[Female/Futa] Looking 4 Prey: RWBY [Switch; Submissive Pred]

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[Female/Futa] Looking 4 Prey: RWBY [Switch; Submissive Pred]

Postby DoctorFreak » Fri Dec 02, 2022 11:30 pm

Section 01: The Introduction

Hello! I am Doctor Freak. Currently, I'm seeking partners to play out canon prey within the RWBY universe! I'd like to keep the aspect of being a canon transformed into an Apex Predator in some way, unless a plot below has it already pre-established!

Canon Apex Predators (Currently in the Mood For): RWBY (Any of Team RWBY, high preference for Ruby Rose); Cinder Fall; Velvet Scarletina; Coco Adel; Pyrrha Nikos; Nora Valkyrie; Penny

Note: I am an Apex Predator, obviously, but I'm a "switch" Apex Predator. I can be either Dominant or a Submissive Apex Predator (with a dominant victim). I have a high preference for the latter, being a canon turned into an Apex Predator and the Prey dominating me and shoving themselves into me. That's what "the "[Switch; Submissive Predator]" portion of the title means.

Section 02: Role Playing Rules

Spoiler: show

Rule 01: I will only role play as the Apex Predator as my primary character. If the RP calls for more than one Apex Predator, I would like to play the multiple Apex Predators. Certain plots can be altered to have multiple Apex Predators, though my preference is still to play them.

Rule 02: Role players mut speak/typ decent English and be literate.

Rule 03: Please read the thread entirely. Currently, there is no special password required to PM me to prove that you read the entire thread.

Rule 04: Faceclaims for characters MUST be drawn/anime. Real life faceclaims are a big no. The only time real life figures can be used is if it is a GIF conveying a fetish.

Rule 05: This thread and the plots will only involve the RWBY Universe. They also require canon characters be in each plot, with OCs as consideration as additional characters.

Rule 06: If the RP is based on a canon universe, canons will be required to show up in the RP. CanonXOC focused RPs are a no.

Rule 07: Partners must agree to playing more than one gender (Male, Female or Futa) unless the plot itself specifically calls for only one to two types (such as Apex Remnant Rebirth, where most of Remnant are now Futa with very, very few Females).

Rule 08: Extreme Kinks must be tolerated if the plot calls for them. This means involving Vore and/or Unbirth, but also extreme kinks like Body Horror Transformation depending on the plot.

Section 03: Role Playing Methods

The following would be the methods I can do role plays.

Discord- Discord is my preferred option for role playing, namely for organization purposes and the fact OOC and IC chat can be separated. I'm also just on Discord all the time.

Threads - This is the other option. I am willing to do Thread RPs if that's the partner's preference, but only if Discord is not an option between both of us and we have a good rapport going on with the plot picked in question.

Section 04: Fetish Lists (with Examples!)

Favorite Types of Vore

This is ranked as Number 1 is my ultimate favorite and the lower the list, the lower the favorite.

Spoiler: show

  1. Oral Vore (Soft or Hard)
  2. Unbirth
  3. Belly Mouth Vore/Belly Button Vore
  4. Cock Vore [Futa Apex Predator Only]
  5. Breast Vore
  6. Hair Vore
  7. Anal Vore

Favorite Fetishes

This is ranked as Number 1 is my ultimate favorite and the lower the list, the lower the favorite. A full list of fetishes can be found on this F-List profile, RWBY HUB Profile. Note: All image example links are considered NSFW!

Spoiler: show

  1. Large/Giant Breasts [Scale Reference Image]
  2. Being Dominated
  3. Non-Con/Rape
  4. Body Horror Transformation [The Thing Example; Parasyte (Anime) Example]
  5. Cockhead Transformation
  6. Cockhead Reversal Transformation [Example 01 | Example 02]
  7. Elongated Tongues (Tongue Growth)
  8. Elongated Necks (Elastic/Snake-Like/Tentacle Necks)
  9. Belly Mouth Transformation (Transforming into one's belly) or Belly Mouth Growth (Growing a mouth on one's belly)
  10. Body Part Transformation (Cock, Pussy, Asshole Transformation)
  11. Surreal Mouth Growth [Smallville Example]
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Lactation
  14. Tentacles, Tentacle Cocks and Tentacle Tongues
  15. Sentient Tongues
  16. Parasites
  17. Eldritch Horror Transformation (Lovecraftian/Old God-esque)
  18. Elastic/Rubber Body Transformation
  19. Submissive Apex Predator
  20. Unwilling Apex Predator
  21. Pairing: Female X Futanari
  22. Pairing: Futanari X Futanari

The No Zone (Fetishes I Do Not Want or Do)

Spoiler: show

  1. Femboys
  2. Male Apex Predators
  3. Mirco/Macro Apex Predators or Prey
  4. Scat
  5. Watersports
  6. Lolicon/Shota
  7. Pairing: Male on Male
  8. Pairing: Male on Futanari



The following plots are focused on the RWBY world/canon. They involve Apex Predator(s) and can consist of Extreme Fetishes such as Cockhead Transformation, Body Horror Transformation, Pussy Transformation, etc depending on if the plot calls for it.

