Looking for Boys to Fuck and Eat!

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Looking for Boys to Fuck and Eat!

Postby Cronch » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:17 pm

:silly: Pred-leaning male switch here, on the lookout for tasty boys to fill my greedy gut.

I currently prefer short oneshots as opposed to longer, story-driven RPs. My schedule's kinda out of whack right now, so this is all I have time for. But if we really click, we can always extend it.

A word of warning in advance; I don't like hard vore, graphic digestion or death in general, but I do greatly enjoy darker scenarios like kidnapping, non-con, sexual slavery, forced breeding/mpreg, etc. Secondary characters can also be digested if that's must for you.

Thinks I Love:

Soft, Oral Vore
Unwilling Prey
Size difference (1-3 ft for humans, 2-6 ft for monsters)
Cum Inflation
Taking Prey’s Virginity
Male Pregnancy
Teen Pregnancy
Rapid Pregnancy
Forced Breeding
Forced Homosexuality

Spelling errors
Bad Grammar
Photos of real people
Graphic Digestion
Hard Vore
Female Preds
Alternative Vore
Characters under the age of 17
Centaurs, Equines, etc.

Favorite Preds:

Spoiler: show
Feral Monsters
Paranormal Entities
Robots (super picky, though)
Maybe Reptiles (no snakes, though)
I’m less likely to play human predators, but I can get into it occasionally.
I tend to play large, gruff males, though in the case of aliens and certain other species, I may lean more towards an ethereal, feminine male.

Favorite Prey:
Spoiler: show
Twink humans/elves/etc
Smaller Monsters/Cryptids (Feral or otherwise)
For my prey, I vastly prefer males (any orientation is fine, as are non-binaries, intersex, transmales, etc) . If the situation is interesting, I maaay consider females.

Also, a note on furries:
I have a very love-hate relationship with them, leaning strongly towards the latter. I'm okay with animal-like characters that are more "Zootopia" style for lack of a better word, but if your character is just a human with a fox head it kinda turns me off. That being said I'm usually fine with furries that aren't, well, furry. Like reptilians, fish, sharks, etc. I guess I just don't like the idea of swallowing something covered with fur, especially if it's human-sized? So to put it plainly, I'd rather swallow a two-foot-tall anthro cat character than a five foot guy with fur and cat ears.

Just PMs for now. Please don't ask for Discord, etc.


These are all short one-shots designed to have ambiguous endings, but they can be continued if we work well together. I personally prefer endo most of the time, but as these are open-ended it’s perfectly fine if you imagine it as fatal.
Spoiler: show
During a raid on his village, a young man is raped by an orc warrior before being swallowed whole.
Includes: Non-con, violence, soft OV, unwilling, cum-inflation

A teen investigating a UFO crash site is hypnotized, bred, and swallowed by an alien, who then returns to space with him in his belly.
Includes: Semi-Willing, Soft OV, Oviposition

A butler is raped by his demonic master, and grows heavily pregnant with triplets. When his belly is too big and swollen for him to work properly, his master swallows him and keeps him in his stomach until he gives birth.
Includes: Non-con, mpreg, soft OV

A camper is assaulted and raped by a werewolf, before being swallowed alive. While trapped inside its stomach, he realizes he’s now pregnant with a rowdy litter of pups.
Includes: Non-con, unwilling, soft OV, impregnation, rapid pregnancy, mpreg

While at the beach, a teen is grabbed by a sharkman and gobbled up. The shark keeps the boy inside him for the rest of the day, enjoying his squirms as he sunbathes and swims. Optional: One of the boy’s friends comes looking for him, and when he gets suspicious, the shark leads him under the boardwalk, where he seduces him and adds another teen to his belly.
Includes: Soft OV, unwilling, non-con/dub-con

A young male slave is chosen to be served for dinner by his demon owner. In the kitchen, he’s bound and force-fed whipped cream and all sorts of sweets until his belly is painfully swollen and round. He’s then decorated with icing and served to his master, who stuffs him full of more “cream” before swallowing him.
Includes: Bondage, Non-con, unwilling, force-feeding, stuffing, food play, cum-inflation, soft OV

A pregnant teen boy is secretly bred by the monster under his bed every night while he sleeps. Despite his large belly, he denies having had sex and believes the mysterious pregnancy to be weight gain. One night, he wakes up while the monster is fucking him. To keep him from calling for help, the monster forces the boy to suck its cock and then swallows him whole. It then flees into the woods with him in its stomach.
Includes: Somnophilia, non-con, mpreg, soft OV

A young male prostitute is forced to sleep with a drunk pirate, who fucks him totally senseless. The pirate decides he likes the little slut so much, he swallows him to keep him for himself. The pirate sneaks away from the brothel with the boy kicking and screaming in his booze-filled belly. Neither are heard from again.
Includes: Dub-con, bondage, soft OV, unwilling

A cabin boy on a pirate ship has been sexually used by the captain for several years, and is now unhappily pregnant with his offspring. When the ship comes to port, he attempts to escape, but the captain catches him. As punishment, the captain swallows the pregnant boy so he’ll never be able to leave.
Includes: Abuse, non-con, mpreg, bondage, soft OV, unwilling, non-fatal?

