Looking for RPs of Most Kinds (Switch)

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Looking for RPs of Most Kinds (Switch)

Postby PatricksPrivate7 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:08 pm

Hey all,

Right now I'm craving a Star Wars RP, where I play as a Clone Trooper (which one is up for debate) getting some pregnant prey (maybe a Jedi after Order 66?).

Anyway, send me a PM if interested :) (I don't use other Social Media for RPs, just the messaging system here)

    Pregnancy (Both Male and Female)
    Same Size
    Cock Vore
    Oral Vore
    Fatal Vore
    Soft Vore
    Playing Prey
    Human, Anthro and other Humanoid Pred/Prey
    Canon Play (Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Transformers etc)

    Playing Pred
    Dinosaur, Dolphin, Naga, Snake, Lizard, Fish Preds
    Safe Vore
    Hard Vore
    Pre-Stuffed Prey
    When Full Predators become Prey for other Predators

Meh/Dislike (Happy to discuss but not certain)
    Anal Vore
    Breast Vore
    Weight Gain
    Herbivourous Animals as Preds
    Scat Eating
    Macro/Micro (The only exception to this one is if I can play as the pred, which has to be a pregnant giantess)

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