The Lab (Pred LFRP Thread - Inquire Within!)

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The Lab (Pred LFRP Thread - Inquire Within!)

Postby DoctorFreak » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:47 am

Section 01: The Introduction

Hello, everyone! My name's Doctor Freak and I've been a van of Vore (Soft and Hard) and Unbirth for quite some time. I like to include it in some fashion into almost all of my role plays - originals and fandoms alike! I've been role playing for perhaps nearly 15 years! Off and on, and mostly smut/kink driven! Don't fet, however, as I have plenty of ideas to go around! Just get through these sections first, yeah?

Section 02: The Lab's Guidelines

Rule 01: English is the primary language I speak. I will only RP in English and you must have tolerable English. If you have broken English, then we will not be role playing.
Rule 02: Role Playing partners MUST be literate. This means they will have to write out cohesive sentences. If you use shorthand or "1337 Speak" (eg using "u" instead of "you"), we will not be role playing together.
Rule 03: Each plot centers on a primary character, but they are multiple character plots as well.
Rule 04: Please read over my profile thoroughly and also pay attention to my Kinks/Fetish List before messaging me. If you have not done so, then you will kindly be told to have a nice day.
Rule 05: I have a strong preference of playing Female characters, as most if not all of my plots deal with having female protagonists. However, I can play Futas and Males as well.
Rule 06: If we begin to role play on Discord, do not have me start a RP and then openly ignore the RP. You will be dropped if it takes longer than 72 hours to get a reply without a legit reason when you agreed to an IM RP.

My preference ranking for Gender from Most Interested to Least Interested: Female, Shapeshifter, Futa, Male.

Rule 06: Most of my plots do not require Extreme Kinks. The ones that do, however, will be noted and likely highlighted to alert you. Extreme Kinks involve Death, Gore, and Vore as a few examples.
Rule 07: If you refuse to play more than one gender (Only Female, Only Futa, etc), then you will kindly be told to have a nice day.
Rule 08: If Faceclaims are involved for any characters in a plot, they will have to be Drawn/Anime Faceclaims. I do not enjoy Real Life Faceclaims.
Rule 09: Out of Character gender does not matter to me as long as you can play the part. If it matters to you, then we will part ways.
Rule 10: If a Fandom is not listed, you can always ask if I'd be willing to role play it. Chances are I will say no if it's not on this list, but you will never know unless you ask.
Rule 11: I do not RP as Prey for my Primary Character. I RP as Predator Only for my Primary Character/Protagonist.

Section 03: The Fetish Guidelines

It goes without saying that Vore is, at least, a requirement for any role play we actually start or plan. This is a Vore forum, after all. This would likely include Unbirthing as well, though that form of Unbirth is not really "mandatory". This first section will be listing the types of Vore I like in the order of "Favorite" to "Least Favorite" (Number 1 is favorite, Number 25 is least favorite).

Section 3.1: Favorite Types of Vore

1) Oral Vore (Soft or Hard)
2) Unbirth
3) Breast Vore
4) Belly Button/Mouth Vore
5) Tentacle Vore
6) Anal Vore
7) Hair Vore

Section 3.2: Favorite Fetishes

These are my favorite fetishes outside of vore. If you wish to see a full, comprehensive list, you can check out my F-List profile below. Due note all images linked are NSFW.

Click here to check out my F-List called Tales of Lewd Horror. It largely focuses on horror with vore and even unbirth!

1) Large Breasts (Minimum D-Cups, Maximum I-Cups - Boob Scale Reference Image)
2) Pregnancy (and Impregnation)
3) Lactation (With or without Impregnation/Pregnancy)
4) Parasites
5) Surreal Mouth Growth (as see in Smallville, Ouija: Origin of Evil or That Weird Phone Commercial)
6) Tentacles (Tentacle Cocks and Tentacle Tongues)
7) Body Horror Transformation (As seen in The Thing and Parasyte)
9) Sentient Tongues
10) Elongated Tongues (Tongue Growth)
11) Elongated/Snake-like/Tentacle Necks

Section 3.3: Hated Fetishes

1) Scat
2) Watersports
3) Lolicon/Shota
4) Pairing: Male on Male
5) Pairing: Male on Futanari
6) Single Character on Character Roleplays
7) Micro/Macro Predator or Prey
8) Femboys

