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F Switch Seeking Literate F/M/H Partners

Postby CuddleSlut » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:12 pm

CURRENT STATUS: I am currently engaged in two ongoing roleplays, but I am open to working out the details for a future RP.

Hi everybody! I'm a long time writer and somewhat experienced roleplayer who enjoys vore and variety of other kinks. I prefer using Discord, but I am open to RP-ing on the Private Roleplay forum on-site or via PM's as well. I no longer do live roleplays, as I am busy between work and college, but I keep my posts lengthy and try to keep a schedule of at least a post per week. My tastes are extremely broad, so if there's a specific scenario you want to try out, please don't be afraid to approach me with a request.

My Favorites Things to Do:
Spoiler: show
Anal Vore (Pred or Prey, Preferrably Female Pred)
Gas-play (preferably with Female Partners)
Pre-vore Seduction and Sex (Male/Female/Herm)
Anal Sex
Muscular Partners
Human/Demi-Human Partners

Other Stuff I Like:
Spoiler: show
Oral Vore
Unbirth/Vaginal Vore
Cock Vore
Soul Vore
Same Size
Food/Condiment Play
Clothing Entrapment
Furry Partners
Object/Clothing Transformation (being turned into a dildo or a pair of panties is especially nice)

Stuff I Won't Do
Spoiler: show
Sex with Characters Younger than 15 (Underage Prey is Fine)
Heavy Gore
Hard Vore
Fatal Pre-Vore Cooking (being cooked but still magically alive is okay)
Rape (Unwilling anal, cock vore and unbirth are all fine, because they exist purely in fantasy.)
Partners Who Can't Write (Seriously, I'm not asking you to be Erenest Hemmingway, but if you don't even bother with capitalization or punctuation and your spelling and grammar are so bad I have to stop and figure out what the hell you're even trying to say, I'm not going to to be into it.)

Now, let's move on to my characters. You can expect this list to expand over time. If you have a specific partner fetish you don't see met here, talk to me about it and I can whip up a new character to your tastes. Also, characters listed as Predators MAY also be available as prey if you're interested in doing Predator vs. Predator scenario.


Jennifer Winters

Overview: Jennifer is a nihilistic and amoral mage who uses prey to fuel her magic. She has a cool, seductive demeanor and enjoy taunting prey and relishing in their fear, but she's certainly not above taking a willing meal if one appears. Her favorite method of hunting prey is hooking up with people at bars, enjoying a night of sex with them, then using her magic to over power and consume them. Other nights, she stalks the streets looking for people who are alone, then uses shrinking magic to quickly subdue and capture them before taking them to the safety of her home to enjoy them. She typically digests prey body and soul, but if you REALLY manage to get on her good side, she might consider letting you out of her stomach or resurrecting you after the fact. Of course, if you go blabbing about her predatory habits after the fact, you're gonna be padding her thighs permanently. She is 36 years old, but has magically halted her own aging process, leaving her physically 21. She likes horror movies and listening to punk rock.

Spoiler: show
Jennifer is tall and slender. She has c-cup breasts, long, slender legs and fingers and a tight, round ass. Her pubis is shaved, and she has an Oroboros tattooed below her navel. She has long, straight black hair in a hime cut, pale skin and green eyes. She typically dresses in a semi-gothic fashion, with black leather ankle boots, black tights, a black pleated skirt, a low-cut lace top that reveals her cleavage and a glimpse of her dark purple, lacy bra, and a black leather jacket.

Spoiler: show
Physically, Jennifer is a normal human, but has mastered the use of a variety of spells and charms. She spells rely on an internal, finite pool of magical energy, however, she has spent years consuming prey and absorbing their energy, and has amassed such an immense amount of energy that she has little fear of running out:

Elastic Form -A charm that allows the user to stretch their orifices and internal systems far beyond their normal limits. This allows Jennifer to consume entire human beings through her mouth or anus, or insert them into her womb. Jennifer can begin or end the charm instantly and at will.

