LF macro/micro rp partner!

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LF macro/micro rp partner!

Postby 2inchlich » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:46 pm

I'm a little picky about what I RP, so buckle up buckaroos.

I'm female, and identify exclusively as prey BUT I don't RP as myself or as female characters (usually). I have a lot of male characters that I like to RP as who are all almost entirely giants/preds. Here's my toyhou.se where I keep track of all of my characters: https://toyhou.se/fear-quest/characters/folder:unsorted . Feel free to ask about anyone in the main, secondary, or tertiary folders and I'll let you know if I'm up for RPing as them. ^^

Now, as for what I RP...

I only do oral vore, but it can be safe or fatal and soft or hard. I also enjoy feet, crush, and both cruel and gentle g/t content, fearplay and petplay. However, I don't RP anything that is overtly sexual in nature. It just makes me uncomfortable since I'm in a monogamous relationship, and engaging in anything of that nature outside of that relationship (even in the realm of fantasy) doesn't sit well with me morally. So nothing involving genitalia or pleasure in any way. My characters generally will enjoy what they're doing and may find your character attractive, but it won't go beyond a brief description of that--if even. I also don't enjoy when people shoehorn in romances between my characters and theirs. Some of them have canon relationships, and I don't enjoy people thinking that I'm okay with them ignoring that lmao. Under no circumstances will I do anything that involves same-size vore, underage characters in ANY CONTEXT, feral preds/giants (with the exception of fantasy creatures), or female preds/giants. If you have any questions about anything else I enjoy/don't enjoy, just ask! I'm not as mean as I sound, I promise, I just know what I'm comfortable with.

I also only rp via email or discord, both of which can be found on my profile. I'll also occasionally draw scenes from our RPs, so I request that you have drawn references for your characters or at the very least a faceclaim, but this isn't a requirement.
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