Currently seeking RP partners (please read thoroughly)

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Currently seeking RP partners (please read thoroughly)

Postby MrGrimlock » Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:58 am

Greetings to any who might've stopped to read this. I am presently looking for new partners for rps together. While I have become quite sluggish in terms of response times, all I ask of you is patience. Long term, story driven rps are my main shtick, so grab n gulps are off the table.

And please, for the life of me if you plan on rping with me, PLEASE read this LFRP thoroughly before PMing me to roleplay, because I will know almost immediately if you didn't and you shoot off a pm anyways.

Spoiler: show

I need to be able to understand you before wanting to be your partner. This means providing verbose posts with few to no grammatical errors, at least within the rp itself. Roleplays are to be strictly kept in 3rd person perspective at all times. English only.

I may take a while to reply to posts, so bear with me. Just because I haven't responded in days or maybe a week doesn't mean I've lost interest. If you are only capable of waiting for an hour or two or less, please look elsewhere.

-Nonfatal for main characters (character we actively play):
A non-negotiable must, regardless of who approaches who. Fatality can be applicable for side characters, as long as they are unimportant, generic and NOT under the age of 18.

By "fully-capable", I mean rp partners capable of both A). Accepting any and all genders/pairings in either role, and B). Being able to play both pred and prey roles interchangably. Inflexible partners in such regard are deeply undesired.

-Not asking/requiring me to be something that I am not IRL JUST to talk to you, at bare minimum:
I am a male IRL, and that will never change. IRL factors such as your own gender, sexuality, etc. are 100% irrelevant on my end. Kindly do not request your partners, including myself, to be that which they are not. No offense, but no thanks. I came here for roleplays, not excuses.

Spoiler: show

An absolute fave and best way to improve your chances. Not required, but still a good option.

Second best, just remember that I'll always play the male here, UNLESS I know/like you enough as a partner

Third best, on ocassion if the idea appeals, and same as above

Only really applicable if you're playing both characters here, otherwise denied if it involves me playing female. Get on my good side long enough, and I MIGHT consider it.

-Canon x OC:
Favored over OC x OC, namely if playing a lesser known, rarer canon. I will ALWAYS play the OC part, no exceptions.

-OC x OC:
More flexibility, enjoyability varies from character to character

-3rd person:
An absolute must for any rp with me.

-Paragraph style:
Likewise, as with 3rd person. Not asking for huge walls of text, but a decent paragraph or so with minimal to no errors.

-Soft vore:
Loved at all times

-Hard vore:
Can get into it if the mood is right or set up correctly, but typically as a one-off (only occurs once throughout the rp)

Another must. Really only applies to main characters, but side characters may be eligible if they hold some manner of importance to one or both of us

-All basic vore types (oral, CLEAN anal, unbirth and cock):
Nothing too drastic, all pretty vanilla-ish.

-CLEAN fulltour:
If the mood strikes, sure

-Willing pred/willing prey:
Takes some serious work to get my main guy willing if he's playing either role in most cases

-Willing pred/unwilling prey:
Most prefered, good array of scenarios to work with

-Unwilling pred/willing prey:
Perhaps, if set up correctly

Follows the nonfatal rules, with some exception to side characters. Graphic and gorey prefered, but not required

-Human or humanlike (ex: nagas, taurs, slimes, etc.) preds and prey:
A must. Has to mostly resemble a human in some way or another, or I'm not interested. Sorry, fur fans

-Gentle/forgiving preds:
Both loved for rps with pred attitude transitions, former loved for dating scenarios

-Mean/cruel preds:
Enjoys pretty well, but not necessarily throughout start to finish

-Same size:
Much more filling and rewarding for the pred, prefered over G/T

Can do without digestion first in the form of minor size difference, or with it resulting in temporary macro/micro

-Normal-sized/buff or chubby/tubby preds:
Nothing too overboard, I'll let you know if it gets a bit excessive

-Gas (both belches and farts):
Always welcome, pred needs a bit of relief after a big meal

-Other kinks (ask first):
Fairly flexible, be sure to inquire first

-18+ (including sex):
Greatly prefered in almost all cases

-Rule 63'd female characters (meaning they'd be male instead of female):
Another fave, number of gals who'd be just as great if they were a guy