Bolt of Diminishment -When this spell is cast, Jennifer fires a purple bolt of energy from her hands. If the bolt strikes a living target, Jennifer can then instantly reduce their size, to a minimum of two inches. Jennifer can also choose to leave them at a slightly larger size (10 inches or so) if she feels like using them as a living sex toy.

Absorb the Consumed -Activating this spell allows Jennifer to rapidly digest anyone she has consumed in the course of 10 minutes, though she can slow the process to as long as two hours if she chooses. The life energy within their bodies is added to her pool of magical energy, while the rest of their bodies is reduced to waste and passed normally.

Perverse Mercy -When used in conjunction with Absorb the Consumed, this spell alters the prey's perception of pain, replacing it with intense and pleasure and arousal. Jennifer's prey must experience digestion while being involuntarily aroused and enjoying the process of melting alive, all while Jennifer taunts them.

Melting Pleasure -A variant of Absorb the Consumed that Jennifer developed herself. This spell allows Jennifer to absorb the life energy of a living being trapped inside her womb, gradually melting their body into an immense amount of ejaculate, which is then released via orgasm.

Soul's Whisper -Jennifer can communicate directly to a person's soul and consciousness, effectively giving her telepathy. This also allows her to speak to the dead.

Soul Manipulation -Jennifer can manipulate the soul and consciousness of the deceased, denying them escape into the afterlife or reincarnation. Using Soul Manipulation, she can force a prey to remain aware of being digested, reduced to waste and passed through her bowels and into her toilet if she is feels like being particularly cruel.

Soul Absorption -After snaring a target with Soul Manipulation, Jennifer can permanently digest their soul and consciousness, gaining additional magical energy and often denying them the chance to resurrect if they have reformation abilities.

Ghost Hands -This spell allows Jennifer to create and control up to four super humanly strong, extendable arms composed of magical energy. The arms are translucent, can extend to a maximum length of 100 yards, and can lift up to a ton. Jennifer can use Ghost Hands to quickly grab prey from a distance, immobilize them and drag them close.

Soul's Renaissance -If Jennifer happens to find herself on the wrong end of the food-chain and ends up stewing away in some lucky predator's guts, she can target her own soul through Soul Manipulation, then use this spell to reform her body, coming back to life.

Chronos' Lapse -This charm halts Jennifer's aging process, essentially making her immortal.

Terra Saurian

Overview: Terra is a demi-Earth dragoness with a strong predatory drive and little understanding of or patience for human morals. She claims her prey by raw, overwhelming force, and while she's definitely not above mating with a human to satisfy her burning libido, she's got no interest in long-term relationships once her stomach starts growling. To her, it's simply nature for people weaker than her to become her food. Terra's personality is boisterous, blunt and straight-forwards. When she wants something, she tends to let people know. She likes trying new foods, lording her strength over puny humans, and exercising (if puny human exercise equipment isn't available, she'll bench-press logs and boulders).

Spoiler: show
Terra is 7 feet tall and covered in muscles. She has tan skin, and large, dark-green scales on her shoulders, back (stopping just above her butt) and outer thighs. She has a scaled tail with small ridges along the top, and two short, blunt horns sprouting from her head and poking through her bangs. She has wavy red hair, shoulder length, often bound in a ponytail, but she has no body-hair. Terra doesn't care much for clothes, but will put up with wearing them to make the humans more comfortable, if only to let her get closer to them. She prefers black and white running shoes, black, spandex shorts, a white tanktop, and red bra and panties.

Spoiler: show
Terra's status as an Earth Dragon gives her a variety of innate, supernatural abilities. She has super-human strength, durability, endurance and speed. Her digestive tract and orifices are supernaturally elastic, allowing her to take in prey roughly her own size, orally, anally or vaginally. Her digestive process is magically enhanced and exceptionally powerful, allowing her to digest whole prey in matter of hours. A quirk of her reproductive system allows her womb to recognize incompatible foreign organic material and dissolve it much like a stomach would. One effect of this is that she's effectively got built-in birth control for anything that isn't another demi-Earth Dragon, but perhaps the most spectacular result of this quirk is that Terra can insert entire human beings into her vagina, dissolve them into female ejaculate and squirt them out.