Section 04: Plot Production Lot

Current Cravings (Plots) Section

Fandom: Bleach Plots

Spoiler: show

Experiment Gone Awry - Orihime ends up being 'selected' (forced into) to take test in one of Mayuri's new tests to try and infuse Hollow and Human DNA together to create a monstrosity that he wishes to control. The experiment seems like it is a failure as Orihime does not look or act any different at first. Berating her, Mayuri then knocks her out and dumps her back at her home as if nothing's happened. However, Orihime's body begins to mutate and morph into a strange hybrid creature of Human and Hollow, then breaks out of her apartment to terrorize Karakuta Town and devours any humans it comes across. It gains power as it consumes, discovering how to stretch and alter its form and even revert back to Orihime's original form and personality, making it very difficult to track what Mayuri did. Is Orihime gone forever?

Parasite Orihime - Orihime ends up in the Karakuta Park at the wrong time. As she is working off some stress, a meteor comes crashing down in the middle of the park. Curious as to what the noise was, she investigates and is weary of the green glow. She then approaches it cautiously, only to have green gunk shoot out and fill her mouth. She is unable to pull it out, feeling more gunk fill her ears and nose as it breaks apart and finds its way inside. This causes Orihime to pass out as the alien entity assimilates itself to her brain and body, taking over her body and her life. She begins to act strange, showing off strange abilities and tendencies. She was no longer Orihime. She wasn't even human with how her body could contort and transform. [NOTE: The parasite could also engulf Orihime's head, devour it, killing Orihime, and assimilating itself by reforming itself as Orihime's head, then assumes Orihime's life with an alien morphable head as an alternative.]

The Legend of Zelda Plots
Spoiler: show

The Eternal Apex Princess - Princess Zelda is born with even more unusual abilities, with most subjects referring to it as a curse and others perhaps a blessing in protecting Hyrule. She is one of the only Apex Predators on Hyrule that is also a Hylian. She can perform Oral Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore, Breast Vore and other variants of Vore. She does this to seemingly protect Hyrule, but in truth, her unusual abilities with vore have twisted her interests and she simply uses protecting Hyrule as a means to justify any of her actions, even if it's to randomly eat a delicious looking subject and then dubbing them a traitor to the kingdom to justify her devouring of said subject. She does, however, do legit use some of her strange Apex Powers for good such as utilizing Unbirth to heal injured soldiers or subjects that she doesn't eat. As the years go by and at the early age of 17, she began to heal less and less as the ability to Unbirth supposedly means that she won't be able to reproduce and keep the bloodline going. At the same time, the fact she's the only Apex Predator Hylian also is showing that she has stopped - or at least severely slowed down - aging. It would be very possible that she would be the last and become the Eternal Princess.

Malice of the Wild - Princess zelda is infected with Malice and begins to act erratically. Her body physically contorts and becomes inhuman (or un-Hylian) looking, triggering her new erratic behavior and begins to devour every Hylian she comes across, starting with the Royal Guard. Curiously, the Savior of Hyrule is nowhere to be found - having been dealt with already by the Malice Zelda. A new reign of terror begins, with Malice Zelda leading Hyrule into chaos, even turning on Ganon, devouring and accepting his further corruption to become the ultimate lifeform to rule over Hyrule. [Warning: Body Horror is a required fetish.]

The Princess's Curse - A curse is put upon Princess Zelda, enabling her to devour any living thing. The curse amplifies her need to eat and begins to target various creatures - fellow Hylians, other bipedal races, and feral creatures like boars and deer. She can't stop herself, often now devouring anyone that opposes her new reign of terror as she begins to look for excuses to just eat people. Can she be cured or will she be overthrown? [Warning: Body Horror can also be involved.]

Fandom: RWBY Plots

Spoiler: show

Apex Remnant - A large burst of strange magic goes through Remnant, permanently altering its inhabitants. The Humans and Faunus take on special traits and become Apex Predators, leading to Humans and Faunus beginning to vore other people in various ways - orally, anally, etc. However, this story focuses on Ruby Rose and how she deals with being turned into an Apex Predator and loses control, devouring people she formerly cared about. Emotions are put in the backseat, with Ruby being almost monotone whenever she becomes ravenous and devours a teammate or fellow classmate. She temporarily regains control, but seems to be the only one that remembers any life before Apex Remnant outside of the people she devours, who seem to be terrified of her. Can Ruby figure out what's happening or will she become a feared Apex Predator who eats anyone she wants, including friends and family?

