Female prey looking for hard vore

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Female prey looking for hard vore

Postby pelmeni » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:39 pm

I'm new to vore rp in english, but I promise to do my best.

My likes are:
oral vore
hard vore
soft vore with chewing and gruesome digestion (never tried it though)
unwilling prey (can be partially willing - sacrificed for the greater good, for example; always scared though)
cooking (any kind of cooking)
same size (or two/three times bigger/smaller than the predator)
playing with food
torture and gore

My dislikes:
anything that is not oral vore
anything related to sex

Other preferences:
I don't care if the predator is male or female, human or some kind of a carnivorous tomato. I don't even mind you being a huge ball of slime that slowly digests my character.
I prefer playing female prey and can play as a human, anthro, animal, dinosaur, dragon... erm, well, probably won't enjoy playing as an insect or a plant (unless it's a sylvari from Guild wars?)
My characters will die when they're fully eaten and/or fully digested. In hard vore you can eat my characters in big chunks (like biting off half of the body) or in small - it's up to you how you're going to shred and tear them apart!

Some ideas I want to play with:

I want to play as a mermaid. You can be a sea creature and eat her underwater, you can be a cannibalistic mermaid yourself, you can be a fisherman/woman that caught her in his/her nets and now is going to cook a dinner suitable for royalty (you can throw me into a pot, roast or grill, bake or even stuff my belly with fruit and then bake).

Another idea is being eaten by a spider or a group of spiders. You catch your prey in your nets, letting only her head move, you then inject digestive juice into her belly and after a while you can chew and swallow her softened flesh.

Then you can have my prey (human or anything else) being sacrificed to a monster. If the prey is human, she is forced to come to the predator and offer herself as a sacrifice or is chained to a rock.

I also don't mind my prey being cruely disemboweled, cooked and eaten by a dirty ork or goblin (or a group of dirty orks and goblins)!

Do not hesitate to ask me anything.
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