Spoiler: show

Aberration - An accidental explosion that goes off during an intense fight with several Grimm leaves Team RWBY injured, with only Ruby Rose being found within the rubble and taken to the hospital. Out cold for an undetermined amount of time, she eventually wakes up from her unintentional slumber looking significantly different - her hair is much longer, she is much taller than she used to be, her breasts are quite large and heavy, and her curves are to die for. Not knowing where she is, she discovers that she's in a hospital and begins to panic, especially as she gets up and walks around the room only to realize none of her teammates are in the room with her. She feels odd and suddenly hears a familiar voice. She has the urge to go to look in the mirror in the restroom and when she does, she lifts her hospital gown up and reveals one of her teammates' faces directly on her stomach, smiling and having red lines along the whites of their eyes. They speak to her, a dark voice following their own, and manage to somehow calm down Ruby and convince her that their fusion is making her much better than a Human or a Faunus and that "the other two" are inside of her as well and need to be awoken by feeding them. Once they're strong enough, they will form on their body as various body parts and can move themselves to different parts of her body, but they can never be on their own again. The fused teammates are also corrupted, as shown with imperfections when they reform (red lines within their eyes, their voices modulated to be deeper than usual or their normal voice is accompanied by a dark, deeper version at the same time, etc). Due to her desperation to wanting to make sure her teammates are okay, the teammate is easily able to manipulate her and convince her that if she doesn't feed them living creatures (Humans, Grimm, Faunus, etc), that they will actually disappear forever. The more she feeds her new corrupted teammates, the stronger they will get and soon enough the madness sets in. Is Remnant doomed with this new creature Team RWBY has become? [NOTE: The fused teammates full faces are formed in place of body parts when they form such as on the stomach, which is a full face instead of just a mouth. They can become her breasts, full crotch, ass, etc. They can be even made into Futanari, though with one fused teammate becoming the cock with their Human/Faunus head in place of the normal cockhead. This means Partial Cock Transformation is required.]

A Brand New Rose - Ruby Rose and her team are exposed to a machine they find during one of their scouting missions that seems to do the impossible. It infuses objects together to create an entirely new object, though nothing seems off or abnormal about it. When discussing it's potential and why it seems to be abandoned in a lab, the catwalk they're on collapses and all four of them tumble into the machine. Being sealed in, the machine turns on and begins to mutate and fuse all four of the girls together. When the fusion is done and they roll out the other side, it looks as if Ruby is the only one left though with major enhancements to her breasts, body, her hair style being a mixture of all four of them. As she stands up and searches for her teammates, she is shocked to hear voices from her body - her breasts, her stomach, and her crotch all had faces and traits of her teammates. An insatiable hunger does grow within the new fused form, with the other girls whining about needing to be fed. Ruby complies, feeding a Grimm to them and then another and another. Soon, they reach a village, where Ruby grabs a human and shoves them into one of their mouths, causing them to crave swallowing them hole. As they do this, their strength and powers/Semblances increase, making them desire more and to grow even more powerful and horny. They won't stop gaining power and keep devouring anything they can. Is it possible for them to be stopped and be separated? No one knows! [Note: This is a non-violent version of Aberration, more or less. An alternate fusion result is Team RWBY becoming Cube Head RWBY, where they share the same head, but all four faces are on each side, making it a rounded cube-style fusion instead of Body Part Transformation, though the BPT is preferred.] Cube Head Fusion Example, NSFW.

