Dominant Male Pred Looking For Some Girls to Gobble Up

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Dominant Male Pred Looking For Some Girls to Gobble Up

Postby oldspice1212 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:26 pm

I'm a pretty dominant male pred looking for some female prey to RP with. I usually play myself, a 20-something year-old human predator with some strong dominance/bdsm kinks though I am pretty flexible so long as some tasty girl ends up in my gut. I tend to be detailed in my writing, and I usually message quickly. I can message either here, on Kik, or on Discord, whichever you prefer. If you will need to take a break at any time during our RP please tell me. If you don't reply for a while I will send you a message OOC to check on you. I'm perfectly fine if you need some time to manage IRL stuff, but please tell me if you're not going to be responding for a while.

Fatal vore
Hard Vore/Soft Vore
Flirty/Playful pred
Cruel pred
Same Size Vore
Sex before vore
Dominant/possessive pred
Willing prey/Unwilling Prey
Unwilling prey becoming willing
Prey begging to be eaten/digested/cooked (if willing)
Fearful prey, begging to not digest (if unwilling)
Slavery/Mind control
Submissive prey
Long-term RP/Character development


There's a lot of wiggle room in my "likes" list, as I'm pretty flexible. I'm willing to accommodate other kinks, unless it's something I'm really not into.
Some scenarios I came up with:
As the princess of a crumbling kingdom, you are sent to me, the ruler of a rival empire, as a concubine in exchange for sparing your kingdom from conquest. After a while as my slave, I make an odd request, ordering you to my kitchen...
You are a particularly irritating boss at my weapons development firm. Fortunately for me, I've been working on devices that allow me to completely control someone's mind, as well as swallow them whole.
I am a patron at a restaurant where waitresses can be ordered as special take-home meals, and you are looking particularly appetizing...
After years of dreaming of being eaten, you find a website that connects you with predators waiting to eat you, and you just so happen to wind up with me.
You receive a strange invitation to a "vore orgy" and you decide to go see what it is. You arrive to see me, surrounded by women, one of whom is already halfway in my mouth. The sight of this woman sliding down to my stomach starts to awaken some strange desires within you...
(If you want a longer RP with multiple different preys) In this world, a bizarre biological glitch has occurred that has caused births to be 90% Female and 10% Male. As a result of the scarcity of men and overabundance of women, females are taught from an early age that their purpose is to be fucked and eaten by men and men can at any time claim any woman as a fuck toy and/or a meal.

I'm also open to plenty of other ideas, so let me know if you're interested!

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