Apex Remnant Rebirth (aka Futaverse) - Remnant was hit by a strange phenomenon referred to as The Great Change. This event completely altered Remnant, turning Humans and Faunus into Apex Predators, but also eliminating males and making the world only full of Futanari and Pure Females, with Futanari making up 95% of the population and only 5% being Pure Female. Ruby Rose is born into this world as a Pure Female, destined to be a breeder for Futanari to produce more for their population but to also produce eggs or Apex Offspring for Apex Predators. Ruby is attacked by a powerful canine Grimm at a young age, though it doesn't go through with killing her as she shows little signs of being afraid of it. This does lead to a strange event, where Ruby's Silver Eyed Warrior powers activate on accident and instead of killing the Grimm, the Grimm fuses to her body and they become permanently linked. As Ruby grows into her teens, the Grimm becomes her cock and this gives the illusion she is a Futanari and not a Pure Female, even fooling her parents and stepsister. She feeds her Grimm cock, naming it Zwei, various foods - including other people, as she never questions Zwei's intentions and even happily vores others herself. However, despite the illusion of being a Futanari, other Futanari go crazy for Ruby, pin her down, have sex with her and attempt to breed her. At this point, Zwei and Ruby have become quite close and if anyone dares harm Ruby, it makes her or itself devour that person regardless if Ruby was hungry or not.

Devouring Rose - While on a mission or simply alone on the training grounds, Ruby is infected by a Grimm Parasite. This parasite begins to alter Ruby's body and how it functions, giving her somewhat of a growth spurt but also increased hunger. She begins acting strangely, heading out into the forest and begins to violently devour Grimm. When someone discovers this and tries to run to get help, she tackles them and the next thing she knows, her jaw has opened wide and she was then devouring this fellow student. The taste of blood made Ruby want more, beginning to hunt down students and other people, wait until they were alone, and then went in for the kill to devour them. The more she does this, the stronger she gets and the more she mutates into a humanoid Grimm version of herself. Will anyone be able to stop Ruby?

Amalgamation Station – Team RWBY is subjected to a serum or spell that causes the team to fuse together, with Ruby being the one who is ultimately in control. They are overwhelmed with the desire to grow more powerful and discover they can absorb anything into their body, adding onto it and increasing their power. They begin to do just that, the four headed amalgamation finding the team’s former friends and absorbing them until they escape Beacon and head into Vale. An example of the Amalgamation can be found here and here. [NOTE: Images are NSFW.]

Becoming the Dragon – Within the middle of a major fight, an explosion occurs. Yang protects her teammates by taking most of the blast, causing the blast to rewrite her atoms, causing her body to transform. Her limbs stretch out like rubber when pulled on, though they don’t always spring back to normal. Her neck lengthens, her body stretches out to become longer and thinner, her legs and arms stretch out considerably, and she seems to move about almost like a dragon. She becomes incredibly hungry as well and begins to eat her prey much like a snake, coiling around her prey before sucking them in and their bodies can be seen perfectly within her stretchy body.

Black Rose - Ruby is altered in some way, gaining a newly curvaceous, busty and newly hourglass form. She begins to emit pheromones, which entice others to have sex with her. The pheromones cause mental changes to those afflicted, as well as physical changes like turning Females into Futanari. Ruby’s own mental state begins to change as she begins to have an unsettling hunger. She begins to feed herself in unusual ways – such as devouring Grimm. As she is constantly being fucked, she begins to notice not everyone is up to snuff for her new, mutated standards. If they fail to meet them, then Ruby decides to devour them to sate her hunger. Her preference for devouring her potential prey is slowly, with her mouth stretching and slipping them inside like a snake, though she can be more violent. She’s now become a literal black widow. Will anyone be able to spot this abnormality or is Ruby permanently a Black Widow? [NOTE: Role Play can include or exclude Hard Vore. This is another variant of Chemical Rose.]

