Switch seeking Pred/Prey for Shrink, Digestion or Mommy vore

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Switch seeking Pred/Prey for Shrink, Digestion or Mommy vore

Postby booleanTrue » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:23 pm


Hello and thank you for checking out my RP thread! I have been writing and RPing vore on and off for several years. I usually only RP with friends or people I know somewhat but I'm looking to change that. I find it's rare for my small pool of regular partners to want the same things in an RP that I want so I'm hoping to meet some new partners! If you're interested please contact me via PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. My work schedule tends to be rather erratic though so I can't guarantee that I'll always reply on the same day (but I'll do my best to let you know if I have to go away).

Some things you should know about me are that I pretty much exclusively enjoy macro/micro (I'm talking 1 inch or less in size) vore with male prey BUT I am always open to discussion of new ideas. I have a special fondness for mother/son vore but I understand this is off-putting to some people so it is by no means a must for me. Besides that I love other food being involved in the vore process to accompany the prey or even them being outright transformed into it. I'm also a big fan of shrink scenarios involving tiny characters trying to explore and survive a strange environment prior to being found and/or eaten (be it on purpose or on accident). I also have huuuuuge fondness for Toriel from Undertale and adore playing her as a pred. This is by no means a requirement to RP with me but getting to play her is always a joy.

As an RPer I prefer to keep things fairly detailed and intimate. I want to feel close to the characters' thoughts and emotions just as much as their physical surroundings and sensations. Pred and prey should both act and react in the story rather than one or the other pulling all the weight, so to speak. Replies ought to be several sentences to multiple paragraphs long as needed using proper grammar and spelling. Short and/or lazy replies are a big turn off, with quality being the most important thing to me. Even if your reply is only two sentences it won't bug me if I can see that you're putting in some effort to make it good.


Macro/Micro (<= 1 in.)
Mother vore
Food transformation
Self Stuffing
Underage Prey (14-17)
Toriel (Undertale)

Maybes (ask me about these before trying to include them since it really depends on my mood)

Male pred
Female prey
Furry/non-human prey


Same size
Anal vore
Cock vore

I don't usually have any idea what the "plot" of an RP will be until I discuss it with my partner so I don't really have any to list here. The only thing I'll mention is that whatever I come up with will almost always have to do with things I've listed under "Likes". That aside do not be afraid to approach me with any ideas of your own - even if I listed them under "Dislikes". I'm always open to discussion, compromise, or trade (do one RP around your likes then do one around mine).
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