Seeking Little Witch Academia vore

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Seeking Little Witch Academia vore

Postby BepisBepis » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:48 pm

Hello, I am currently seeking vore roleplays and scenes set in the Little Witch Academia universe. If you frequent the rp chatroom, you may have seen me around because I made 8 LWA alts because I have no self control (Under the alt list Luna_Nova_Nexus). But this means I have experience with roleplay of this nature, at least. I decided to make a post here to get some more attention and see if anyone new would see it.

In my experience, my favorite RPs involve the other player playing a separate LWA character as well (I.e. I play Akko, partner plays Diana, or us each play multiple characters.) OCs are fine too, however.
My favorite characters to RP as are Akko, Diana, Sucy, and Jasminka, though I'd like to think I can do a decent job as any of the main girls. (I'll also add that I really like Diana and Akko as a pair for rps, though its not required.)
I'll play either pred or prey roles as requested

Discord is also available if requested

My favorites:
Oral vore
Anal vore
Willing or Unwilling
Digestion, reforming, or endo
Same size
Weight gain

My likes:
Cock vore
Tail vore
Breast vore
M/F or F/M (Case by case basis)
Transforming (preferred into a state easier to vore i.e. food or anything small)
Clothing entrapment

Hard vore
Anthro partners (Case by case basis)

Thanks for reading and hit me up if you're interested or have any questions.

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