Many months ago, a young adventurer was raped in the night by a mysterious creature. The boy is now heavily pregnant, but still determined to continue his quest. However, unbeknownst to him, the monster has been stalking him all this time. One night while he makes camp, he is attacked and raped once again. However, this time the rough sex causes his water to break, and he’s forced to give birth to the monster’s spawn. After doing so, the monster swallows him whole and takes him back to its den for use a breeder, leaving the boy’s quest forever unfinished.
Includes: Non-con, mpreg, birth, unwilling, soft OV

On a cold rainy night, a heavily pregnant homeless boy offers his body on the street in exchange for a warm place to stay. He ends up finding a mysterious man who agrees to the proposition and takes him to a rundown motel, where the man worships his swollen belly before violently fucking him and swallowing him whole and alive.
Includes: Non/Dub-con, forced oral, mpreg, unwilling (can be semi-willing), soft OV

A rookie paranormal investigator (or just a reckless teen), stays in a haunted house overnight. During the night he is bred by a paranormal entity, and wakes up the next morning heavily pregnant. Within a few hours, he goes into labor and gives birth to the entity’s physical form. The entity’s new body then quickly grows into a large monster, which snatches up the teen and gulps him down.
Includes: Non-con, mpreg, cum-inflation, rapid pregnancy, birth, soft OV

A trucker picks up a teenage hitchhiker. Once out in the middle of nowhere, he pulls over and attempts to coerce the boy into sucking his cock. When the boy refuses, the trucker drags him out of the vehicle and roughly fucks him over the hood. He then shoves the used and exhausted teen down his throat and drives off, saying he’d let him out of his stomach when they got to the destination. However, it soon becomes apparent to the hitchhiker that they’re going much, much farther than he said, but he’s too tired to struggle, and ends up falling asleep to the gentle hum of the road and the gurgle of his captor’s belly.
Includes: Dub-con/Non-con, Unwilling/semi-willing, soft OV

The teenage son of a mayor is kidnapped by the mafia. The goons tie him up and fuck him ’til he’s exhausted, then deliver him to the boss, who swallows him whole. The boy will remain inside the boss’s belly until ransom is paid (if it’s ever paid). The boss makes sure to send the teen’s parents plenty of nice pictures of his huge, squirming boy-filled gut.
Includes: Non-con, unwilling, soft OV, non-fatal (for now), gangbangs

A stuck up young porn star is hired for an extremely mysterious gig. Once he gets there, he is gagged, bound, blindfolded and forced into sexy lingerie before being fucked for hours on a livestream. At the end of the stream, covered with bruises and bloated with dozens of men's cum, he's picked up and forced down the throat of the biggest man. With the boy struggling inside, the man pats his belly and tells him that's where they'll keep him until it's time to shoot the next video.
Includes: Non-Con, unwilling, soft OV, non-fatal, gangbang, cum inflation, bondage, forced clothes wearing

A pampered teenage prince is captured in a raid by reptilian warriors. He and all of the royal heirs of the country are brought before the conquered court and ceremonially raped until their poor bellies are swollen with lizard cum. At the end of the ritual, the heirs are swallowed whole by their new reptilian masters, much to the horror of the court.
Includes: Non-con, unwilling, soft OV, cum inflation, bondage

The sex slave of a powerful warlock is chained to an altar and bred by all manners of demons and beasts (many with tentacles), and due to magic, grows rapidly pregnant with all their offspring. The warlock fucks him last, adding more arcane seed to his already huge belly. The slave is then accepted as an offering to an ancient elder god, who erupts from a portal and devours him.
Includes: Non-Con, Bondage, monsters/tentacles, mpreg, rapid pregnancy, cum inflation, soft OV

A traveler is rescued by a dragon, who in return for his help demands the young man submit to him sexually. Having no choice, the traveler allows the dragon to do as he wishes. After a thorough fucking, the traveler is bloated with cum, and unable to move. The dragon then easily swallows him, with little resistance aside from moans of protest. Deep inside the dragon’s belly, the traveler realizes that he’s been impregnated, and that the dragon will likely never let him leave.
Includes: Dub-Con, cum-inflation, mpreg, rapid pregnancy, soft OV, non-fatal

A young virgin slave owned by orcs is rescued by an elven calvary. However, it’s soon revealed that the elves don’t have much better intentions. He’s given as a gift to the Elf King, who forcibly impregnates and swallows him. The king carries the now not-so-virgin (and very pregnant) slave around in his stomach as a status symbol, proudly flaunting the round bulge in tight robes and jewelry.
Includes: Non-con/Dub-Con, unwilling/semi-willing, mpreg, soft OV, non-fatal

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