Unwilling female prey needs to be devoured!

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Unwilling female prey needs to be devoured!

Postby metalvixen » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:56 pm

Looking for new RP partners who are interested in gobbling up an unwilling 18 year old human girl.

She is basically a copy of me. 4 foot 11, shoulder length brown hair. Slightly chubby with 34D breasts and a thick butt. She can have any personality you'd like. Innocent, nerdy, slutty, obnoxious. Open to most preds. Photo can be provided if needed.

I also have several friends that could join me in your gut as well, if you're looking for a multiple prey situation!

I have been interested in non human vore lately. More along the lines of Naga, Humanoid Monsters, certain Pokemon,.. pretty much any creature that likes to play with their food before devouring it!

I do prefer female preds if we go the human route but non human can be any gender.

Hard Vore
Soft Vore
Blood and gore (Not necessary but fun to add!)
Same size
Sexual situations
Abuse and torture
Oral vore
Breast vore
Fatal vore
Multiple prey

Open to pretty much anything! Message me!

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