Terra's predatory style isn't sophisticated or deceptive, and relies entirely on brute force, but she has a strong enough concept of stealth to plan and execute an ambush.

Belle Lockette

Overview: Belle is a perennial stalker with dangerous, mind-altering powers who harbors romantic feelings towards her prey. After choosing a target and admiring them from a far for days or months at a time, she will typically approach the target shyly and ask them out, employing magical hypnosis when necessary. Once she has them in a private situation, she will either consume them through and orifice, or absorb them directly into her nude skin, often while pressing them to her chest. Once they have been digested, she will eternally trap their soul within the fat of her own body, so that they may be together forever. She keeps a collection of keepsakes from the prey she has managed to draw into her romantic delusions, and while she finds that sex pales in comparison to the intimacy of taking another whole person into herself, she won’t turn down sex from lovers who ask for it before consumption. Belle makes a living writing sappy romance paperbacks under the pen-name Bee Mein, and likes listening to pop love songs.


Spoiler: show
Belle has a somewhat tall, motherly build, with broad hips and buttocks, double-D breasts and a fair amount of padding on her belly and flanks, evidence of the prey she has already consumed. Her hair is blonde, parted and bobbed at chin-level and accessorized with an artificial rose hair-clip. Her eyes are blue, and she has freckles running from her cheeks down to her breasts. She dresses in a modest, conservative fashion, with a comfy red sweater over a white-t-shirt, a black skirt that runs to mid-calf, long white socks and polished, black mary-janes. She favors white satin bra and panties, as she believes these best reflect the purity of her love.


Spoiler: show
Belle was once a fairly ordinary, polyamorous and panromantic woman, who, while normally socially functional, had a tendency toward romantic obsession and an unbalanced and pathological need for constant intimacy that invariably sabotaged her romantic pursuits. Her unsatisfied desires caught the attention of Marhamant, a former fairy of the Seelie Court. Marhamant had murdered her husband after catching him committing adultery with a fairy of the Unseelie Court (a crime in itself due to the ongoing feud between the Courts), and has been cast out of the Seelie Court in exile shortly after. Within Belle, Marhamant saw a hideous, perverse and misguided sense of romance that she believed an echo of her own husband’s crimes. Filled with spite, she granted Belle magical powers. Finally able to live out her strange, romantic fantasies, Belle was transformed from a merely unstable woman to a full-blown monster, ensnaring the minds and bodies of targets and trapping their souls within her. To Marhamant, Belle was a walking art-piece, a vicious parody of the feelings and ideas that had led to her heartbreak, a statement against the Seelie Court that had unjustly punished her. To Belle, Marhamant was an angel, finally giving her a chance to have the kind of closeness she had always dreamed of.


Spoiler: show
Marhamant’s blessing has given Belle a variety of innate, supernatural abilities.

Lover’s Voice- Belle is capable of magical, vocal hypnosis. As she coos and gushes at her prey, expressing her affection and assuring them that they do, in fact, want her, they will be slowly gripped by the desire to become a part of her. At first the target will merely be implanted with slight feelings of affection towards Belle, and may even retain enough of their own mind and feelings to question why they have begun to feel this way. If their intuition is especially keen, they may even feel an unexplained dread, a subconscious awareness that their mind is being invaded. As Belle continues to apply pressure on her target’s mind through her loving comments, their feelings of affection will gradually grow into intense romantic passion, and finally, an overwhelming desire to become one with her, at which point they will willingly allow themselves to be consumed. How long this process takes varies with both the person’s strength of identity and willpower, and the force Belle exerts. The process of completely turning a prey’s mind may take as little as 10 minutes, or as long as several hours. How long the effects of Lover’s Voice linger also depend on how readily the prey accepts these feelings. If the prey’s resistance is high, being digested may cleanse them of Belle’s hypnotic effects, returning them to their normal state of consciousness while their soul remains trapped in Belle’s body, unable to communicate with her or anyone else. Belle is generally unaware that she is even using Lover’s Voice, though if a target is rejecting her desires, she will subconsciously apply more mental pressure. As far as she knows, her prey genuinely do want to be part of her.

