LF macro/micro rp partner!

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LF macro/micro rp partner!

Postby 2inchlich » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:46 pm

I'm a little picky about what I RP, so buckle up buckaroos.

I'm female, and identify exclusively as prey BUT I don't RP as myself or as female characters (usually). I have a lot of male characters that I like to RP as who are all almost entirely giants/preds. Here's my toyhou.se where I keep track of all of my characters: https://toyhou.se/fear-quest/characters/folder:unsorted . Feel free to ask about anyone in the main, secondary, or tertiary folders and I'll let you know if I'm up for RPing as them. ^^

Now, as for what I RP...

  • Macro/micro (shrinking, growth, characters that just happen to be big or small are all okay)
  • I prefer playing the pred unless I'm comfortable with you as a person lol
  • M/f
  • M/m
  • M/nb
  • Soldiers (a personal fave, especially sweet gentle ones)
  • Human(oid) characters
  • Anthro characters
  • Demi characters
  • Oral vore
  • Fatal
  • Nonfatal/protective
  • Hard vore
  • Soft vore
  • Vampirism
  • Original characters/content
  • Crush
  • Gentle g/t
  • Cruel g/t
  • Feet/paw play
  • (Clean) disposal (as in, no scat, but if there's some bones or clothes left then that's fine)
  • Characters that are 18+ (preferably 20+ honestly)
  • Unwilling prey
  • Willing pred
  • Cooking
  • Foodplay
  • Dridders and nagas
  • Endo
  • Humiliation
  • Slavery/master-pet dynamics
  • Polite preds
  • Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 1, or Fallout 2 themed stuff, but usually only as my own characters from those games (there's some canon characters I'd love to play tho, and I'll list those under the rest of my preferences)

  • Unwilling pred
  • Willing prey
  • Nb/f
  • Nb/m
  • Nb/nb
  • Non-anthro monsters
  • Mini-giants (two to three times the smaller party's height) in a non-vore context
  • I might use one of my prey characters if I trust you as a person, it's just a dynamic I feel uncomfortable playing with people I don't know reasonably well

  • Underage (this is one of the few things that actually offends me, and that I find legitimately fucked up)
  • Anal vore
  • Gas
  • Traditional centaurs
  • Stuffing/feederism (another one of the few things that offends me, but plus-sized preds or prey are both fine and appreciated! just not in a feeder context~)
  • F/f
  • F/m
  • F/nb

Canon Fallout characters I can RP as:
  • Vulpes Inculta
  • Craig Boone
  • Arcade Gannon (maybe)
  • Joshua Graham
  • Goris
  • (but I have a lot of my own characters from the fallout universe as well, these canon characters listed are just ones I feel confident/comfortable rping as)

If you have any questions about anything else I enjoy/don't enjoy, just ask! I'm not as mean as I sound, I promise, I just know what I'm comfortable with.

I also only rp via pm, email or discord, both of which can be found on my profile. I'll also occasionally draw scenes from our RPs, so I request that you have drawn references for your characters or at the very least a faceclaim, but this isn't a requirement.
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