hyper pregnancy
After vore sex
Weight gain
Casual vore
Huge bellies
Immobilization due to belly
Thin preds
Huge butts
Fatal digestion

Cock vore, but only if the prey is then transferred into a female and cum inflation ensues

I don't like :
overly macro pred
instant digestion

Nope, absolutely none of this:
Non digestion related gore
Male preds
Futa preds
no bulge

Just pm me for more information or if you just want to talk. I have both a Skype and a Discord if you prefer one or the other. Just a heads up, I usually don’t have an RP in mind, but I like figuring out a premece with people.

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