Female pred hoping to find a literature partner

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Female pred hoping to find a literature partner

Postby Blendx171 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:39 pm

Hey All,

So to start off, just a bit about me. I'm Yaz, new to the site but not to roleplay by a long shot. I am a irl female (just to state the fact) and I've been super into the vore/stuffing kink for a while now. So what I'm looking for...I am a fan of vore but in roleplay, if the partner(you) gets eaten right at the beginning, then that's a very short rp. I'm more into a vore partner, maybe someone who feeds me other victims as that sounds more long term. I'm also a fan of a story, not just hers a pred and here's her prey and that's it. I want to actually roleplay not just write a pointless sentence or two. Maybe pick a theme for the roleplay like fantasy or horror... Anyway hope that all makes sense.

Here's a list of things that I'm either into or happy to include and a list of things I'd probably avoid.

Bursting or near bursting
giantess or mini-giantess
Weight gain
Oral vore
Anal vore
Gas and Scat
Mess and Gore
Domination pred
Kind pred

Things to avoid:

Micro vore
Male Pred
Continuous Short posts

So that is it I think. Oh I did want to mention that I'd be more than happy to just sit and have a chat with anyone about vore or well anything really. I like myself a good chat. Anyway PM me if your at all interested in roleplaying (or chatting)

Thanks for reading
Yaz :wink:

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