The Feline of the Goo - A parasitic Grimm attaches itself to Blake mid-combat. Blake tries to remove it, but can’t. It sinks into her skin, being seemingly absorbed into her body. With no immediate harmful effects, she returns back to Beacon from her solo mission. Over the course of the next few hours, her body begins to mutate. It becomes apparent that her body is now made of yellow, translucent slime. It feels odd at first, but she finds out quickly that she can literally move any part of her body in any direction and even split apart. It feels so good that she is overwhelmed with the pleasure. Odd desires pop up, such as wanting to test out her new abilities on others and devouring others as well. She begins to “test” her powers – devouring random strangers, discovering she loves the taste of Humans and Faunus, for example. She also discovers she can invade a person’s mind by entering via somewhere in their head and wrapping her goo-like body around their brain. She can alter their thoughts, personality, and appearance. She can even absorb them into her body, then force them to become one of her body parts and attach them to her body. She begins to grow even more curious and destructive after this discovery. Will anyone be able to stop the new Blake?

Grimm Madness – Ruby and her team are specifically targeted by Salem as a trap is set up by her minions. Team RWBY is called to the scene of a mission sent anonymously through the Vale message board. Once they arrive, they’re ambushed and an explosion occurs, leaving only Ruby behind from the explosion. Ruby wakes up in a hospital after being found, and then being told her teammates were likely killed/vaporized. However, it’s revealed shortly after Ruby’s alone as one of her teammate’s faces form on her body (usually her stomach) that they are not dead – they are one with Ruby and were saved by their Queen (Salem). Confused, Ruby is then subjected to her newly Corrupted Teammates (W/B/Y) treating her like she was inferior and only good for either keeping them ‘alive’ and/or breeding. Salem’s plan is put into action, as Ruby becomes so suggestible and easy to manipulate thanks to the three corrupted friends influencing her and guilt tripping her. In actuality, the explosion had transformed Ruby’s body into a new type of Grimm, called The Maddener. Her body fused and devoured her team but wasn’t able to fully take over Ruby’s mind, leaving her still technically in control of herself and body. To circumvent this from being a failure, the Grimm takes the form of their faces/heads and emulate the voices of her friends. It makes her devour humans, Faunus, other Grimm and so on to become more powerful. To keep Ruby under its influence and keeping her suggestible and easy to manipulate, if the Grimm devours someone she knew or was close to, the Grimm could take their form and guilt trip them with their voice and facial features/head (such as using the Blake stomach mouth to devour Coco, then forming Coco as her pussy, lipples or ass and guilt tripping Ruby with her voice). Has Salem finally created the ultimate Grimm? [NOTE: This is very similar to Madness Awakens, but with Salem purposely doing this to Ruby/Team RWBY.]

Grimm Terror – Two or more of Team RWBY are exposed to a parasitic Grimm. This, in turn, causes the teammates to convulse and become quite attracted to the other. Their bodies begin to fuse together, morphing into one superior Grimm Human hybrid with the primary goal of feeding its newfound hunger. The one party who is superior is in control, while the inferior party becomes various body parts (Example: Ruby and Weiss fuse. Ruby is in control primarily, where Weiss is relegated to her eyes and mouth being on her stomach or her mouth appears on Ruby’s breasts instead of nipples, etc). This new Grimm Human entity is capable of shifting its form – reverting back to either human form that had fused into it for stealth infiltration – and into various forms it can learn about. It only cares about feeding itself and pleasuring itself. What will happen to Remnant and its inhabitants now?

Madness Awakens - Team RWBY is caught in an explosion that scrambles their atoms and causes odd mutations and by all accounts, Ruby should be dead. No one else is found when Ruby's found unconscious after the explosion. Ruby wakes up in a hospital, desperately calling out for her team. When she gets no reply, she begins to sob, assuming them to all be dead. She is soon released from the hospital and sent back home to Patch. When she's home alone, she suddenly begins to hear Yang's voice, along with Weiss and Blake's. Suddenly, she sees them all over her body and even sometimes as extra growths as extra heads. They repeatedly ask Ruby to feed them, seeming to only be capable of asking that at first. Ruby is so overjoyed to see them that she doesn't question why they're appearing all over her body or as secondary and third or fourth heads. She happily obliges their desires, though her friends begin to desire humans and Faunus. Ruby feels her body beginning to morph and stretch abnormally and she begins to devour random humans and Faunus in order to feed herself and her teammates. The amalgamation that is now Ruby Rose and Team RWBY grows more and more powerful the more she eats and becomes a predator, feasting on wildlife, humans, and Faunus alike. They've become a monster. [NOTE: This is heavily involving Body Part Transformation/Conjoinment. In this case, all of Team RWBY is fused or conjoined to Ruby's body!]

