looking for preds or switches in eastern standard time zone

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looking for preds or switches in eastern standard time zone

Postby sambal » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:55 pm

I typically am a human male prey to human female or feral preds, but can switch as well.
Am more than happy to switch.

Look me up in discord azfault#7414

I require:
macro-micro/size difference if human
same size/slight size difference if feral/sentient feral


I like but not required:
vomiting onto prey
post-vore disposal scat
weight gain
body play
size play
light biting/nibbling (no blood)
rough play (arm/leg dislocated, bones broken.)
For feral i like: snakes, hippo, elephant, ostritch, giant komodo dragons, giant frogs, giant pelicans.
For humans, i like girls who are fit, kinda short, "pixie" very bubbly and giggly. Or similarly fit girls who are bad girls, drunks, pot heads.

POssible scenarios

New thoughts

1) Something casual with a girl model from pornhub vore/swallowed-alive.com or oralvore.com.......involving an anthro or furry character...picture stuart little or Fievel...these chicks already eat live frogs, fish and small mice anyway...lol.....like my character is chilling at a yard sale....or at the gym.....a tiny food truck...something casual..and the girl....who actually does these vore/porn flicks....doesn't really see me as human.....decides to just pick me up, fuck with me, and eat me....


2) same concept, with one of the vore/porn models from these websites.....finds me in a similar situation and eats me....just a macro/micro scenario....uses me in a snuff film for the dark web....or something even more careless....


One of the vore/porn model chicks becomes a .....superhero?......like Giganta or Stature...from the comic books....or maybe even elastigirl..... she's trying to turn over a new leaf in her life....but......now that she's,,,huge....or....stretchy......she wonders if she could get away with ....you know....actually eating a guy...like she played when she was a porn actress....

1) Micro guy is a science tutor in college...tutoring the girl on the human digestive system...either get's eaten by the girl he's tutoring....or she feeds him to one of her pets.

2) Hitch-hiking guy ends up at the home of a giantess in the country...Turns out she runs a "vore-fantasy" bed and breakfast....and thinks he's a new client.....he's not.....but since it's always "un-willing" he's going to have a hard time convincing her that he's not interested.

3) Guy owns a farm....giantess cousin is forced to come visit for the summer. Her parents want her to change her bad attitude.....she finds a way to go home early...."He just, like....went missing."

4) Micro guy goes with his girlfriend to a college party......his ex is there....and she's drunk and pissed. He ends up giving his ex some bad indigestion.

5) Young man is tutoring a girl in an intro college class. He's a tiny. The catch, is that the young woman's little sister (17 years old) is visiting for the weekend and staying in her room. The little sister, is a wannabe bad girl....ends up drunk and stoned....maybe eats a whole pizza, then pukes on the little guy....thinks he's part of the vomit, and drunkenly tries to ....eat her pizza again....or maybe she just pukes up near him....he tries to get washed up...she finds him naked....lots of teasing and mouth play....and then she tries...and eventually succeeds in swallowing him whole.....the big sister comes in, late, held up by something.....and discovers the drunk, passed out sister.....maybe with a ring tone coming from her tummy....she swallowed the boys clothes too as it was evidence..

6) Young man is asked to "babysit" an 18 year old brat and her pets. The girl and her family are super rich, and live on a huge estate way out in the country. He's in his mid-twenties, is in graduate school, and wants to make some extra money. His job is to take care of and feed her pets. Most of her pets are vegetarian, but the girl is an idiot and has been feeding them french fries, hamburgers, milk-shakes...so most of them are either starving to death and desperate....and/or are nutrient deprived so they try to eat him.....might involve one of the animals accidentally making the young man hard after his clothes get ripped off and his manhood is licked over.....then the animals start trying to "milk" him.....once he's dry....they try to eat him.....maybe one animal swalllows him alive, and can't digest him....throws him up and another animal..with a stronger stomach, finishes him off.... I love scenarios where there's a snake that can just barely swallow him down.....or a giant lizard that tries despearately to swallow him, but ends up with the guys feet, or head sticking out because the "Prey" is too large.

7) New idea, i just saw on a softvore thread the other day that i'd like to try: In a future world when miniaturization technology is achieved, if criminals were shrunk down and sold as toys and the United States constitution was modified so people could kill their captives in any way they see fit, how plausible would it be if shrunken captives chose who they wanted to be owned by? They could choose from looking at photos of prospective buyers. This was from a post, asking about this idea and if people thought it sounded plausible...let's use this as a launching off point?

8) An alternate universe where men and boys are second - tier citizens, without the same rights and privileges as women......they are forced to do all the worst jobs, at lower pay etc....mostly dangerous manual labor type work. If a man is deemed to be dangerous, or useless in the society....by scoring low on some kind of mental health test.....determined to be a suicide risk, or can't do their job well anymore....they are stripped of their rights completely, and sent to be....eaten....they are shrunken down...and sold to girls and women who want to buy you......maybe they have to be 18 to get the lisence to purchase a guy.....and then the only stipulation, is that at the end of 7 days, he has to be eaten....

9) some sort of scenario involving the movie Downsizing, Stewart little, or The Borrowers.

10) Mouse anthro prey, or fairy boy prey

ETc,,,,let me know your ideas!

Last bumped by sambal on Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:55 pm.
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