Looking for Members for a D&D Vore Game on Discord!

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Looking for Members for a D&D Vore Game on Discord!

Postby MagatsuBelly » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:46 pm

Interested in a vore-themed Dungeons and Dragons styled game on Discord? By using a Dice Bot and a few mechanics, We have a risky, Rewarding and most importantly fun experience ahead!

We use the Sidekick Dice Bot and feature a very simple D&D System inspired from a forum, And a Quest system to make sure everyone has a entertaining experience! We also do not force a very strong emphasis on Posting, So, theres no need to rush on posts if lifes got you down, Just let us know if you need a excuse for your character to be gone for a bit! We also allow use of Recognizable Characters from Serieses already existing. However, If they arnt already in use, they may appear anyway as a powerful boss to get extremely good loot from! We also allow Custom Races, And the ability to add your own Custom Monsters!

What we are looking for is a Roleplayer who is willing to leave results of the game up to chance, and wont mind the occasional loss to see there character gobbled up now and then. We are also looking for someone who is more leaning toward the 'Attractive Anime Girls & Boys'/'Animu Monster Girls' Style of characters. You are allowed to have full Anthro Characters if you really must, However. There is also a slight preference toward Girl Preds in this World, Not to say that Male Preds are entirely out of the picture. Its just more likely to be Girls Gulping rather than Guys.

We are also looking for a Roleplayer who doesn't mind a writing requirement of at least 3 Sentences a post, to try and give some event and flavor to the action. Id rather some good writing whenever possible! No one likes 'Character A Does a thing to Enemy C.' every turn.

If interested, Please PM Me to recieve a Link from me, And a possible judge of character to see if you'll fit. Thank you!
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