Needing a fat glutton to gulp me down~

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Needing a fat glutton to gulp me down~

Postby Fangroller » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:24 am

Hey~ Thanks for taking out the time to view my message. I've been rping here for a while and have decided that I wanna try out something a bit more out there. Specifically I'm looking for a scene involving me being gulped down by a hungry, possibly even slobby glutton. I have plenty of ideas already, so don't feel shy to ask about something. Male or female doesn't matter, just as long as you wanna gurgle me down into your lovely fat. I like anything really, but I'll go ahead and list my main kinks down below. If you're interested in me, let me know!

Main Kinks - note that none of these need to be included but do improve your chances of rping with me.
Fat, the more the better
Weight Gain
Mass Vore
Macro Prey
Species Devourment
Sentient Fat/Disposal

If you're interested, please contact me on here or on Discord at Zealous#0157

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