Apex Rose- Within an alternate version of Remnant, Ruby Rose is designated as a Purified Female among a world of Futas. Her primary job in the world would be to be a broodmother - having any and everyone breed her to repopulate the world with the SDC Daycare Company collecting the offspring once they are born after only a few hours/days/weeks. Ruby does have a unique encounter with a large Grimm, who winds up fucking her and her powers trigger and they fused together with the Futa Grimm becoming her living cock - with a canine head for her cockhead. This, in turn, makes Ruby into an Apex Predator like her elder half-sister and mother, Summer Rose, are though in this world Purified Females are never born in such a way as only Futas are. As Ruby learns to live with the new blessing of the Grimm cock she has and the other effects that come with it, and she names the cock Zwei, she's also still fucked mercilessly and still has to be broodmother even when attending Beacon. Her hunger sometimes gets the better of her and Zwei and she winds up devouring a human and gets addicted to it, leading to Remnant's first vore-loving Purified Female. Will this disrupt the world?

The Belladonna Diary - Blake Belladonna is at a flea market with her team within Vale, enjoying her rare time off from training or going on student-driven missions. She finds a nice looking leather bound book that has no writing in it and asks the shop keep how much it was. Citing an insanely low price, Blake quickly purchases it as she could use it to document her thoughts as a diary. The shop keep throws in a pencil that's "specifically" for the diary and she continues on with her shopping. After stopping to get something to eat, she decides to write in the diary while the others in her team eat as well. She winds up writing about her crush on Yang and a specific action she wishes for her to do. She felts slightly odd for a moment before it passes and then is surprised when Yang suddenly does the action specified within the diary. To test this again, she modifies Yang's body, making her grow a cock. The feeling returns for a moment and within in only a minute, Yang was sporting a huge, throbbing bulge. Blake's realization that reality was being altered with her new diary every time she wrote in it and none of her friends seemed to notice Yang's action change nor her physiology change, assuming they always thought Yang was a big dicked Futa. Contemplating returning to the shop keep and asking what this book was, Blake does try to figure out answers, but each time she uses the diary, it's corrupting her and making her not care with how much she messes with reality. Will she be able to find the shop keep or is she going to go mad with power?

Beyond Evolution - Team RWBY is ambushed after accepting a mission that was urgent and sent directly to the entire team. Given their heroics and how serious the situation seemed to be, all four are knocked unconscious. They are then transported to an unmarked, underground laboratory and experimented on. Two of the team members are fused together, but thanks to the fusion, they have short term amnesia and do not remember what happened just a few hours prior. This leads to one of the team mates to be the host, while the other winds up a body part (typically a living cock or a living crotch). They awaken on their own and climb out of the pods, only to discover no one's around in the immediate facility. They quickly recall not seeing the other two teammates and go to find them. Once they do, they find out they ware also fused together in a similar fashion. The team, now a fused duo, begin looking for answers while fighting massive libido urges. They wind up triggering a machine after tumbling into it, creating another fusion - fusing them all together at once. When the new fused creature emerges, it is one body with multiple faces on each side, almost like a rounded fleshy cube, and they have two sets of breasts, four arms, and rather attractive legs. Their minds are also fused together, making them further forget or new memories just form due to the jumbled mess due to the fusion. Will this new "Cube Head" figure out who they once were and how to reverse it or was this their permanent life now?

Dark Rose - Ruby Rose is enjoying her time in Vale as she shops for some supplies for her team. While on her own, she's unknowingly targeted by an unnamed group of people and she's injected with a solution that causes her to fall unconscious. She awakens in a lab, nude, and latched to a metal slab. She's then injected with a needle containing a very unusual substance. Ruby's body convulses and thrashes around before it begins to mutate after a few moments. The mutations are seemingly minor as her arms, legs, neck and torso all begin to elongate. Her strength, however, increases tenfold. Her eyes go from silver to pure black with no pupils and she breaks free, an intense hunger in her belly. She goes for the captors, devouring and killing them with no remorse. Once she's done, however, she reverts back to normal and is horrified at the scene but doesn't recall what she's done. She tries to escape, but she finds herself almost randomly mutating back into the creature she was becoming whenever she's near someone and she's hungry. Can she get back to Beacon to look for a cure or will anyone she comes in contact with be doomed? [Note: This is an Erotic Horror RP. Violence, Vore, and Transformation are all required as are most Extreme kinks.]

