Hungry Monster wants to eat some Cute Boys!

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Hungry Monster wants to eat some Cute Boys!

Postby tum » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:06 pm

Heyooo! I’m a kinky pred looking for some cute prey to stuff my gut with!
I prefer unwilling, non-fatal vore, though implied digestion is alright in some scenarios. Longer (but non-graphic) digestion is fine for secondary characters if the main prey wants to cuddle the pred’s stuffed tum and listen to all those nice tummy gurgles.~ Or maybe that’s their friend in there, and the pred is making them listen, as a warning for what will happen to them.~ If fatality is a must for you, then the roleplay can always just end ambiguously.

Either way, soft oral vore is my primary go-to, but I’m not opposed to anal and cock if the situation is right. I also occasionally enjoy unbirth, but since I usually only play male preds, I typically do this with male-herms and cunt boys. The pred in this case is almost always a large creature or monster.

For unbirth, anal, and cock vore, I usually like a large (2-6 ft) size difference. For oral vore, I like it a little closer to same size. But I’m fine as long as the prey makes a nice round bulge in the pred’s tummy.

I loooove nice big bellies on prey too! Especially if their bellies are overstuffed and uncomfortably tight, so all they can do is squirm and whimper and hold their swollen, aching tummies. ////o\\\\\

I love stuffing and force-feeding as well! Prey being forced to swallow other prey is a huge kink of mine. Cum inflation is another favorite! What better way for the pred to mark the prey as theirs? I also adore heavily pregnant prey! Probably a side effect of the pred pumping all that hot cum into their belly. ;) Forced impregnation and mpreg are some of my all time favorite kinks aside from vore.

Pudgy bellies, stuffed bellies, cum-filled bellies, vore bellies, pregnant bellies… All bellies are good in my book!

And on the subject of bellyaches, feel free to give my pred one… Maybe their eyes were bigger than their stomach! Definitely kick and put up a good fight if you get gulped down unwillingly.

For the belly itself, I can do either a noisy, active tummy with lots of churning and gurgles, or a calm, quiet one that’s just nice and warm and dark (and slimy). There can be some mock digestion if the prey thinks they’re going to be food, but for the most part all my preds’ tums are pretty safe.

As for contact info! I like to stay totally anonymous and keep things contained to one site, so I'm not going to share a discord, etc. For now, all roleplay will be over pms! There is no exception to this rule! Seriously, if you demand discord or kik or skype or whatever, I'm not going to respond.
But please, feel free to send me a message if you're interested! Just make sure you actually read my whole post first, especially my dislikes. If you could include some vague notion of what you wanna do, your likes and dislikes, or a scenario/character, etc, that'd be great too! Messages with a clear idea of what they want will be favored over those just asking to roleplay with no further information.

Soft, Nonfatal
Oral vore
Same Size
2-6 ft size difference
Unwilling prey
Maws (lotsa sharp teeth!)
Anal sex
Oral sex
Double penetration
Cum inflation
Forced Breeding
Mpreg ( pregnant boys are so cute… o///o )
Teen boys with big bellies (especially if they're scrawny little twinks, so the belly contrasts even more)
Reptiles, Avians, Salamander-type stuff
Clown preds (An actual monster, not a creepy dude in a clown costume. Pierrot or Venice Carnival type stuff as opposed to IT.)
Feral preds
Twink Prey
Male Preds
M/M, M/H, H/M

Favorite mini scenarios:
Long, drawn out swallowing
Pred struggling to gulp down pregnant/stuffed prey
Pred stuffing themselves with multiple prey
Prey masturbating in the stomach
Squirmy prey causing a bellyache for the pred
Squirmy prey causing extreme pleasure for the pred
Unwilling prey realizing they’re enjoying it
Raping the prey before swallowing them
A monster impregnating a human, then eating them to ensure their offspring’s safety
Heavily pregnant prey being force-fed food and other prey
Very willing prey and an unsure/unwilling pred
Vore being used as punishment for an uncooperative prisoner/slave/etc
The above, but the pred doesn’t realize that the prey loves it

Cboy Unbirth (preferably some sort of creature/monster)
Anal vore (Has to be clean, and I’m very picky)
Cock vore (see above)
Stomach Maws
Willing prey
Unwilling pred
Mild food play (Like putting the prey on a charcuterie board)
Insects, cephalopods, crustaceans, other weirdies
Herm Preds

M/F (I'm super picky about female prey.)
Clean full tour
Implied Digestion
Human preds
Anthros (Zootopia stye; not like, wolves with boobs..)


Spelling errors
One liners
Muscle worship
Graphic Digestion
Hard vore/gore
Excessive weight gain (I really like weight/pudge to be focused on the belly only)
Female preds
Breast vore
Incestual themes
Married couples as prey
Adultery/cuckolding themes
Overly sexualized characters
Taurs and most furries
Hyper anything

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