Mass Rose – Ruby is unknowingly injected with an experimental Dust serum while being shown around a laboratory supposedly under the wing of Atlas’s Research and Development division. The immediate effects increase Ruby’s aura regeneration substantially and give her quite the boost in strength, but that seems to be about it. However, as she returns to Beacon, more side effects begin to occur. Her body begins to grow and mutate, becoming slowly rather monstrous as her arms and legs become tendrils and mouths begin appearing all over her body. She begins to hunger, wanting to increase her biomass. She begins to stalk fellow friends, students and even her own team. She then traps them and begins to consume them, adding to her new biomass as she continues to further mutate into a tentacle-like creature that looks a lot like a Grimm. What has Atlas created? [NOTE: Inspired by the game Carrion]

Rubber Rose – An accident occurs during one of the Dust Chemical classes at Beacon and Ruby’s DNA is permanently altered, allowing her several new abilities. Her body gains the ability to stretch and elongate her entire form, including her limbs and neck, for seemingly infinite lengths. However, the more she does it, the more tiring it becomes as it consumes more and more stamina. This in turn develops an unusual hunger, which at first is just Ruby eating much more than usual. However, it progresses as her teeth sharpen quite considerably and she begins to attack and devour Grimm with her bare hands and teeth. This eventually escalates to people as Ruby attacks and devours humans after an altercation between her and another human. Can she be stopped? Is even her team safe from her ravenous hunger? [NOTE: Vore Focused Plot]

Slithering Rose – Ruby is infected with a parasitic worm-like Grimm during a solo mission and begins to feel the effects of the infection within just a couple of hours, right before she is to be taken back to Beacon. Her body began to distort and elongate, causing her arms, neck and legs to become temporarily much longer than they’re supposed to be and nearly tendril-like. They’d revert back to normal, but then her skin begins to open up like it was a costume, revealing a new snake-like parasitic Grimm form as she mutates into it. She sheds her former skin, which is now her first skinsuit. She then slithers around, finding the Bullhead pilot and forces her body into the pilot’s mouth. Rapidly, she enters her body and begins to devour her insides, effectively turning the pilot’s body into an empty husk and becoming her next skinsuit. Ruby then assumes the woman’s identity and flies herself back to Beacon. She has the greatest desire to devour everyone in Beacon, including her team, and add them to her skinsuit collection as she begins to take over Remnant. [NOTE: Vore focused plot. Skinsuits and Rubber/Elongated Limbs are REQUIREMENTS for this RP!]

Original Plots

Spoiler: show

Apex Cybercop - A young prodigy officer is revealed, even to herself, that she is not an ordinary human. She is, in fact, an experimental android with a real human's brain that has had her memory erased and manipulated every so often to ensure she never figures it out. However, she is hacked and manipulated at one point as the hacker reveals how old she really is - the android body having been upkept by the department. She seems to be hundreds of years old, with the earliest database of the android design being as early as 2005. In addition to this, to her shock, it is revealed that her body and overly sexual appearance was the secret weapon to subdue criminals. She can devour them orally or pull them into her pussy via Unbirth, trapping the criminal or anyone else the current person in control had her target. Normally, this led to her delivering the criminal and coughing them or birthing them into a cell. Over time, it had gotten a lot darker, with upgrades forcing her body to destroy criminals who were obtained via Unbirth or Vore within her womb or stomach almost immediately. Can she fight the monster she's become or is this hacker revealing all of this to her just to use her for themselves? Is she corrupt? Find out within the RP!