The Entity - Ruby Rose decides to pocket a cool looking amulet after finding it on a mission. Once back at Beacon Academy, she hurries to the dorm and finds that no one's there currently. She decides to relax and tries on the amulet, noting how cool and elegant it made her. Within a minute or so, she feels lightheaded and falls back onto the bed nearest to her. It isn't until a few hours later that she awakens, her body having mutated slightly and become much more desirable in appearance - her breasts had grown significantly to E-Cups, her body was now an hourglass shape, and her curves were rather thick. She would hear a dark voice in her head as well, causing her to feel strange and enter an almost hypnotic state. She was ordered to feed it, though lust also had taken over both Ruby and The Entity. When one of the teammates arrives, a wave of magical energy hits them and they're forced to grow a massive cock and The Entity shows its power by forcing them to mutate further, replacing their arms, legs, and entire body with tentacles will keeping their human/faunus head. The mutated teammate then lunges for Ruby, slamming several tentacle cocks into her. As she's fucked, she's ordered by The Entity to devour her teammate once she's done and Ruby does just that, giving power to The Entity. Eventually, The Entity begins to fuck with Ruby by forming the face of her now devoured teammate, convincing her that she's not 100% gone and she's now one with Ruby by forming the face of the teammate on her stomach. Ruby's mind is broken at this point and she is happy to hear her friend and teammate is still with her. The Entity continues to fuck with her mind and makes her devour the rest of her team, soon moving on to other teams in the process. Is Remnant doomed?

Ember Hill - Team RWBY answers a distress call they pick up over a radio frequency using the Radio Signal app that comes built into Huntsman Edition Scrolls. They wind up in a city called Ember Hill and do not notice anything wrong at first. They do begin to wonder if it was an accidental request or someone playing a prank. The most unusual thing they run into is the fact all of the citizens are smiling and talking about how great Ember Hill is. In addition to stating that they never want to leave. The team decides to spend the night at the local inn and will head back to Beacon the next morning. During the night, Ruby Rose can't sleep and decide to go for a walk. They notice as they're getting to the lobby that the inn's receptionist is convulsing and mutating into a strange sexual creature right as the clock hits Midnight. The mutated receptionist then attempts to chase them down the hall and soon entrapping them and having their way with them, triggering their own body beginning to mutate. Similar experiences happen to the rest of the team, causing them all to mutate into sexual monsters and become drones in Ember Hill like the people before them. [Note: This is a Sexual Body Horror type plot. Non-con is required.]

The Great Mother Rose - After returning from a solo mission, Ruby feels strangely empty. She thinks she's hungry at first, but when the feeling of emptiness doesn't go away after having a big snack, she tries to contemplate what's going on with her. Little did she know that she had been altered in some way (artifact/infestation via parasite, etc) and now her womb was the part feeling empty. She emits a strange scent, which immediately targets anyone around them. Her teammates are the first affected, with all of them acting strange toward Ruby and having massive desires to shove themselves inside of their team leader. As one teammate manages to pin her down, another spreads Ruby's legs and forces their head into her surprisingly rubber-like pussy lips, forcing their way to her womb. The arousal spike is so high for Ruby that her pheromones cause another teammate to grow a massive cock to pleasure her before they would throw themselves into her womb as well. This repeats until all of the teammates are now within the very pregnant looking Ruby. She, however, still feels empty and tries to hurry out of the room while dressed to get some help, but others exhibit the same behavior - wanting to shove themselves inside of Ruby or sometimes wanting to fuck her first. Will Ruby ever find out what happened to her? [Note: Mandatory fetishes would include Forced Unbirth, Submissive Apex Predator, Female-to-Futa Transformation, and Cock Growth.]

The Grimm Plague - One day, without warning, Salem decides to enact a plan she has hatched on a whim. She plans to enslave Humans and Faunus by infusing them with Grimm substances or sometimes even full on Grimm themselves. Dubbing it a virus of some sort, she forces Cinder Fall to be the first test subject. When exposed to it, she rapidly mutates into a massive spider-like Grimm and Human hybrid, typically referred to as a Drider. Cinder's mind is enslaved and fused with the Grimm's, making her a permanent servant to Salem herself. Salem tests the venom she secretes and notes it's the same virus as the one she created. With this knowledge, Cinder is tasked to go out and infect the entire world to slowly create a massive army of Grimm hybrid creatures. She does give Cinder the freedom on who to kill and who to infect, but then stages a false SOS as she orders Cinder to attack a village. The SOS is then intentionally sent to Beacon, specifically to the Scrolls of Team RWBY to issue a 'mission' to the town. Salem orders Cinder to mutate them and then sends her off, awaiting the results of her sure-fire plan. She winds up possessing one of the townsfolk when Cinder arrives, deciding to watch it all in person. Cinder will not fail this time, she was sure of it.

