The Doctor Is In (LFRP - More Info Inside!)

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The Doctor Is In (LFRP - More Info Inside!)

Postby DoctorFreak » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:01 pm

[CENTER]Doctor Freak's LFRP Thread Version 1.2 (November 2018)
Hello everyone! I'm Doctor Freak and welcome to my LFRP thread! I've revamped this thread in an attempt to make it easier to read. I wanted to use Tabs, but the BBCode for tabs doesn't seem to work on Eka's! I used to have a crap ton of tables here, but that's changed. I'm trying a simpler approach![/SIZE]

A Little About Me - I'm 26 and I live in the States, on the East Coast. I've been roleplaying for probably over 10 years now, both smutty and clean. I like to write and I used to have a large desire to do so until about 3-4 years ago, in which I hit Writer's Block. I'm still getting through it and I tend to use Role Playing (RP) as a way to get around it!

The Doctor's Rules
  • RP partners must be literate. If you message me with the response similar to "u want role play?" you will be ignored.
  • If you are interested in RPing with me, please have read my thread first. If it is obvious you have not read the thread, then I will not reply.
  • Ensure that you've looked over my kinks/fandoms/originals before messaging me.
  • If a fandom is not listed, then you can always ask. However, if it is not listed on my LFRP thread, it's an 80% chance I will not do it.
  • Partners must be willing to play multiple characters.
  • My preference is Female, but I can play Male and Futa as well. If we are going with one of my plots, then I usually play the female.
  • Responding once a day is not necessary, but if you do need to disappear for a while, please let me know beforehand.
  • If Faceclaims are used, then they must be anime/fantasy based drawings. I WILL NOT do Real Life Faceclaims!
  • If you refuse to play more than one gender (Female, Male, Futa), then we will not be RPing
  • If Out of Character Gender matters to you, then we will not have a good time. It is irrelevant to me.

Methods of Contact/Role Play
  • Instant Messenger - I can RP over several IMs - Skype, Trillian and Discord. UPDATE: Due to the fact I only look at this site to check PMs and my LFRP thread, I primarily RP via IM.

Acceptable Role Playing Pairings

  • Male X Female
  • Female X Female
  • Futanari X Female
  • Futanari X Futanari

Kinks - Favorites (More On F-List)
Spoiler: show
  • Multiple Characters (This is a kink, I guess)
  • Pregnancy and Impregnation (Normal and Abnormal/Unnatural)
  • Lactation
  • Aliens
  • Parasites
  • Corruption
  • Mind Break
  • Mind Control
  • Sluts
  • Anthro/Furry
  • Demons/Angels
  • Open Relationships
  • Non-Con
  • Bimbofication
  • Transformation
  • Gender Bending
  • Voluptuous
  • Large Hips/Thighs
  • Muscle Growth
  • Breast Growth (Up to Macro)
  • Hyper Breast Growth (Temporary only)
  • Vore (Soft Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore)
  • Oviposition (Laying Eggs)
  • Monster Girls (Driders, Bellymouth Girls, Slime Girls)
  • Androids/Cyborgs
  • Bulging
  • Shapeshifting
  • Fusion
  • Consensual
  • Cock Growth (Up to Macro)
  • Hyper Cock Growth (Temporary only)
  • Multi Breast
  • Multi Cock
  • Sentient Cocks
  • Self-Sucking
  • Self-Penetration
  • Self-Impregnation
  • Tentacles (Penetrating Females and Herms Only)

Kinks - Hard No (More on F-List)
Spoiler: show
  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Bestiality
  • Gore
  • Flat Chested or Small Breasts
  • Shemales and Fembois
  • Foot and Hand Fetishes
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Obesity (Weight Gain)
  • Weight Loss
  • Hyper Muscle Growth
  • Male X Futanari
  • Male X Male
  • Harem Focused RPs

For more in-depth fetishes (Yes, Maybe, No): click here to check out my F-List

Current Original RP Cravings

Parasitic Breeding - See the Original Plot section!
Parasitic Invasion - See the Original Plot section!

Original Role Playing Plots

Demonic Gateway - A young woman learns on her 21st birthday that she is the spawn of Lucifer and due to a deal with her mother, she has been turned into a living gateway out of Hell for demons to invade Earth. As soon as the clock strikes Midnight to begin her birthday, her womb is transformed into a portal. Simulating quick pregnancy-like feelings and appearances, she repeatedly gives "birth" to demons in random intervals. Sometimes only at night, sometimes during the day - at work, out to lunch, etc. She wants to find a way out of this deal her mother made, but slowly her soul's being corrupted into loving being the vessel for mankind's demise. Can she stop this before it consumes her?

Chaos Hunter - Luci is the daughter of Lucifer, making her the Princess of Darkness, and heiress to her father's throne in Hell. However, she grows bored with her status and decides she wants to visit the Mortal World and try to prevent Chaos from getting to out of hand so her father will not have to deal with Angels trying to invade Hell again. Resistant at first, her father reluctantly agrees despite being overprotective of his 16 year old daughter. Luci recruits a few of her friends to go with her and one of her friends helps her invent the Demonic Spectral Thermos - the device used to capture rogue souls that managed to escape Hell and terrorize the Mortal World. A side objective is that she also wants to actively seek out her mother, who is a famous Demon Hunter within the Mortal World, and she wishes to know why she never met her. Can she blend in the Mortal World without bringing too much attention to herself? Will she attract the wrong kind of attention?

