Switch LF Male Preds and Female Prey (Discord Preferred)

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Switch LF Male Preds and Female Prey (Discord Preferred)

Postby TrussetDare » Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:38 pm

Hello Eka’s! First of all, thanks for coming to check out my roleplaying ad, I’m pretty excited to get back into roleplay again! I prefer to roleplay over discord, so if you’re interested after reading shoot me a PM and I’ll send you my username so we can chat!

As far as scheduling goes, pretty much I’m looking for someone with wide availability, not 24/7, I understand that work, sleep, and social time are needs, but I’d at least like a check in from my partners everyday, and I’ll extend the same courtesy. I usually aim for one post a day once a play is agreed upon, if not more, but if we are doing a multi-para roleplay it can be as long as once every few days just depending on what’s going on in my personal life. I work in public school and can have really stressful days occasionally.

As I mentioned above I can do multi-paragraph roleplays, though I normally prefer para or semi-para, long drawn out posts tend to make me repeat myself a hundred times and it takes a long time for me to write and then edit posts at such length. With this in mind, I am going to require a very literate partner. I can look over spelling and grammar errors if they aren’t a normal occurrence or just miskeying, but purposeful misspelling and text speech in the confines of an actual post will make me dislike roleplaying with you very quickly. Third person is preferred.

Now, onto the fun stuff! Reminder that all of these aren’t required, they’re just things that I enjoy playing. If something you’d be interested in isn’t on the list, bring it up and we’ll see about it.


M/F or m!H/F
CV (I'm craving this a lot recently.)
Sexual Themes || Not required.
Non/Dub-Consentual || Ask about this one, I may not be up for it all of the time.
Consentual/Coercion || Prey giving consent or being tricked into getting vored by the pred is really nice.
Non-Fatal Digestion || I also call this ‘mock digestion’. Pretty much the stomach is active, but doesn’t hurt the prey.
Endo || Endo can be either intimate one on one time between prey and pred or can be the pred solidifying their dominance over the prey. Anything longer than a day is something I’d consider endo.
Unaware Pred || Whether the pred ate someone in their sleep or the prey decided the pred looked like a comfy place to spend the evening.
Inflation/Stuffing || Cum inflation and forcing a prey to eat another prey or a lot of food is something I have a weakness for.
Breeding/Pregnancy || Willing or forced, I like the idea of the pred putting a bun in the prey’s oven.
Fantasy Settings
Virtual Reality Settings
Modern Settings
Romantic/Intimacy Vire || Vore where the partners are romantically involved snf have a consensual agreement to various types of vore.
Feral/Anthro Preds || Some favorites of mine are bovines, equines(not MLP, sorry), bears, deer, hippos, wolves, gryphons, dragons, crocodiles, snakes, and very occasionally marine mammals.
Multiple Stomachs
Human/oid Prey || Humans, Elves, Nymphs, etc.


AV || Clean
Fatal with Reformation || Some reason for why this works would need discussed, but otherwise it’s pretty good.
Sheathe Vore || I’ve been wanting to play around with this one a bit.
Demi Preds || The only reason this is in ‘Like’ instead of ‘Love’ is because there are only a few demi preds that I actually enjoy, those being Holustaurs(bovine centaurs), Centaurs, and Lamia/Naga.
Full Tour || Clean
Pokemon Preds || Ask for a list of acceptable preds if this interests you.
Degrading Speech || Preds degrading their prey in willing or forced situations. I like seeing when Preds put their prey in their place.
Size Difference || 1-3 feet in height difference for bipedal characters. I normally prefer prey to be smaller than the pred, but I do make some exceptions to this rule. Feral preds are exempt from this to an extent.


Scat || Sometimes I can have fun with this, but the occasions are rare.
Full Tour || Dirty, same reason for scat.
AV || Dirty, same reason for scat
Fatal || Not often in a mood where the prey character doesn’t come back, but this is okay for grab n gulp plays or those pesky side characters.

Will Not Play:

Necrophilia || I shouldn’t have to explain this one, just no.
Hard Vore || I don’t like this at all, so don’t ask.
Infantilism/Diapers || Tried this, found it too weird, don’t ask for it.
Human Preds
Demi Preds || Anything not mentioned in the Demi Preds under the ‘Like’ section.

If you’ve reached this point in my ad, you’re at the end of my rambling! I appreciate your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

I have some ideas for plots, so if you are scraping your skull for an idea feel free to ask about my idea list!

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