Looking for a Long-Term Partner, for a Long-Term Story!

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Looking for a Long-Term Partner, for a Long-Term Story!

Postby MagatsuBelly » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:51 am

Hello! Im Magatsu, You may know me from my various collections of Stories and Art. And im here, Looking for a RP Partner! Long-term would be very much preferred, As im looking for Stories full of nomming, Many characters, Multiple choices of Preds, or heck, just a world featuring Vore in all types.

I used to RP with a partner, In a Sea of lame One-offs that always stopped right before the Good Stuff, She Always asked to have One Single RP that we always continued. And, After a while, That Rp just Grew and Grew, Each of us playing multiple characters, And before we knew it, a Whole universe was made! A Long-term RP, where both players have multiple characters, With a Major Plot to grow attached to. Villains, Heroes, And even just side characters, as well, Vore was a common thing! Usually both of having a Main Character, and playing various other supporting characters to aid the story!

Unfortunately, her and i dont keep contact anymore, But ever since then, ive been biting my teeth to have another Long-term RP with someone, Just like that. And i hope we can have something, Just like that once more!

Usually, The plot would concern One Character, Usually a Straight forward, Normal guy who gets roped into the silliness, By another, More Eccentric/Otherwordly Character. Like, for example, Character A Would just be a normal human School Student, whom shares a Class with Character B, Who is a Lamia, and would have to help her get used to school life, Including saving her from Bullying or meeting her family, or other monster girls, All of whom wanted to devour him-- Or Even, They move in with him, and constantly do Lewd things to tease him.

Basically, Ill be Straight. Im looking for really schlock-y Anime tones, but with Vore, and probably better writing. So, its expected the Vore and Such are occurring along with a semi-serious Plot! Surely we can agree to that, Huh? I even have a few plots to test the water! But before that...

Oh, as well; I would HIGHLY prefer to RP on Eka's via Private message. Im not comfortable giving my discord out to people i just met, you see |D If i get to roleplay with you for a while, sure, but for now, I'd prefer it be kept to the PM's.


Things i LOVE - Kinks & Tropes that i Adore, and will greatly appreciate there Inclusion. If you dont, Then i probably will include them myself in my characters! You'd best enjoy these things if you wish to RP with me here. Any of these may be negotiated, of course!

BE LITERATE! Its a Kink everyone enjoys. Im not asking for Shakesperian Poetry with each line, but i atleast expect Proper capitalization, Matching Post-length, Decent writing. Its something every roleplayer needs.

Almost All Types of Vore (Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Naval, Skin Absorption AS Well as, Safe, Fatal, and Soft Vore!)
Digestion (Soft, No Hard-digestion.)
Female Preds
Mother/Mom Preds
Monster Girl preds
Character Post-vore Regeneration/Survival (can be selective, Encase of Villains being Vored to Death)
Any Gender prey
Female Domination

Things i Like - Kinks & Tropes that i Enjoy, and would like to see, But are arguable, and can be avoided at your preference. Any can be Negotiated, but, you can feel free to include them as well to my great enjoyment!

Rebirth (Being Vored, then reborn as the preds child.)
Boob Shennanigans (Ever seen Eiken? Yeah, that.I really dont mind breasts being used in really silly/comedic ways, Like breast growth, or Smother hugs, Boob Hats, Or stuffing you in the clevage for a nap.)
Symbollic Adoption (Basically, a Girl Pred or otherwise basically MAKES you there offspring, forcing you to call them Mom or Big Sister, etc.)
Transformation's (Serious, Kinky, Goofy or Otherwise!)
Fat/Chubby Characters (Not Blobs mind you, but i dont mind reaaallly chunky gal's proving they can still be adorable.)
Feet Fetish
Goth Girls
Mommy-Domination (If not straight up just Mom's in general.)
Incest (I Prefer, and will almost demand it be Mother/Son or Daughter.)
Body Worship
Breast Feeding
Post-vore disposal
Canon Characters (Characters from Anime/Manga, thrown in just for the fun of it!
Object Vore (Eating Large Objects/Items as opposed to people.)
Cock Vore (No male's, Only Futa...And only if im in a mood for it |D)

Things i Hate - Kinks & Tropes i CAN NOT STAND. Whatsoever. These will not happen.