Neutral about (feel free to ask):

Very picky, won't do with certain canons, but much more open with OCs. Bone-in scat, no-bones scat/cum, just bones (either vomited up or shat out) and cummed-into-a-condom/person all welcome


Dislikes (denied immediately, don't even pm if your idea includes it):
Spoiler: show

-Asking me to play a female straight away:
I will decline your request right then and there, and ask that you come back when you've actually learned how to read LFRP posts more thoroughly, since you were clearly illiterate enough to gloss over it without a second thought. I will ONLY attempt to play a female for those I have ACTIVELY CONSIDERED to be a FRIEND. How SOON I might consider doing it boils down to how much I actually like you, but do not expect me to solely play one from that moment forward.

-Asking me to play canon:
Same as above, except this is something I'll never do at any time, not even for a close friend.

-Nonhuman/humanlike preds (meaning feral-looking anthros, dragons, certain mythical creatures, Pokemon, etc.):
These do absolutely nothing for me, as I find them to be extremely bland, overused and unexciting. Not interested in furries either.

-Permanant fatality/permavore:
Permanant fatal and permavore are one and the same in my books. I will not be handling rps involving either. While I can settle for a TEMPORARY, PLOT-RELATED "DEATH" WITH RESURRECTION/REFORMATION/ETC., killing off ANY character that meets even one of the following criteria is strictly forbidden:
A). Main Character (a character we ourselves are actively playing)
B). Side Character with "sentimental" value to one or both of us (character is not 100% important/related to the rp, but we DO care about that character to an extent regardless)
C). Underage (self-explainatory)

In short, fatality is strictly reserved for unimportant, generic, of-age (18 or older) side NPCs, end of discussion. One-off "throwaway" characters are not permitted, either.

-Harming/killing/NSFWing minors:
Self-explanatory. Do not approach if you're ok with this. You will receive a mandatory one-way trip to my block list if you do, with or without warning.

-Controlling each other's characters:
You do you, I'll do me, won't do each other. Got it?

-Stupidly OP characters:
Not saying a character can't be fairly strong, just keep it within reason.

-Using our actual IRL selves or anything IRL in RPs:
I have zero inclination on doing this. This is a fictional kink, after all. No self-inserts unless you treat them as a 100% completely separate character from your actual self (in short, treat them as an oc).

-Short replies:
I'm not going to being sitting down and writing a whole block of text just to have someone respond with a single, short sentence. Give me something decent I can work with.

-1st person:
Outright denied. IRL is not comfortable in the slightest.

-People who can't give a concise, valid reason behind why I can't play a particular character:
If you cannot reinforce an arguement beyond something like "can't play this character because it's a guy", please go away.

-Surprise/Forced kinks out of nowhere:
If I wanted it to be included, I think I'd ask for it beforehand. Please don't throw in stuff out of the blue without asking first.

-No preferences listed on your first PM:
Do remember to list your likes/dislikes when you fire off your first PM to me, or provide a link to your own preference page. Saves me a few seconds trying to locate yours (assuming you have a page or your own), as I don't smile upon uncouthness. I always link mine when seeking out partners, so I expect the same in return.

Additional side notes:

-Do not push me out of my comfort zone unless you're willing to step outside of yours for me. I don't do one-ways and refuse to compromise on such.

-Regarding digestion, please do not try to find a loophole around the no fatality or no underage being digested rules. Which means don't say "Oh, my character's 18, but also a shota/loli!", or "Your/My character can come back, IF *insert thing your/my character can't do here*". I must be able to register a character as being 18 in age, body and mind. Likewise, do not make it impossible for my character or yours to return if digested. Indirectly forcing fatality is NOT a wise move, nor is cutting off an RP before any reformation occurs. I will immediately take that as fatality, and refuse to cater to you again.

Likes and dislikes aside, here's a list of the subjects I'd love to RP about:
(note that a * indicates a favorite, and the number of *s means how much i'd love to do it)

Shows/Animes (a small list, sadly):
Spoiler: show

Plenty of good guys and gals alike here for all manners of vorish goodness

-My Hero Academia**:
Mainly interested in the male heroes here, with some exception

Games (not-so-small list):
Spoiler: show

While most of the female cast is good, I wouldn't mind R63ing them in the slightest

-Fallout 4*:
Nuclear wastelands can work up quite an apetite, as well as presenting some moral choices

-Fire Emblem** (namely Awakening and Fates*):
Lot of quality boys and a handful of girls to be found here

-Doki Doki Literature Club**:
4 delectable girls to fill someone's empty belly. Who knows, Natsuki probably tastes like cupcakes...