Potion Commotion - A young woman comes across a strange shop and is convinced by the shopkeeper that they sell a Love Potion (which is actually a Lust Potion). She greedily buys it and decides to use it as she was never popular in her life and wishes to be the life of her college. She brings it to a party one night and nervously drinks some of it in the bathroom. However, she's startled and quickly downs the entire vial. The shopkeep had warned her that she would become the woman of the person's dreams if someone laid eyes on her, which turns out o be quite literal! She keeps transforming and losing control of herself and even attracts the same sex. Can she find anyone that might be able to help her? (NOTE: This is inspired by Spells R Us: Dream Girl)

Planet Girl - A young woman working in a lab gets into a freak accident. She lands in the hospital for a few days, but she discovers that despite not eating much or doing anything besides trying to get better, her belly is staring to bulge out a bit. It's discovered that her womb was transformed into an underdeveloped planet landscape somehow and she begins developing pheromones that get people desiring to enter her "planet" and settle down there, even in the hospital. She needs to find help to figure out how to reverse it or she might be the only one left on the current planet!

Fatal Seduction - A young woman is exposed to a strange element (or parasitic alien) and winds up becoming rather ill. When she's recovering, she begins to black out at certain periods of the day and doesn't remember what she does during the period of black out and recovery. She then discovers thanks to a recording nanny cam in her home, she has been transforming into a bimbo "slut" and sleeping around with many males. However, she looks much stranger, as if she was some sort of fantasy alien. After a few more blackouts, she begins to notice blood and other strange things left behind. Is she doing more than just sex? She needed to find out as the blackouts keep getting longer and longer. Will she be able to stop herself?

The Epidemic (Niche plot - Cock Transformation Required) - An incident occurs at a research facility that takes a strange turn. The virus leaks out after an accident at Genetical Labs and the scientists and personnel are turned into strange creatures with their heads becoming phallic (penis) shaped. This incident spreads and a few people wind up having an immunity to the virus. However, they're carriers and would likely infect anyone they interact with physically unless it was another carrier. A small group of women and non-binary people (usually herms/futanari) sets out to try and find a cure for this strange madness as they try to find their way out of the city, avoiding these humanoid cock monsters.

Specimen 428 - A young woman was studying a new specimen in her lab when the specimen manages to break free of its container and then hunts her down. Rather than eating her, however, it fuses with her body. Now harboring an alien, the woman is convinced to breed for the alien in exchange for getting strange powers and quite a bit of pampering. The main line of communication is created as a mouth forms on the woman's body, allowing the alien specimen to talk verbally to her but also forcing the woman to feed it this way. Can anyone stop the duo? Will the woman ever get rid of this alien specimen?

Parasitic Breeding - A woman discovers a strange rock and decides to bring it home for her collection of unique items. In doing so, the rock hatches a few hours later, revealing a parasite that makes its way to the woman and crawling up her legs. It plants itself inside of her body, notably near her womb and forces the woman to undergo a small transformation. She is ordered to breed for the parasite, as it wants to take over the Earth. She feels compelled to do so, but can she find help to get it out of her? (Note: the woman can become a futa and primarily target women, or the woman can switch from Female to Futa and Futa to Female to also be a breeder for the parasite herself and drones/eggs would be delivered like this into females or Futa)

Parasitic Invasion - A woman is infected with an alien parasite. It looks to recreate life, but also consume it. The woman blacks out from time to time, losing control over herself and transforming into an alien beast. As she reverts, she notices more and more changes are beginning to stick and soon she'll become a permanent murderous, yet sexy alien that also wants to breed. Can she find someone to stop her from becoming this way? [NOTE: This is similar to Parasitic Breeding, but more violent]

Faye, Become Human - After an intentional fatal incident at a high tech robotics laboratory, a woman named Faye's brain is transplanted into that of an cyborg body. The cyborg is then activated and used essentially as a body guard for the company's CEO but with other uses as well. The new version of the woman is passed on from a few people until someone tries to bring the truth of who she really is and what really happened, causing her to malfunction and try to regain personality traits. Can this woman live a normal life again?

GenX - A lab accident occurs with a chemical with the codename "GenX" and gives a woman the ability to fuse anything to her form to either enhance herself or even use the newly fused object as a way to shapeshift. This corrupts her, causing her to fuse people to her body as well as objects as she becomes addicted to it. Can anyone stop her?

Futaverse - A simple plot where there is either only one female and the planet is full of Futas or the Futa population is dangerously larger than normal females. Inquire if interested!

Chaotic Reign - A plot where mysterious forces, likely alien or supernatural, can possess people and turn them into vile, bloodthirsty creatures. The main character is a female who is possessed by the most powerful entity and causes all sorts of chaos within her town and eventually the world. This plot is inspired by this GIF (NSFW). [NOTE: This plot is a violent and dark plot]

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