(Fem)Boy Prey looking for Female/Futa Preds. (Macro/Micro)

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(Fem)Boy Prey looking for Female/Futa Preds. (Macro/Micro)

Postby Kyllen » Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:57 pm

Hiya! I hope you're doing well.

Just gonna keep things to-the-point and sweet, my preferences/dislikes can be summarized as follows:

What I'm looking for:

    Female/Shemale/Herm Predators (Male players are perfectly fine of course)
    Micro/Macro with myself playing a tiny prey or you playing a colossal pred. (Growth and Shrinking can be involved too)
    Oral Vore mainly


    Oral Vore - Both Soft and Hard
    Cruel/Indifferent/Dominant personalities
    Vore-related teasing
    Body parts comparison
    Sweat and Musk


    Very young preds
    Gender bending

I mainly RP through Discord but can be talked into trying other stuff. I do play Males and Femboys and will gladly show you some of my characters if you like what you see. Feel free to send a PM and ask any questions, I'd love to hear from some people of relevant tastes.

Discord ID: Kyllen#1697

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