Biomass Infestation - A female high schooler is nervous as it is her first time at a major party, being held by some of the more popular students. She's invited there originally as a joke, but when she does show up, the party goers at least embrace her a bit but purposely get her drunk so they can get her in bed. It nearly works, with the high schooler being excused to freshen up in a drunken haze. As she freshens up in the bathroom, parasites swarm through the window, seemingly running from someone or something. They swarm her body and force their way inside. As she's infested and nearly blacking out, the parasites begin to infect take over her body. She begins to mutate wildly, even getting up and moving on her own as her body becomes a huge blob of biomass, an amalgamation of body parts, with the only human portion remaining being her beautiful head. By the time she fully comes to, she's back in her house, looking like a normal human again. But... something's different. Very different, as she stares at the ceiling. Hungry. For more biomass. For meat.

The Criminal Mind - A young woman decides to swipe an ancient relic, a necklace, from a local museum in order to make a quick buck. She is successful, even citing to herself that the heist was surprisingly easy. She then is tempted to put the necklace on, in which she does. As soon as she does, her body is struck with pain as she begins to transform into a much more attractive, bustier and curvier version of herself. She is almost unrecognizable and all she can think of is doing mischievous things, such as commit more crimes or even mess with people. She begins to act strangely - seductively, confidently and rather selfishly. During an altercation with a guard, it's revealed she can Vore and later on can Unbirth anyone getting in her way. Mentally, she's terrified, but on the outside, she grins and embraces her new powers. While the original version of herself can sometimes regain control, the newly transformed Succubus-like version of herself is slowly and permanently taking over. Is this the life of a new supernatural criminal?

Demonic Puberty Omega - A young female in high school, around age 16 to 17, is trying to live her life normally when something happens that changes her life entirely. Her body suddenly experiences growth in height, breasts size, and the strength of her curves as well. She finds out she's actually the Princess of Hell that was sent to Earth for seemingly unknown reasons. This explains why she begins to randomly mutate such as becoming 7 foot tall, having multiple limbs and/or heads, her body becoming rather stretchy and even devouring mortals, and so forth. She has to juggle this puberty while also trying to live a normal life on Earth and trying to figure out why she was sent to Earth and not kept in Hell.

Fusion Frenzy - A group of high school students get into an accident, with an explosion resulting in only one body being found. The youngest girl of the group is found, knocked out and with her clothes nearly vaporized. She's taken to the hospital, in which she recovers quickly. Over the course of the week in the hospital, her body begins to become naturally enhanced - her hair grows much longer, it is much easier to maintain, her curves increase, her breasts grow in size and her height increased. No one, not even herself, bats an eye at these changes. She is told on the last day of her stay that her friends were all presumed dead as no one else was found at the explosion site. Distraught on the inside, the girl puts on a small act of bravery. Making it to the bathroom, she breaks down and begins to cry while sitting in the stall. As she does this, her body suddenly and violently shakes, contorting strangely as her friend's faces (or heads) appear on her body. Instead of freaking out, she is relieved to see or hear them. The friends seem different, however, enticing her and persuading her to "feed them" with sometimes only chanting the phrase "feed me". She does revert back to normal, but now desires to feed her friends and keep them happy. She sets out, finding victims for them to devour, not realizing she's only strengthening the monster they've all become. [NOTE: Involves Body Part Transformation, Fusion, and Vore]

Head Trauma - A young female student is walking home one night after having a night out with some friends. She decides to take a shortcut through the local park, which is closed after a certain time during the day. She runs across a crashed asteroid and her curiosity gets the best of her, despite her instincts telling her to run. She discovers a parasitic blob, which quickly engulfs her head and devours it, technically killing her. However, rather than stopping there, the blob reforms into a perfect copy of the girl's head and forcibly attaches itself to her body. It gains her personality, thoughts and vocal chords and begins to try and fit in within the planet that it landed on. It, however, has an insatiable hunger. It starts off by devouring small insects, then moves its way to larger animals and soon to other humans. Slowly, the parasitic blob spreads to other parts of the girl's body, fully taking control of it and being able to shift the body much like it can shift the head. Has the Earth finally been invaded by a predatory species?