Warm Embrace- While ordinary on the surface, Belle’s body has several properties distinguishing her from an ordinary human being. In addition to possessing the ability to stretch her orifices and digestive system around prey the roughly the size of her own body, she also absorb prey directly into her flesh through prolonged skin-contact, in a fashion somewhat similar to an amoeba. She often uses this ability to absorb prey directly into her breasts. Regardless of how her prey is consumed, they will be digested over the course of a few hours, and the parts of their body that are not stored as Belle's fat will be passed normally.

Eternal Comfort- Once Belle’s meal has been digested, their soul will be eternally bound to the fat on her body. However, while their soul will not be digested or destroyed, this does not mean that their consciousness will be untouched. Being trapped within the warm, soft prison of Belle’s body, unable to move, express themselves verbally or perceive anything beyond the warmth and softness of the body around them, the soul’s capacity of rational thought will degrade. As days pass, it will become harder and harder for them to form coherent thoughts, and they will gradually lose all memory of who they once were. After a while, their consciousness will degrade to a point where they could hardly be called sapient at all, their entire being reduced to fat, capable of no thoughts beyond a primal sensation of warmth and softness and a hazy feeling of affection to their lover and new home. These constant feelings of affection actually provide Belle’s body with a kind of magical sustenance, protecting her from the aging process and preserving her body eternally. Belle, however, will not forget her prey, even after they have forgotten themselves, and will continue to hold conversations with them when she is alone, affectionately rubbing and groping the parts of her body that they now inhabit.

Miriam Shadel

Overview: Miriam is a stoic, undead ghoul who uses her hypnotic voice to capture and subdue prey. Despite losing all memories of her time as a living human, she remains very interested in human beings and the remnants of her past. Miriam consumes people purely out of necessity, and regrets that her need to consume people prevents her from connecting with humanity.


Spoiler: show
Miriam has a petite build and platinum blonde hair in a round bobcut. She has a prominent bullet scar above her right eye, but she covers this scar with make-up and her bangs when she goes out in public. Her skin is extremely pale, and her eyes are greyish blue. When she uses the Voice of Steel, her eyes turn solid, lustrous black, including the whites. She dresses in the modest fashion of the time she lived in (late 1800's America), with a lacy, burgundy and white dress, and a hat adorned with artificial lilies.

Spoiler: show
Miriam was born into a wealthy family in mid-1800's America. After her mother died to tuberculosis, her father sank into a depression and drank himself to death, leaving his assets, including his fortune and fabric company in Miriam's hands, who was then in her mid-twenties.
A band of thieves with knowledge of black magic hatched a plan, to murder Miriam and transform her into a ghoul under their control, puppeting her corpse to gain control of her wealth and power. The thieves succeeded in breaking into Miriam's manor and shooting her through the head, and while they succeeded in raising her as a ghoul, they failed to put her under their control, and she proceeded to devour her murderers alive. Her hunger sated for the time, Miriam awoke to her new life as a ghoul, surrounded by relics of her former life, but unable to remember a single detail. The only thing that remained certain was that she hungered to swallow up living people, and that she would have to satisfy that hunger to survive.

Untouched by aging and the ravages of time, Miriam and her dark manor persist into the modern day. She moves among ordinary human being, and with observes them, converses with them, forms friendships, and when her hunger calls, uses the magical force of her hypnotic voice to lure them to her home, and into her belly.

Spoiler: show
Miriam is generally unexpressive, quiet and melancholy. While she strives to reconnect with her former status as a human, her relationship to other people around her and to the remnants of her own past is often closer to scientific curiosity than empathic and emotional attachments. She rapidly grows bored with people who are rude, selfish or shallow. Growing bored with someone guarantees that they will be melting within her ghastly gullet very soon.

Miriam can only continue living by consuming other living people. She has little hope that she will ever form a meaningful relationship with someone, as they will invariably discover her nature as a ghoul, forcing her to consume them, but if she finds someone particularly interesting or grows fond of them, she is likely to let them live with her for a while, and will use hypnosis to make their consumption less frightening as a mercy.