Luscious Lips: Ruby Rose - Ruby Rose is thrown into a vat of experimental liquid Dust during an altercation while on a mission. She winds up being submerged under the liquid for several minutes before the container is destroyed and she's freed. However, her body begins to convulse as it begins to transform. Her curves become quite apparent, her breasts becoming massive. However, her face begins to mutate as her lips and mouth grow bigger and bigger, soon having her eyes and nose sink into her skin and her mouth replaces her entire face. Her nipples also mutate into huge mouths, complete with tongues, along with her crotch becoming a huge mouth as well. She's unable to speak normally, only making grunts and growls. Her mind is filled with the need for dick and she sets out to find some. Her teammates are ambushed by the transformed Ruby, who now also emitted pheromones to cause their physiology to change, making them grow cocks and quickly began to suck on them with her massive face mouth. Something within Ruby seems to pass onto at least one of the teammates as after she's done with them and moves on to someone else, they begin to feel tingling sensations and go through the exact same mutations as Ruby did, creating another sexual creature.

RWBY: The Mask of Lust - After finding an ancient mask during a mission, a member of Team RWBY is drawn to it and it forcibly adheres to their face with some sort of magic. Their expression changes and it looks as if the mask melds into their skin, creating a different color to the rest of their skin (typically green). They gain massive confidence, their body goes into over-development overdrive with growing breasts, an hourglass figure and a libido that may be impossible to satisfy. Their movement is cartoonish and other effects can occur to their body, such as the fetishes Vore/Unbirth, Stretchable Body, Futa Transformation, Multiple Limbs, etc. They begin their endless hunt for the cock that will tame them, but nothing ever will as long as the mask is still stuck to their person. It's not know if it can even come off, but would they even want it off?

Ruby Rose, the Noodle Girl - Ruby Rose is infested with a strange Grimm parasite during one of the scouting missions she's on. All seems normal as she returns from the mission with resounding results, though her body does go through a rapid growth spurt over the next few days. Due to her new figure, she is subjected to sexual advances and gives in since her arousal had been heightened. She learns of her new stretching - or "noodling" - abilities as she becomes so aroused during intercourse that her arms, neck, legs and torso all rapidly stretch outward like she's made of rubber. When she's able to get time to herself, she begins to learn she can stretch and twist all she wants, but the more she does it, the hornier she gets and the more pheromones she secretes. This leads to various Females temporarily mutating into Futa to help her or males getting a massive temporary cock growth boost. Can Ruby utilize this new power responsibly or will she succumb to her new fate as a stretchable slut?

The Sexdemic - Ruby Rose is told about a case of new soda that's currently in pre-production by a shady salesman when she's visiting Vale. Buying into what she's being told due to her immense love for soda, she happily buys four cans off of them - one for each of them. She hurries back to Beacon to give a can to each of her teammates, unknowingly sealing all of their fates. After drinking the soda all at the same time to taste it, they find it surprisingly good. However, within just a few minutes, their bodies begin to heat up. Their arousal skyrockets and their bodies begin to change, forcibly morphing them into sexualized creatures (such as Head-to-Cock Transformation, Tentacles, Stetchable Bodies, Multiple Heads, etc). They have practically gone feral, only wanting to fuck or be fucked by anything that moves. They eventually escape their dorm, finding others to have sex with and infect with the virus they were now plagued with, causing a massive outbreak in transforming Vale and eventually Remnant into a sea of sexual monsters. [Note: This plays out like a hyper sexual zombie apocalypse style RP. Multiple extreme fetishes need to be tolerated here.]

Tentacle Terror - After an impromptu visit to an Atlas lab being funded by the SDC due to financial concerns and her father couldn't be bothered to handle it, Weiss Schnee finds herself walking into a trap and she is subsequently drugged via injection needle and knocked out. She is then forcibly infused with an unknown Grimm-like essence of their own creation. She awakens during the infusion, screaming out in pain. Her eyes turn black and she feels her body beginning to rapidly mutate. Her arms and legs become tentacles, though she begins to grow more from her torso and it surrounds her, soon having her human body disappear amongst a tea of tentacles. Her neck becomes tentacle-like as well, but her human head remains on the end of it. She breaks free of her restraints, slithering around and crashing through the lab window, grabbing several of her captors and devouring them. She winds up reverting back to normal, though nude, after a short while. She has no memory of what she did or what happened and is surprised that she's nude. Hastily, she finds an outfit she can slip into and hurries out of the lab. She planned on reporting the drugging to her father, though she is forcibly transformed before she could do that and goes on another rampage. She mutates several times as she tries to get back to Beacon, though she always reverts back to her human self and the more it happens, the longer she's mutated. It will become permanent after a certain amount of time. Can anyone save her? Or is everyone, including her team, going to be on the menu?

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