Underage characters will NOT be involved in Lewd, Kink, or Vore content.
Necrophilia (True Necrophilia. Zombie's/ Undead characters are OK.)
Beastiality/Animal Vore (The only acceptation to this is Pokemon, And even then, only Humanoid Pokemon. Gardevoir, Bunneary, Salazzle, Etc. Anthro's are not included in this.)
Gore/Blood (sexual content involving gore, extreme violence, murder, etc.)
Cooking/Hard Vore
"Grossness" (Bad breath, Stinky feet, what have you. Im here for kink, not for gross |D)
Dad's, DILF's, Fathers, Etc. (No thank you.)
Masculine Males (Vikings, Beards, Muscular men, Large guys. I dont like 'em )
Giantesses (The tallest a character shall go is 9 FT Tall, Or Mini-giantess size. Cause i find Giantesses to be incredibly boring, honestly.)

Other's - These are things i can like in very certain situations, But otherwise, i absolutely hate. Will be explained in each setting |D

Anthro's (I only like female Anthro's, and i dont like Avian's. As well, I'd prefer they not take up the entire RP, unless it is One Male Prey, against an entire world of Female Anthro's. That's my preferences.)

Male Preds (Ooo Boy, okay...So, Here's the thing. I only like Male Preds, when they're Non-masculine. For example, I like Preds like Akira Kurusu from Persona 5, Deku from MHA, Pit from Kid icarus Or any of the preds seen in Chameleonette's art. Those kinda Feminine/Not-masculine guys are my ticket. Heck, i even really like Femboys or even really big soft boys on occasion, But the one thing i cant stand is Big Macho Manly Hairy Men. At all. Cause, my stance on Male Preds is much like my stance on Camping; I dont wanna get eaten by bears.)

Lamia's (Lamia preds, specifically. Ive done them so much, im just flat out sick of 'em |D I only really like Lamia's In Non-vore situations, To be honest!)

With those said, Here are some Base Plots to consider!;

<!> The Pred Hunters <!>; Character A & B Are a set of Students, Whom start a Club to Discover Supernatural/Strange Occurrences, Like an Occult Club! However, They find that the Entity's there hunting are more than Real. Some are Nice, some are Evil, Some are downright bent on world domination!

<!> Alien Abduction! <!> ; Congratulations! Or, something of that. You have been abducted by a mysterious Alien Race, And are to be experimented upon by the massive ship of various strange creatures, to determine how worthy you are to join the galactic nation! Can you survive enough to meet the Galactic Queen, or will you be a test subject for all of time?

<!> Pokemon; The Ekalia Region! <!> ; Pokemon, Basically. A Mysterious Region named Ekalia appears just south of Johto, And it has its own Pokemon league and everything! However, as a downside...It appears as if the Women of this Region are all keeping a secret from those who come onto the island. Mainly, They have a habit of occasionally munching on newcomers! Will you conquer the Ekalia's pokemon League, and be a Champion? Or, Will you perhaps find yourself as a mere Part of the champion's rear end!

<!> The Phantom Game Console!<!> ; Its almost like a terrible plot to a Creepy pasta. Through whatever means, youve been gifted a Game Console, That has a magical property about it! Whenever you play a game in the console, Suddenly, characters from the game come out of the TV! However, They come to this world, with something rather unique in there system. They have a hunger for Humans! Could this be your dream way to have your own Waifu Harem, or will this be a bigger disaster than you suspect?

<!>Monster Musume; Craving 4 You!<!> ; Basically, your own little Monster girl harem set in Monster Musume's universe. Pretty easy simple!

<!>Wond-Vore-Land<!> Normal Human accidentally slips into a portal, Sending them into an alternate Universe, Which is very similar to the Wonderland of the Books! However, As opposed to simple Tea Parties and Cheshire Confusion, One may find some Voracious monsters lurking about.

<!>Island of Monsters <!> - Just as it says. A Human finds themselves sailing across the ocean for research purposes, and by crashing, or making to there destination just fine, Makes there way to an Island of mysterious Monster Girls, All of whom, you can guess, Wanna eat the fresh meat that they provide.

If you have more ideas, or are interested in one of the ones i provide, Shoot me a Private Message, and we can discuss more! Thank you!

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