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Anal, Oral, Absorving Vore Search M/M only RP

Postby Ark9 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:59 pm

Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height 5"11
Cock: 6" in length 3" in diameter.
Knot: The size of tennis balls.

Looking For: Sexy male predators or prey. Currently on the hunt for some sexy male prey or predators. Can be human, Taur, Anthro or even feral beasties. So long as their male, Gay and are willing to partake in Cock, Anal, Absorbing and even same size oral vore. I' am a writer of 8+ years and have Roleplayed for a long while. I prefer to RP posts in the third person and in long lengths. 6+ sentences up to several paragraphs depending on mood and scenario. I look forward to partaking in detailed roleplays that involve somewhat of a story line sex is 99% and then must end in either predator devouring myself or a prey species getting devoured by me.

If you wish to set the settings in Skyrim, Narnia, or some other already premade realm I'm alright with that. But am okay with creating an original world as well. If you are interested in starting something up, feel free to ping me.

PS: Just throwing this out there, I'm single and looking! ;)
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