Male pred seeking Female prey to cook deliciously

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Male pred seeking Female prey to cook deliciously

Postby Gomorah » Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:41 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm seeking a partner to do some cooking Vore RP, me as the pred. But I want to try maybe F/M. Of course i prefer literate and complete paragraph of thoughtful text but i don't mind if they are mistakes, as long as what you say is understandable.

I have no special RP plot to perform, but i'm ready to create one with you if we are interested in the same things ;)

Hard Vore
Same sized
Feet/Breasts/Ass/Pussy (RP can count just a part of these, there's no obligation)

Sex before or during preparation
F/F (if that's your thing why not)

Gore (you can be cooked without tainting in red the kitchen with your blood, that's easier to clean)
Scat and other disposal (corporal hygiene is necessary for a good meal)
Soft Vore
Underage (why eating the girl before the peak of her beauty?)

I don't care about fatal or non-fatal, i will do what you prefer.
This list is not complete, but i will do my best to make it the most accurate i can.

I'll RP on discord, so if you want to RP send me your discord tag! :3
Thanks for reading, and sorry for the potential grammar mistakes, i'm not an english native speaker ^^'
Bye! o/

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