decent writer looking for a partner!

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decent writer looking for a partner!

Postby woah » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:01 am

hey! thanks for clicking on this.
lemme get straight to the point. i’m interested in some vore roleplay.

I’m a prey by default, but a switch if you want to take turns and stuff.
I’m also 100% up to some good conversation about other stuff, kinda bored tbh.
I use discord and a bunch of other stuff, but I don’t roleplay here since it’s so tedious to send and receive messages.

my discord is ——— tune#4231 ——— but feel free to ask if I have an account on your preferred social media. Anything will work.

unwilling prey, semi-willing prey, sadism of any kind(to any extent, kinda a huge masochist uwu), domination, F/M, F/F, M/F, any level of digestion from endo to hard. reformation is typically only necessary in long-term. long-term roleplay, and one offs too. AV, OV, maybe UB if I’m in the mood. any type of pred, human or whatever.

CV, M/M, really undescriptive writing. that’s p much it though, I’m open to anything.

thanks for reading this <3

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