In Search of RPers (Seriously, I'm lonesome :c )

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In Search of RPers (Seriously, I'm lonesome :c )

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:02 am

EDIT: I now have a Discord. You can find me by my DA/Eka's name, followed by the tag #9909. HOWEVER, please send the friend request AFTER you've notified me here first.

Feel free to PM me here first, though.

Hey there, fellas. Just wanting to say I'm open to RPs, though a few things first:

1. I mainly RP on Deviantart, so it would be easiest to send me a note there, saying you found me on Eka's. I'm certain we could work something out from there. I'm mainly just using this account to reach out further. You can find my DA here:

2. Please be mindful of my RPing rules. Sure, some of them might come off as sounding a bit aggressive, but I've had trouble with consistency in the past and had to throw out some extra rules.

As for what I've been looking to roleplay, here's my likes and dislikes:

-M/M (Highly prefered, but not required)
-F/F (Not to nitpick, but I only allow this if you are playing both characters here)
-Canon x OC (Note that I ALWAYS play the OC part)
-OC x OC
-3rd person
-Paragraph style (about 3-5, but I may use more to set the scene at the start)
-Soft vore
-Hard vore (under certain circumstances)
-All basic vore types (oral, CLEAN anal, unbirth and cock)
-CLEAN fulltour
-Willing pred/willing prey
-Willing pred/unwilling prey
-Unwilling pred/willing prey
-Digestion (MUST BE NONFATAL for our characters)
-Human or humanlike (ex: nagas, taurs, slimes, etc.) preds and prey
-Gentle/forgiving preds
-Mean/cruel preds
-Same size (Highly prefered)
-G/T (generally as a result of digestion)
-Normal-sized/buff or chubby/tubby preds (but nothing too overboard)
-Gas (both belches and farts)
-Other kinks (ask first)
-18+ (including sex)
-Rule 63'd female characters (meaning they'd be male instead. ex: male yang, male camilla)

Neutral about:
-Disposal (preferably "bone-in", and only really up for it if both: A. it's involving a pred I'd be fine with B. other person is ok with it)

-Nonhuman/humanlike preds (meaning anthro, dragons, most mythical creatures, Pokemon, etc.)
-Fatal vore involving our characters (or a character I'd care about)
-Harming/killing minors
-Controlling each other's characters
-OP characters
-Using our actual IRL selves in RPs

Side notes:
-Please read this LFRP thoroughly before PMing me to roleplay

-Just to be clear, I have zero inclination on openly playing a female character in an RP, and will not do so upon request. I myself will choose whether or not I would want to even consider doing so, but said chance is slim. This is mainly to do with a past incident on dA in which I was ONLY allowed to play a female around one person (who, after plenty of bickering, had to be blocked as he failed to realize he pushed me out of my comfort zone, but proceeded to come back on multiple alt accounts).

-Regarding the previous note, do not push me out of my comfort zone unless you're willing to do the same for me. I don't do one-ways.

-In terms of pred/prey pairings, if I see that someone knows a subject I've been longing to do, I typically will ask if M/M is okay, and try to work out a deal to allow it. Frankly, there's very few people who have accquired tastes like my own. Bloody uncultured...

Likes and dislikes aside, here's a list of the subjects I'd love to RP about:
(note that a * indicates a favorite, and the number means how much i'd love to do it)

Shows/Animes (a small list, sadly):
-My Hero Academia**
-Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid*
-Steven Universe

Games (not-so-small list):
-Fallout 4*
-Fire Emblem** (namely Awakening and Fates*)
-Doki Doki Literature Club**
-Monster Hunter: Stories
-TESV: Skyrim
-Super Smash Bros 3DS**
-Xenoblade Chronicles*** (1 and 2, but not X. Haven't touched X.)

I have some starters up on DA as well associated with some of these subjects as well, so feel free to check them out. Hope we have fun together! :-D

(Ah, and one more thing I forgot to mention: if you wanna draw something based off an rp we're doing, feel free to do so! Just remember to let me know. :o )

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