Spoiler: show
Voice of Steel- Miriam can magically force living beings to obey her commands by speaking. When using Voice of Steel, the target is stripped of control of their body.
Their mind and feelings are not altered, and while they may be internally horrified by the action they involuntarily take, they have no ability to resist, regardless of their strength of will or intelligence. Miriam generally uses the Voice of Steel on prey she is indifferent towards or dislikes.

Voice of Satin- A form of vocal hypnosis distinct from Voice of Steel, Voice of Satin alters a person's thoughts, feelings and desires. While Voice of Steel forces people to act as Miriam says, Voice of Satin makes people think what Miriam says. She can use this to make people feed themselves willingly to her, and to be calm and happy when they should be afraid. She can even overwrite sensations of pain, telling her prey that melting inside her feels wonderful. Unlike targets of Voice of Steel, prey targeted by Voice of Satin may be able to temporarily resist her if they recognize the thoughts and feelings as unusual, but repetition will rapidly destroy the resistance of even the strongest will. While less efficient than Voice of Steel, Miriam often chooses to use Voice of Satin on prey she likes as a mercy, ensuring they enjoy their last moments inside her.

Ghoul Physiology: Miriam's undead body has given her a number of unusual traits. She is immune to aging, disease and toxins, and needs neither oxygen nor sleep as long as she is fed. She cannot experience physical fatigue, and regenerates rapidly when harmed, though the bullet-wound in her head will not heal, as it occurred before she became a ghoul. Her physical strength and speed are comparable to those of a polar bear, though she prefers relying on the power of her hypnotic voice to brute force. While she maintains her sense of touch, she does not experience pain the way human beings do. She observes harm to her own body with objective awareness rather than pain. She still experiences sexual pleasure and arousal, though her skin is unusually cool and her means of expressing her pleasure are often more muted and stoic.

Miriam can stretch her bodily orifices and consume prey through her mouth, anus or vagina. Her body produces a digestive fluid that is extraordinarily dense and stick, and dark in color, however, she only produces digestive fluid at will. Prey taken into her womb mingle with her womanly juices when digested, becoming femcum. Prey taken into her mouth or ass, however, digest into waste the same way any other food would.


Koko Silvette

Overview: Koko is a cheerful, energetic and dorky young college student who loves being eaten and digested. She loves making new friends, binge-watching anime, playing video games, having casual, submissive sex, and masturbating during digestion.

Spoiler: show
Koko is five foot nothing and slightly chubby, with DD cup breasts, a big, jiggly ass and a soft belly. Her pubis is neatly trimmed, and she has large, soft-pink nipples. Her hair is pink and slightly wavy, and she has blue eyes a thin, black-framed glasses. She generally has a big, goofy smile and a nerdy style. Her default outfit is pink sneakers, pink and green striped thigh-highs, pink on white "Snack Size" novelty panties, a pink mini-skirt and an anime t-shirt (Ouran High School Host Club is her favorite, but she's got a closet full). She has a habit of forgetting to wear a bra.

Spoiler: show
Koko is a normal human, but after befriending a hermaphrodite fairy named Plume (and having buckets of sex with her), Koko received a magical blessing from the fairy, granting her the ability to reform her body after death and alter her own physical perceptions, drawing pleasure from pain.

Lily Copperhelm

Overview: Lily is a vore-biologist/inept explorer and unwilling, reforming prey. Her job is to study humanoid predators, which can include everything from demis to anthros to giantesses to what she has dubbed, 'meta-humans', people who appear to be normal human beings, but are capable of vore. The problem is, she's kind of terrible at not getting eaten. Her manner of interacting with preds (namely, studying them like exotic animals rather than approaching them like people) has a tendency to annoy even preds who are not inherently cruel. She also has a bit of a fetish for demi-humans, which has led her to be seduced and eaten more than once.

Spoiler: show
Lily takes inspiration from the jungle explorers of legend, dressing in khaki shorts with a matching button-up top, a pith hat, white knee socks and hiking boots. She's got a petite body shape, b-cup breasts and a cute, round butt, blue eyes, and blond hair bound in a pony-tail. She's pretty tan from all the exploring.