-TESV: Skyrim:
Here be magic and all sorts of fantasy stuff for some roaming knight or adventurer

-Super Smash Bros**:
Know all the games, but choice of character is what really counts here

-Xenoblade Chronicles*** (1 and 2, but not X. Haven't touched X.):
Absolute rare gem of a game to choose. You'll have my undivided attention if you pick this, as I've plenty of ideas to pick from.

Potential Scenarios and Modifiers:
Spoiler: show

-Mini-giant/giantess (pred and/or prey)
-Shortstack (same as above)


Non-canon (mostly OC x OC):
-School gym scenario involving a rather muscular but gentle student in need of a mid/post workout "snack", when the quiet, introverted kid comes along
-A chunky shortstack lovebug and their thin, shy friend, with the former wanting to be a bit closer than just a pudge-ladden hug
-Dinner date between two people new to the dating scene, but one has some kinky plans for dessert

Canon (mostly OC x Canon):

-A new student at Beacon unknowingly drawing some unwanted attention from one of the team members to themselves

-An alleged "villain" found in bad shape by one of the heroes after a botched attack on the academy, prompting a very unusual method of "rescuing"

-New recruit has a rather misfortunate encounter with one of the OW/Talon members, resulting in someone ending up someplace damp and squishy

Fallout 4:
-A poor traveler is captured and tortured by raiders, but is eventually saved by someone with a pretty odd "mutation"

Fire Emblem:
-A would-be "thief" has stolen the Yato/Falchion, with a very angry pursuer right on their heels. Turns out it's the sword's owner (or perhaps a friend of the owner's)...

-Relationship between one of the current club members and a new one, encounters varying

-Wandering knight finds themselves in a random encounter (really, just about anything)

Smash Bros:
-Newcomer finds themselves in a stamina battle with rather quirky rules, and their opponent might or might not have missed breakfast/lunch...

-A mishap with one party member draws the ire of the rest (or most of the rest), leaving a lost, lonely, confused and innocent boy running for dear life... but their luck runs out eventually, cornered by one of them and too tired and wounded to run anymore (though other ideas are welcome-ish enough)

Update: Random Interests
Stuff that crops up from pure boredom every now and then will go under this spoiler.
Spoiler: show
-Something likely involving Azur Lane with wg elements added in. Plot can be relatively anything, though you may need to fill me in on some stuff. All in all, chumby ship gf (or bf, if you like the idea of rule 63ing).

Character list:
Spoiler: show
-RD (human male, 18):
My primary go-to for basically any scenario, and who I'll likely end up picking 99% of the time. Could definitely stand to have A). a friend, B). a serious, SERIOUS confidence booster, or both. Not very vocal, expresses difficulty trying to come out of his shell around others, even those younger and/or smaller than himself. Really a sweet guy, just timid as hell and even more hell to gain his trust (esp. if he just got beat up or ate). Also a twink, so yay.

-Dani (human male, 11):
Short chonker, absolute chungus of a good boy. Near kitten-like curiousity tends to lead him into iffy situations, though almost always seems to waddle right out without any trouble. Almost always there, whether someone wants him there or not. Gets a hankering for stuff like donuts and burgers, gotta keep that soft, wholesome friendo shape somehow. Rather naive at times. Suffers from a minor speech impediment (Ls come out as Ws). Purely for more light-hearted scenarios.

Contact info:
-I will only provide my Discord ID or ask for yours if we successfully work something out.

-If Discord is unavailable to you then we may rp here over PMs, but again, only if we work something out.

I have some starters up on DA as well associated with some of these subjects as well, including a list of them here on Eka's (a handful of which are new), so feel free to check them out. If you meet my expectations, then I hope we have fun together. :-D

Ah, and one more thing I forgot to mention: if you'd like to draw something based off an rp we're doing, feel free to do so. Just remember to let me know, and perhaps see as well. :o

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