The Human Snake - A young teenage girl is infected by a mutant gene while she's on a field trip to a laboratory. She begins to feel strange and gets rather intense hunger pains. She begins to see everyday objects as food and animals, though she eventually does also start seeing people as food. As her DNA is altered, she begins to unhinge her jaw and slowly gobbles up an object or even a person, much like a snake. She shows no remorse for the people she eats and only becomes hungrier with an insatiable appetite. As the mutations go on, her body begins to physically mutate as well. Snake-like qualities, increased sexuality, and overall sexual appearance occur. Can anyone stop the human snake?

The Human Spider - A teenage girl is the victim of an incident at Gene Splice Labs. The incident causes her DNA to radically alter and she begins to crave devouring humans, animals and objects. She begins to slowly transform into a human-spider hybrid, known as a Drider, and no one is safe from her hunger. Her jaw unhinges and she devours them slowly or she choses to chomp down and let blood spill everywhere after trapping them. Can anyone stop the new Human Spider? [NOTE: Can also be a human with spider-like qualities such as Multiple Limbs or Eyes]

The It Girl - A female high school junior finally decides to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend. In doing so, something triggers within her. She begins to drain her boyfriend of his cum and as she does so, her body begins to mutate - she grows Lipples, tentacles, etc etc. She loses control as she enters a monster-like form and unhinges her jaw and devours her boyfriend. She returns to normal once they've been devoured, unsure of where the boyfriend went or what happened as she blacked out the incident begins to happen more frequently and she records it, then tries to find out what's causing this to happen to her. Can she find out before her humanity is lost or is she already lost to her carnal desires?

Killer Tongue - A young woman's life is forever changed when she is struck by a strange energy after a meteor crashes through her window and lands on her bed. This occurs at night, right before she goes to bed, and knocks her out. When she wakes up, she feels strange and feels her mouth being forced to hang open as her tongue has grown thicker, more flexible and even sentient. It has a mouth at the tip, though it uses her own eyes to look around. It forces her to begin feeding it, at first, normal meats like uncooked turkey, ham and coldcuts. It's not enough, however, and the sentient tongue forces her to go out and find living beings to eat - animal or human, though the tongue gets a taste of human flesh after the woman is exposed to a pervert while being forced to walk around. Its power only grows and the woman can't seem to stop this alien creature that was now attached to her. What's even worse, she's beginning to fall in line and under its control. Is the Earth doomed? [NOTE: Based on the B-Horror movie of the same name, Killer Tongue]

The Party - A high school junior is nervous as it is her first time at a major party, being held by some of the more popular students. She's invited there originally as a joke, but when she does show up, the party goers at least embrace her a bit but purposely get her drunk so they can get her in bed. It nearly works, with the junior being excused to freshen up in a drunken haze. As she freshens up in the bathroom, parasites swarm through the window, seemingly running from someone or something. They swarm her body and force their way inside. They take over and a sinister grin comes across her face. This would be the last party for everyone involved.

Reincarnation: Judgement - A high school sophomore discovers she has magical powers. Memories begin to crop up randomly, showing her a previous life and a previous world that she lived in. She was formerly a very powerful ancient magical being that threatened the ecosystem of the original dimension she came from, killed by other ancient beings in another dimension and her soul was sent to the current dimension and she was reborn as an Earthling. Her powers and memories were thought to be gone, but manifest themselves on the girl's 16th birthday. She begins to use her powers, experimenting with them and finding out she can manipulate others, control them directly, vore or unbirth people herself, force others to vore each other or unbirth each other as well, alter their bodies and her own. She begins to slowly abuse these powers, her corruption coming back and eventually begins to desire to conquer the Earth and make literally anyone or anything do her bidding. [NOTE: This is a story where almost anything goes except for my No's list.]

Specimen 999 – A young female (teen/young adult) is exposed to an odd chemical on accident while sneaking through a forest near a secret underground lab producing illegal and immoral experiments. Her body begins to become magnetized to a certain structure, be it a school, hotel, house or some other large building. Her body then forces itself upon its walls, beginning to stretch out like rubber and begins to slowly engulf it and sink into it, becoming a living variation of the building. She becomes a hungry predator that begins to lure people into the building in some way, generally by creating appealing clones of herself with varying differences. She begins to feed on anything that comes inside of the now living building – people, animals, etc. The sweet, innocent woman/girl that was once just curious about the forest was now forever morphed into this building abomination, forever feasting on innocent victims.

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