Small Female Prey Looking for Preds

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Small Female Prey Looking for Preds

Postby CherryMango » Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:29 pm

My name is Cherry
i'm a lava monster in a robo suit (probably a weird thing for anyone to eat)
Looking to find some preds to rp with and possibly make friends with too~ cuz there is nothing like having vore friends to just randomly strike up some good eats with~

I much prefer rping over discord though, as I forget to look here at pms most times.

I'm not really a super detailed rp'er, but I try. Big paragraph replies kinda intimidate me lol so i'm ok with shorter one or two line replies as long as they arent or two words. They dont really have to be heavy story based either, if you just want a quick meal. I'm a big casual rp'er and really dont mind jumping right into one while we talk. I guess you could say i'm more comfortable with the rp's being OOC or ourselves ;u;

Mostly just want casual/straight to the point rp's right now. Not really feeling up to heavy story based ones

-Oral mainly
-Unbirth/more so being used like a toy
-Size difference (Mainly me being small snack size since im weak for mawplay and stuff)
-I'm in a weird spot were I really like roughness, like being chewed on (though not in a gorey/dismemberment way) or squeezed tightly in the mouth, throat and stomach, and really really like rough churny contracting bellies and digestion...but I dont really like pain ^^; so that seems a bit weird probably
-Digestion. Mentioning again xD
-Reforming. Just being able to come back so ya can do it all again is mmmm~

-being pred
-anal vore
-Bad smells
-hard vore/gore
-same size (I dont really dislike it, its just not my main preference)

That's about all I can think of. If there is anything else, just ask.

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