Male prey seeking male predators! Details within~

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Male prey seeking male predators! Details within~

Postby Tastyboybottom » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:10 pm

Hello everyone! As the title states, I am a male player (who plays male characters) seeking male predators for some fun. On request I can play female characters and I can play alongside them, but I -vastly- prefer MxM scenarios. Anyway, I'm looking for certain things that I'll list below


Feral creatures
Blobs or tentacle monsters
Sentient creatures

Please note, I am currently craving predators of the following types. If you play one of these you'll immediately be my favorite person! Spiders, Insects, Snakes, and plants <3

Now, I'm also looking for the following to be included in the play. All of these are not needed, but as many of them as possible would be preferable

Unwilling or dubcon: I generally don't think my characters would want to be eaten or toyed with, but they can be tricked or persuaded with the right methods. We can discuss this.

Dominant partners: My boys/males can be submissive or versatile, but I vastly prefer for predators to be dominant. We can discuss how when the time comes~

Lewdness~ I love lewd scenes. If you're a predator who enjoys wearing out prey before nomming them, then I think we'll get along swimmingly!

Bondage~ I love having my boys bound up and abused. Use webs, ropes, or chains. All of this is fun for me~

Breeding~ Breed my boys. Make them into little toys for you and make sure that they know that you don't care whether or not they consent.

Hypnotism and drugging: I love having my characters being mind-controlled or having their thoughts influenced. It's a great way to get the predator and prey to play nicely.

Kidnapping: More and more I've been wanting to do a scenario where a predator kidnaps either a singular boy or several. What happens next is up to you~

Tormenting: Please, please, please do not be afraid to treat my boys as playthings. They may whine and complain about it, but as their writer and player, I love it. Bruise them. Tickle them. Squeeze them. Coil them. Torture them. Tease them. Humiliate them. I love all things like this.

Romance: Romance is a little thing I love between predator and play. It can be often quite hard to work into things, but it can also be fun!

Ageplay: I am willing to play males quite young if that's what you're into, but if not I'd be willing to play of age characters as well. This all depends on you.

As far as scenarios go, it really depends on what predator you'd be interested in playing, but I'd be happy to discuss any further details over PMS. I also play over Skype and Discord, so if you'd rather chat there you can just send me your usernames! Anyway, hope to talk to you soon!

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