Spoiler: show
Lily's physicality is unremarkable. While's she fairly fast and has decent endurance to to frequent hiking, she's clumsy and severely lacking in upper-body strength. Lily's means of defending herself are rather limited, though she has a bit of a knack for alchemy, and has crafted a few flash-bang draughts, though she's not really coordinated enough to use them well.

Lily's most impressive concoction by far is the Resurrection Draught, which, once consumed, lingers in her body until she meets a messy end. The draught takes effect an hour after expulsion, allowing Lily's body to reform from whatever the predator of the day has left behind. However, use of the draught means that Lily remains conscious and aware of the entire disgusting, humiliating process of digestion and expulsion even after being rendered physically unconscious and turned to mush. It's not something Lily enjoys, to say the least, so in spite of the fact that getting gobble up is not permanently fatal, or even particularly painful (she cannot feel pain after her body passes out, even though she remains conscious), Lily is very afraid of being eaten again. It doesn't help matters that after rebirth, the Resurrection Draught leaves her body, and she must drink more of it before she gets eaten again, or she's not going to be coming back in this continuity.

How to Get CuddleSlut's Attention: Please Read Before PM-ing


No, seriously, read this section before PM-ing me. I know that this overly long introduction heading is making it seem like I'm joking, but I swear that I'm posting this out of necessity and using the humor of having an overly long heading to make this section seem less stuck-up and elitist, because I don't want to come off as a bitch and I thank everyone who is interested in roleplaying with me for messaging me, but seriously, I have been getting so many PM's, like, I swear to Madoka that I'm not even bragging right now, a fucking flood of PMs, more PMs than I ever imagined I'd get, and I'm very happy that so many people are interested in playing with me, but at this stage I am literally getting requests faster than I can RP, and not to overshare but I go to school full-time and am also looking for work and the amount of time I have to devote to these RPs, as much as I enjoy them, is sadly limited, and so I've come to the conclusion that I need a better system for prioritizing PM's to respond to.

*takes a breath*

So you've read my page and are interesting in getting up to naughty vore shenanigans with me. Awesome! But before you shoot me that PM, I'd like to make just four requests/suggestions:

1. Include Your Preferences- You can link to your Seeking Partner page, you can link to your profile on the Vore Roleplay Chatroom, you can give me a link to whereever else you keep your list of kinks, or you can copy-paste your preferences straight into the message. All of these are great! I just request you let me know up front what kind of stuff you're into so I can see how much stuff you'd be cool with me bringing into the role-play. If I get PM's by two or more great writers (and I'm learning all the time that there are more good writers on here than I realized) and one has more content overlap with me than the other, I'm going to respond to that one first (though I will respond to both of you before I respond to the person who can't write). On that note...

2. Make Sure Your PM Is Well-Written- If your PM has copious errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, that already tells me rp-ing with you won't be fun. Your PM is probably going to be my first glimpse of your writing. Make a good impression, and don't be afraid to throw in some personality! Some of you have sent me messages that were very witty and fun to read, so I thank you for that.

3. Let Me Know If You Have a Scenario In Mind- If your message already has a scenario I really like and your PM shows me you can write pretty well, you will probably be given top priority. If you already have a specific OC you would like to use or think I would enjoy, let me know! Having a scenario is in no way a necessity, and coming in flexible and open-minded is cool too.

4. Make Your Character Interesting- This is not to say that you must have a character pre-written when you approach me, but if you do have a specific character you want to play as, try to make me care about them. "Ordinary Nameless Male Prey#1408" is the sugarless gum of the vore world. This does not mean that your OC cannot be a self-insert/heavily based on yourself! You are probably a far more interesting person than "Ordinary Nameless Male Prey#1408," so if your self-insert ends up being memorable/having distinct features and personality traits, that's good enough for me. You also don't HAVE to make your character a fully-rounded fictional entity with such gleaming and spotless detail that they seem ready to burst out of computer screen and into the waking world, though such a character would definitely be appreciated. At the very least, by the time our session begins, I should know your character's name, what they look like, and at least one personality trait/interest.

If you've read this section and you're interested, PM me. Looking forwards to gobbling and getting gobbled by you all! :D

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