LF Antro preds to Feed

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LF Antro preds to Feed

Postby TtheKnee » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:53 pm

Hey, my name’s Tizoc. I’m a cat dude looking to give ladies all the filling they deserve. I might look like a snack, but I’ll be keeping myself off the menu as best I can. Vore is super sexy to me and I can’t help but get horny when a woman gulps someone down, has a big gurgly belly squirming with prey, or gets fat. So sex is pretty much inevitable.

So I'm pretty short cat with some smooth brown fur(if that sort of stuff matters) and this isn’t my first time around the block, I’ve met a whole bunch of preds on here and I can’t wait to meet you. If you’re hungry I’ll make it my whole day to fix that, as far as I see it, a good pred is a full pred. Just be careful, we might meet another, hungrier girl that might need your fat more than you do and I’ll have no choice but to feed you to her. Unless of course it’s just one of my pred friends, in which case we might talk first.

Now I’m not too picky when it comes to the ladies and will love and feed any species, but I really love cows and getting them full, fat, and happy is my life goal. I can’t help if I’m a classic cat.

I live in an area where vore is super common, I’ve lived my whole life dipping and dodging preds, but somehow that only makes me like them more. Good thing only women can swallow people whole or I would’ve stood no chance with the whole population after me.

Real talk: I’m looking for about a paragraph or more for responses and I’m pretty much always active on Discord where I do all my RPs. Just tell me if it’s not going to work out or you cant respond or whatever, it’s all cool, I’m chill about all that.

Here's a couple of ideas I have:

A commercial farm which helps produce prey and milk for the rest of the world, either you start off as a prey and eventually become a breeder after having become too much of an investment from eating so many people as I help you out. Or you could start as a breeder already/someone who works at the farm as a new breeder because you can't find any other job.

You're a reluctant pred who wants to get into eating people then I (your boyfriend/friend who you eventually get with) help you become the pred you want to be.

You’re an overly confident pred who is very attached to her boyfriend(me), and I write a secondary character who I meet and then eventually eats you after I fatten you up a bit.

You want to be someone’s prey, but you don’t think you’re fat enough so you ask me for help.

Challenge: The goddess gauntlet- eat the ten biggest women(20ft tall) that have eaten< 20 (15ft) who have eaten< 30 (10ft)<40(9-8ft) <50(7-6ft)<100(6-3ft). Total: 9000
All women are given something that keeps anyone from getting digested for several days so there will be lots of movement in belly for quite a while.
Has not been completed and only takes place every few years.
There are other, similar events that happen every year which only go up to a couple of hundred.
You want to be the one who finally takes down the challenge and I help train your belly so that you can become the goddess of gluttony you truly are.

Just some random scenarios:
Water park where you feast on the park goers, making use of the slides as you do.
Vore club where you have a good time eating and getting drunk, maybe meet up with my character and have a better time.
Some sort of contest, maybe starts off as vore, maybe doesn't
Your character shows up at a vorgie and has an intense night of debauchery

Here’s what I’m into and not into

OV (the main form of consumption)
Weight gain
fatal digestion (at least mostly)
Multiple prey

Subby preds__________________________Mass Vore
Breast vore__________________________Romance/Relationship
Fat_________________________________Pregnancy (Pred and Prey)
Squashing/Smothering_________________Hyper Pregnancy
Gurgly bellies________________________Multi-pred
willing/unwilling prey or preds_________Mini-Giantess
After vore sex_______________________Burps
Casual vore_________________________Huge Bellies
Gluttony___________________________Milk (lactation)
Thin preds (better to feed)___________Face/ass/breast belly bulges
Fat preds (better to squish)__________Macro prey
Fat prey
Huge butts

Apparently I have a ddlg kink, so with that as you will

Cock vore, but only if the load is gonna be pumped into my lady pred

I don't like :
overly macro pred
instant digestion

Non digestion related gore
Male preds
Futa preds
no bulge

Message me if you’re interested. Sorry, I don’t do RPs on here.
Here’s my Discord if you want to talk or rp or whatever: Tizoctheknee#3948

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I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formulary for the preparation of affordable comestibles. Who will join me!?
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